Riiko’s FFXIV Eorzea Café Reservation Guide and how to use Loppi machines at Lawson

You would like to go to Eorzea Café but don’t know how? You don’t wanna go there in the morning and chance it to get a free table on the same day maybe?

Do not fear anymore, Riiko has the solution for you:

Riiko’s FFXIV Eorzea Café Reservation Guide and how to use Loppi machines at Lawson

My guide will cover the necessary steps to visit Eorzea Café.

Quick Guide

  • Reserve ticket online
  • Go to Lawson (supermarket) and pick up reservation from Loppi machine, then get ticket from counter
  • Go to Eorzea Café 15 min prior to time slot
  • Enjoy Eorzea Café

What you need to reserve a ticket

  • credit card (to allow picking up ticket until day of cafe visit)
  • email address
  • a japanese phone number (for example from your hotel)

Useful translations

エオルゼアカフェ Eorzea Café

ファイナルファンタジー Final Fantasy

秋葉原 Akihabara

東京 Tokyo

大阪 Osaka

If you are unsure what the website says, use Google translate. It is surprisingly good :)

How to reserve a ticket

Go to the website https://l-tike.com/ and enter “エオルゼアカフェ” (Eorzea Café) in the search field.

It will forward you to this page: https://l-tike.com/search/?keyword=エオルゼアカフェ

Now you see the following overview. I removed the menus from the website in my screenshots. Click on any screenshot for a larger version.

Yellow marked: Tokyo
Blue marked: Osaka
Green marked: Dates for which you can reserve (year/month/day)

Select the city and time frame in which you want to reserve and click the pink button on the right side.

On the next page scroll down a bit to skip the text and you will get to the calendar. Here you can see which dates and time slots still have free tables – or not.

Click on the time slot that you want to reserve.

The following pop up will appear:

If the button on the right side is pink, on this day and time slot the corresponding table for the number of persons is available. If it is grey, all tables of this type are booked out. Try a different day or time slot.

Click the pink button to add a table for x persons to your cart.

The popup will disappear. Instead you can find this at the right side of your screen:

Now select the number of times you want to book this table for x persons. I selected “1 table for 2 persons” one time.

When done, click on the pink button.

You will be forwarded to the login page. Here you can log in if you have an account or chose to register an account.

I recommend to not register an account and continue without registration! For this select the very bottom right button.

Next, you have to enter your email address twice and a Japanese phone number.

The phone number is only accepted if you do not enter the country code. Please refer to the example number. I used the phone number of the hotel. Make sure to write down the number as you need it to pick up your tickets at Lawson store.

Make sure that the telephone number is of the format that’s sampled below the field. For example:
Not accepted: +81-031-1234-1234
Accepted: 03112341234

Shio commented for an update on the telephone number: “I was able to use my US phone number (i.e. 1-123-123-1234) by leaving out the dashes”

Click again on the pink button to continue.

What’s new is that you will be asked to drag and drop the specified item to the right side as so:

Just copy the brightly pink marked expression to google translate if you can’t read it. Here, it says “orenji” = orange, so drag and drop the orange into the right field and click the pink button.

You will be forwarded to a very long page.

At the top part you can again confirm you booking details.

Scroll down a bit and you can select the payment type.

I recommend to use credit card as you can pick up the tickets up to the day of the reservation itself – but only until about 3h before the time slot, from what I understood. To be on the safe side, pick up the ticket latest the day before the time slow you booked.

If you use cash payment, you have to pay at the Lawson store when you pick up the tickets. The tickets are only reserved for 3-4 days. Please check in detail until when you can pick them up when reserving. This would make sense if you are already in Japan. You can then directly pay at the counter of the Lawson store.

Update April 2018: Many people have encountered issues with credit cards. It seems some credit cards are no longer accepted for use. It’s not entirely clear which ones work and which not. However, a user confirmed that American Express worked for them. For more info about the discussion on reddit, check here: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/88xh4u/problem_with_eorzea_cafe_booking_through_lawson/

After filling out your credit card details, scroll down.

Here you need to chose a password in order to access the confirmation of the registration online later on. Do not worry, you also get an email confirmation with your registration number.

Clicking on the pink button will finalize the purchase.

I do not have a screenshot of the next page but if you did everything correct, it will say that you successfully reserved and list all details again. You will also receive it via email.

The email will contain a lot of text. Scroll down until you find something looking like this:

Please note: Where I wrote about Loppi pickup, it actually tells you about the phone number that you used during reservation process. Don’t forget it to write it down and bring with you!

Checklist: What should I bring to the Lawson store?

  • registration number (from email)
  • phone number used in the reservation
  • password
  • your name in katakana
  • or the QR code (enters all of above information directly)

In the email you received there is also a guide on how to pick up the tickets from the Lawson store Loppi machine. It’s in Japanese of course.

Shio commented to update this topic: “I also did not have to write down the registration number, you now access your reservation using your email, phone number, and pin password”
– bring your email and pin password!

Spatzist commented to update this topic: “They have a QR code system now that makes this much easier. I’m not sure if you need to be registered (I was), but my reservation confirmation contained a link to a page with a QR code. The link/url can be found on the website under
>my reservation confirmation
to  >my reservation confirmation email
Scanning the code into the loppi machine using my phone automatically filled out every piece of information save the phone number, making the process very easy.”

Guy commented to update this topic that the QR system is great, highly recommended and linked a guide how to use the Loppi machine with screen explanations and everything:

How to pick up your ticket in Japan

Lawson is a “combini”, a supermarket, that’s basically everywhere and open 24/7. Every Lawson store has a small Loppi machine that is often near the ATM machine. Sometimes it’s hidden away a bit. Don’t be sloppy in searching for it, even if it’s a (s)Loppi machine… (Pun intended)

Select “Lawson Ticket” 「ローソンチケット」 on the screen.

Then select “Pick up Reservation Ticket” 「予約済(当選)チケットの引取り」.

Enter the reservation number 「予約番号入力欄」 and the phone number 「電話番号」.

Then enter your name in Katakana. If you don’t know Katakana, this website can help you: http://www.lexilogos.com/keyboard/katakana.htm

Make sure to use a blank / space between first and last name. I had trouble finding the blank/space key for it as it was in complicated Kanji. Just try it out or ask the staff. If you registered an account during the reservation process, you do not need to enter your name at the Loppi Machine (from what I experienced).

Please also refer to the QR code option described above.


Update 19th Oct 2017: Thanks to pouelman’s comment
There seems to be a button that enables you to enter your name also in Roman (our) letters. It wasn’t obvious which button it was but just try all of them and it might eventually work!

Check out the Loppi Maching pickup/reservation guide that Guy linked in the comments. It includes pictures of the Loppi Machine display and can surely be helpful for you. https://toraonice.tumblr.com/post/163370264155/could-you-tell-me-how-to-purchase-tickets-through


The Loppi machine will print out a receipt for you. Bring it to the counter and they will you the actual tickets.

Bring the tickets with you to Eorzea Café, obviously.

Where is the Eorzea Café (Tokyo)?

The Tokyo Eorzea Café is in a famous quarter called Akihabara. You can reach it best by going to Akihabara station by either subway or JR train. From there, walk a few minutes.

I used to orient myself in the train station by following the exits to Akihabara Electric Town. Then look out for the Gundam Café. From there, just follow the map. Across the street from Eorzea Café is an Animate store (status April 2017). The Café itself is in a building of “Pasela Resort” on 2F. The small red square on the picture is the entrance…

It’s difficult to see, so I also checked it on Google Street View:

Enter the building and you will see on 1F (ground floor) in the back on the right a room with different costumes and merchandise. This is where you can find a few FFXIV merchandise items. You can pay them at the bakery directly next to the merchandise area. It is worth checking out this little merchandise room in the morning before other customers have come by. So you might still get M/L sized t-shirts or other items that might sell out quickly.

How Eorzea Café works

Enter the building (if you are not inside yet) and take the elevator to 2F. In Japan, the ground floor where you enter is called 1F, the next floor above is 2F, 3F etc.

You will directly see a counter. It cannot be missed. From there you can go to 3 different Cafés, so show the staff your ticket. If you are there more than 15 min in advance, they ask you to wait. If you are not there 15 min in advance, they might give your table to someone else.

Once it’s time, they will give you an iPad which contains as the menu. If you reserved, the first drink is on the house. For this you have to select one drink per person from a sheet of paper and give it back to them. You can also chose one of the job coasters which contain artworks of each job. You also get a cactpot ticket.

They ask you to wait again in front of the Café door until all customers have received their iPads. Then they will lead everyone to their table.

After an introduction in Japanese, they do the drawing of the cactpot numbers! The 3rd and 2nd place were pins or other small merchandise when I was there. The 1st place is a massive dessert plate that 2 people will struggle to eat. It will be served about 1h after drawing.

You can order as many food and drinks as you want and as often as you want. Beware as the tables are quite small to not order too much at once. The plates are sometimes quite big even if the food portions are decently sized. The food is prepared and served quite quickly.

With each item you order you will get a random coaster. Among these coasters there are also job coasters but they do not have the artworks from those at the entrance but in-game screenshots on them. My Paissa knows which cards are best. ò.óV

The last order can be placed half an hour before the time slot end time. They will make a short announcement for it in Japanese a few minutes before.

They have PCs and a PS4 where you can log into your account. If you would like to do this, bring your security token. One of the PCs has an English client. I didn’t know this at the time. Playing in Japanese was really tough, and I was just trying to do a nice emote to take a photo!

In case many people want to use it (usually it’s not the case as everyone takes pictures or enjoys the food), they ask you to not take too long and let others play, too.

Feel free to take as many pictures as you like. The staff is kind and will take pictures of you if you ask.

In the end, you pay at the counter at the entrance. You just need to give them your iPad and they give you the bill. :)

For each item you ordered, you will receive one stamp in a stamp book. They are Grand Company themed so you can chose which one you want. For 18 items you will receive a small pin. There are more rewards for more items ordered, so keep it for a future visit.


Thanks for reading!

I hope that the guide helped you to enjoy Eorzea Cafe. If you have any questions, tips or updates, please leave a comment.

Have a great time in Japan! :)


>> Read about my visit at Eorzea Cafe: https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/holiday-in-japan-eorzea-cafe-in-tokyo/

>> Read about the awesome food at Eorzea Cafe: https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/holiday-in-japan-food-of-eorzea-cafe-in-tokyo/


Holiday in Japan: Food of Eorzea Café in Tokyo

Eorzea Café offers a lot of different FFXIV themed food and drinks.

As drinks, they have cocktails of each job, of each primal and character-based drinks.

The following set is a seasonal (Songbird Event) set. It comes with dango that have a Cactuar, Moogle and Bomb face on them! So cute! Next to it is a Mochi with filling, wrapped in a leaf. And of course some green tea.

This tea is a Tataru tea with petals. It’s as kind as Tataru and makes you feel all relaxed.

Here you can see a Chocobo cocktail and a Moogle beer. I think it wasn’t actually beer but made to look like marshmallows. XD

As starters, they have a virety of choices. I tried Ysayle’s Soup because it reminded me of when we all sat together at the at the camp near Moghome on our journey to save Ishgard and the Dragons.

Mag tried the Typhoon Takoyaki. One of them is full of Wasabi and super spicy. Mag’s famous words were “It’s not as spicy as I thought.”, then he suddenly bit into the Wasabi one.

This Dzemael Family Gratin actually looks like a Bowl of Embers. It’s some kind of potato gratin. Really tasty!

Don’t mix it up with the Ball of Embers. It’s a potato ball with crispy baked/fried peppers set on fire.

Another meal that was set on fire was the Tonberry Omurice. Delicious Basilic flavored Rice went really well with the soft omelette and the traces of blood ketchup.

Mag tried the Ravana soup bowl. It did not contain any bugs, luckily.

As a refreshing drink inbetween, we tried the Moogle fruit juice mix. It was a drink served in a pineapple. If this isn’t awesome in itself then I don’t know what is!

They also had a demon wall dessert. It was honey toast with cream, ice cream and fruits. Make sure to evade the AOE attacks on the floor while eating!!

I ordered this adorable minion dessert!

Unsure what it actually was, I took a bite. It was slightly green tea flavored fluffy cake with chocolate filling. GODLIKE! Every time I look at this minion, I get hungry now… >.<

With each meal, you get a random coaster. This are first coasters Mag and me received from our first orders.

On the second visit, Mag won the Cactpot lottery!

We weren’t sure if we should be happy or sad because it’s a massive dessert that they would serve us.

It contains ice cream, american pancakes, bisquits, cream, marshmallows, massive lemon toast, more cream, fruits, cornflakes and chocolate money (actually British Pound with the Queens face on them). You wouldn’t be surprised if I told you we didn’t manage to eat it all, right? XD

After Eorzea Café we were stuffed and full. Please note that the food above comes from two visits. I haven’t chosen every piece we ordered but the most interesting ones. The job and primal cocktails are also very nice but beware to not order too many alcoholic ones. XD

Look at what Mag bought at the Merchandise corner!

I wanted to buy one too but Mag said no. :\

Did you like my posts about the Eorzea Café and want to go there yourself? The next blog post will be a guide about how to reserve and pick up an Eorzea Cafe ticket as well as how the Café works, how to find it and what to enjoy.

>> Read about my visit at Eorzea Cafe: https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com/2017/05/11/holiday-in-japan-eorzea-cafe-in-tokyo/

>> Riiko Rinkoko’s Eorzea Cafe Guide: Reservation and pickup of tickets, how to use (s)Loppi machines, where to find Eorzea Cafe and how the Cafe works

Holiday in Japan: Eorzea Café in Tokyo

Tokyo is home to the first Eorzea Café in Japan. It is located in Akihabara. Finding it is a challenge if you don’t know where you have to look: Pasela Resorts, super small entrance door, only advertisement in written katakana outside the building.

Inside, you can find a merchandise corner with a few selected goods. If you want some T-Shirts in any size but S, make sure to come here as early as possible.

When the time had come, we were handed iPads with the menu and guided to the entrance of the Eorzea Café!

A Lalafell Retainer welcomed us. I’m not joking. The waitress was a small Lady in retainer outfit. ö.ö At least the second time we visited.

The inside is Gridania themed. It looks really amazing. They put a lot of work into it.

The room has several small tables and during late March, there was something lying on the tables… Could it be…?

It was a small poster of the songbirds! ö.ö We asked the staff if we could take them home. Now, mine is hanging on my door and always reminding me of the great times at Eorzea Café.

The room has a bar with a variety of bottles that allow the staff to mix the cocktails and drinks from the menu.

In the middle of the room is the Moogle space. They are watching over the visitors and guarding the PCs and PS4 on which you can log into Eorzea.

The walls are decorated with pictures, monitors and weapon replicas!

The best Moogles are of course the drinking Moogle and the Post Moogle.

Near the entrance, there is an actual framed picture of Hildibrand and Nashu! I want this one!!

This is the ipad with the menu.

You could order as much as you wanted within the 2h time slot. Curious about the awesome food choices? Tomorrow I’ll tell you more about the drinks and food they offer.

>> Read about the awesome food at Eorzea Cafe: https://riikorinkoko.wordpress.com/2017/05/12/holiday-in-japan-food-of-eorzea-cafe-in-tokyo/

>> Riiko Rinkoko’s Eorzea Cafe Guide: Reservation and pickup of tickets, how to use (s)Loppi machines, where to find Eorzea Cafe and how the Cafe works

Epic Paint Masterpiece about Eorzea Café in Tokyo, Japan

I drew this masterpiece in MS paint in mid March 2017. It was before the trip to Japan with Mag and of course the “Please look forward to it”-feeling was big!

The time slot for 28th March at Eorzea Café was booked. As there is currently not too much to do ingame, we were looking forward to both the Eorzea Café and the Stormblood expansion.

Anyone get the pun? It goes like this:

What happened when the waitress tripped at Eorzea Café?

The server went down.


I always laugh at this one. It never gets old for me.

If you ever chat to me and wanna make me laugh, tell me this pun. kthx!

Can you guess what’s coming soon to my blog? Nerdy photos of Eorzea Café and more!

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