Astrologian – Just playing cards!

So there was this Astrologian Guild in Ishgard and I decided to try it out.

They have this round thingy around which cards are floating around. It can be used to cast healing magic and you can draw cards and play around with them.

Fun times! ö.ö

2015-06-28 AST HW 01

You use the power of the stars to heal, enhance or shield your people!

Mistress Jam taught me a few helpful things. ö.ö

2015-07-31 AST Training 03

As I became more experienced in playing cards, I tried out some cool stances which enhance and unlcock special things. You can be a WHM-wannabe with weaker heals or a SCH-wannabe without fairy and weaker shields.

2015-07-31 AST Training 01

Maybe you’re a bit weaker but you will look much more epic:

2015-07-31 AST Training 02

The only thing I haven’t figured out yet are how they read the stars. My masters can see epic maiden with water pots, heroic warriors with spears, giant protective trees….

All I see are… cute things.

2015-06-28 AST HW 05

2015-06-28 AST HW 08

Doesn’t matter, I can heal everyone!

000ast quest

Astrologians also read cards. They are known to be utmost unlucky when trying to achieve specific enhancements with their cards. First, they use their globe thing to increase their luck and pray to the stars.


Then, they receive a card they have no use for.


000ast card1

000ast card2

Owly is my little friend who supports my healers. He is especially fond of my new AST Owl outfit. He also makes fun of my bad card draws occasionally and is not the best guy to talk to. His favorite word is “who”.

2015-08-15 Riiko Owly

After my Master Rhaqui left the world, she forgot to take her gown with her. So I accepted it as my master’s old artifact armor which shall bestow power upon my cards – I hope! ò.ó/

000 new ast garb

Training is the most important part of every mage. Surpassing the boundaries of a specific clothing is extremely important. With months of training, I was able to procure a new weapon and to improve my skills. No longer was the artifact armor needed and I wore glamoured expert healer clothing.

2016-09-03 AST

May the Cards be with you.

P.S. Did you know, The Moogle Post releases Horoscopes every month!

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