EA Home (Excalibur)

Please note that I moved server to Omega. However, this is my housing history on Excalibur.

I live with the Free Company EuroAsylum in the Mist, Ward 5, House 4.

2014-03-08 Housing Decoration 28

I am part of the InteriorDesign Team (Now called Airship&Design, but as I became officer, I was kicked out of that team and demoted to officer ;_;) who is responsible of making the house the best designed house ever – from outside and inside. They are also responsible for sending the airship and storing the rewards in the chest.

There is always a new small project that we are working on in order to improve the cozyness of the house. We want that everyone feels at home.

2014-03-11 Housing 07

2014-03-11 Housing 08

2014-03-11 Housing 01

Recently, I have built a throne room to honour our new (involountary) new leader Master Ritz.

2015-08-22 EA House Throne Room

And then, there are the Friendly Ninjas of the Neighbourhood.

They ensure the safety of the area, working together as a team and dropping down randomly from the roofs.

Paint-2014-03-13 Ninjas

Frequently, I sit on my favorite spots.

One is on the stairs inside the house.

2014-03-11 Housing 10

And the other is at the beach where I let the lovely Miqo’lady provide me with the best beach service while enjoying the sun, the shadow, the breeze, the heat, the coolness, the scent of the ocean, the touch of the sand…

2014-01-30 LL Sunset Beach

Come visit us at the best holiday resort in the world!


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