Bookworm with a Fairy

I didn’t see it coming, but suddenly, it just happened.

I traveled through the world, supported people, saved people and before I knew, I had become an Arcanist, summoning Carbuncles and fighting with terrifying spells.

2013-11-29 Arcanist 01

The path of the Arcanist lead me to a two-folded path:

The path of the Summoner and the path of the Scholar.

Upon investigating ancient stone tablets and the city of Nym, I slowly discovered the secret of the people of Nym – and their little fairy buddies.

Fairies support them like little White Mages.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 12

Gaining incredible fairy power and unique healing magic, I became a true Scholar and best friends with a Tonberry!

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 16

You may also call me bookworm from now on. I enjoy sitting in the house and just reading all day!

2014-03-11 Housing 07

I also enjoy worshipping books as you can see in this photo.

2014-02-09 SCH Nym 21

Together with my adorable Marauder friend A-kun, I started training under the Tonberry leader. We discovered old relics and searched for clues to solve the mystery about the tonberryfication!

2015-07-19 SCH training 01

I worked on my shields to look really badass! Just look at them:

2015-07-19 SCH training 03

I learned a strong AoE heal! Looks like the light of the Twelve is shining down upon me and I spread it to my group – or Eos in this case.

2015-07-19 SCH training 05

And then, I learned awesome tactics that make me buff and shield the whole group even better! Plus, it looks super epic! ö.ö

2015-07-19 SCH training 04

By my side, my fairies who are always loyal and do their best to replace me as main healer. <3

2015-08-03 SCH 06

The affairs with the Tonberries is very top secret but I can say that we eliminated the cause so that no new Tonberries shall be created!

2015-07-19 SCH training 02


2016-09-03 SCH


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