Big Nuke spamming Mage

I started as a young Lala with some small and adorable fire, ice and thunder magic. Together with the Alchemy Expert Lalafell who was the youngest brother of the Thaumaturge Guild Lalas, I investigated a mysterious and dangerous urn.

2013-09-01 THM2 04

A demon had taken posession of people and was thus sealed into the urn. In the end, we managed to defeat the demon and I was allowed to become a Black Mage.

Then, I was taught by the best: My first teachers were Lailai, the Black Mage Lalafell and Shantotto the “Tarutaru Black Mage Doctor” from an other dimension.

2014-01-26 THM 08

I casted cool looking Limit Break nukes and felt great!

2014-01-26 THM 09

Over time, I learned bigger nukes that dealt even more damage!

2014-03-16 BLM 04

Together with mag, I attempted to freeze a whole area!

Unfortunately, it didn’t work permanentally :\

2014-05-19 BLM 02

Over time, I got stronger and stronger.

With great power comes great responsibility. So I learned to control my powers and to only use them against the evil!

Or to supporrt friends!

2015-08-06 BLM Training 04

One day, there was an awfully bad Black mage who played with the void and summoned a demon he couldn’t control.

Together with my Black Mage beastmen buddies, we defeated the demon. Nothing can beat us when we work together! You’re awesome, beasty-guys! <3

2015-08-06 BLM Training 01

My Limit break Nukes become more epic every time I use them!

2015-08-06 BLM Training 03


2015-08-06 BLM Training 02


The path of the Black Mage is a lonely one. You follow the Darkness, your life is like a cast bar, you hate interruptions and draw enemy attacks with your Ley Lines.

2016-01-10 BLM 01


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