FFXIV Patch 4.3 Notes: Summary & Overview of where to unlock what and what’s new

Patch 4.3 Notes (Preliminary)

MSQ: Gosetsu and Tsuyu

Ruby Bazaar Offices (X:6.0 Y:6.1)

Chronicles of a New Era: The Four Lords
The Ruby Sea (X:27.8 Y:16.4)

24-man raid: Return to Ivalice
Kugane (X:10.3 Y:12.0)
Lina Mewrilah

Side Story: ???
(unlocked through MSQ)

Side Story: Doman Enclave
Doman Enclave (X:5.5 Y:5.7)

Side Story: Custom Delivery
Kugane (X:10.1 Y:9.9)
Kojin Hireling

Namazu Beast tribe
The Azim Steppe (X:17.4 Y:37.5)
Floundering Namazu
(Players must first complete the quests “In Crimson They Walked” and “Kurobana vs. Gyorin.”)
Location with new teleport: The Azim Steppe (X:6.1 Y:23.3)
–> Including new amazing mount and housing NPC vendors!

New Dungeon: Swallow’s Compass
The Ruby Sea (X:27.8 Y:16.4)

New Trial: ???

8-man or 24-man dungeon: Ridorana Lighthouse


Adventurer Squadron
New dungeons
Glamour dresser in barracks to also glamour squadron members

Glamour dresser
Gear can be restored/taken out
Stored gear can be applies to current gear
/isearch includes dresser items
Glamour plates can be linked to other players

Free Company
New craftable items in company workshop (Odder Otter house)
Subaquatic voyages: up to 3 vessels and new desitantions and rewards

New vendor NPC “journeyman salvager” (= Calamity salvager)
New vendor NPCs Namazu style
New furnishings (crafted and from NPC)
Message book furnishing (can have indoor and outdoor in your house)
Number of aquariums: apt 4, small 6, medium 8, large 10 –> refer to known issue below!
New aquarium fish
New flowerseeds: Dhalia
New Orchestrion rolls

Gold Saucer
New TT cards
Fashion Report system made easier to earn points
Adjustments to chocobo races
Adjustments to Lord of Verminion
Gold Saucer bunny outfit available for males

Several wind instruments added
Sound, latency and quality adjusted for existing instruments
All notes can now be assigned to individual keybinds

New challenge log objectives (Eureka, elemental exp and Verminion)
New emotes
– Ballroom Etiquette – Intellectual Diversions (source: ???)
– Ballroom Etiquette – Stimulating Soliloquies (15k Wolf Mark)
New hairstlyes
– Modern Aesthetics – Fashionably Feathered (18k Wolf Mark)
New mounts (wolf from new trial, carriage from Namazu and some node from ???)
New minions
– Magnai + Sadu (crafted)
– Clockwork Lantern (15k Wolf Mark)
– Monkey King (new dungeon?)
– Tsukuyomi (new trial?)
– Construct 8 (???)
– Wind-up Zhloe (Custom Delivery? Wondrous Tails?)
– Attendee #777 (Namazu)
New gear from design contest (drops from new dungeon)
New recipes (cute glamour dress) (ingredients drop from Uznair)
New gathering points and items
New fish and message when quest related fish can be caught nearby
New items are available from the Rowena’s House of Splendors scrip exchange.
Retainers can bring back some additional items
Map icon for pets/chocobo within the party have been changed
New System/Character Configuration changes possible (color of HUD, CWLS etc)
Adjustments to rewards from Uznair maps
Cross world linkshells (within same DC, can only have one per character)

Battle system
Some battle system changes
Some pvp/feast action and system changes
Players outside the sealed area during a boss battle now have the option to move directly to the area and enter the fight.
Palace of the Dead: adjustemnts to costs of weapon upgrade/taking out
The weekly reward limit for Omega: Sigmascape has been removed.
Shinryu mount drop rate increased
The loot rule for alliance raids is now locked to Greed Only.
Duty Roulette: Normal Raids has been added. (Alexander + Omega Normal)

New Mark log for 500 Centurio Seals (to get Menacity upgrade token)
Players can now exchange Rabanastran coins and currency from Ridorana lighthouse for ryumyaku weave and ryumyaku polish by speaking with Eschina in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.8 Y:11.8).

An issue wherein placing a tabletop aquarium on top of another furnishing and then repositioning that furnishing allows the aquarium to clip through other aquariums.
* We strongly advise all players to avoid trying to replicate this issue. All furnishings, including aquariums, that are overlapping or clipping may be permanently deleted when the fix for this issue is implemented.


Riiko celebrates 1000 Blog posts!

I have published 1000 blog posts!

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My Eorzea Café guide is my most popular post. I’m happy that it has been a guidance to enjoy the Café and I highly recommend everyone who likes FFXIV to visit if they have the chance.

The next popular posts are my patch summaries of where to unlock which new content, followed by my outdated WHM vs SCH vs AST analysis. If Square Enix wouldn’t change their jobs so often, I’d absolutely go for an other analysis. (aka I’m lazy)

Thanks for reading my blog posts, may it just be once or more often. I appreciate everyone who enjoys my posts, screenshots or some funny made-up story. :)

FFXIV Patch Notes 4.25 – Overview of where to unlock what and what’s new

4.25 Patch Notes https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/5ad19879fc01a5d878af9a7f90f29e4a2394c5b4

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life
Kugane (X:11.7 Y:8.8)
Nashu Mhakaracca
Players must first complete the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East.”

And We Shall Call It Eureka
Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.8 Y:12.5)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Stormblood.”

To enter Eureka solo/party: Rodney in Kugane (X:8.5 Y:14.2)

Very useful reddit thread about Eureka maps and monster/FATE locations. (Map is being updated continuously)

Job Adjustments. Please check Patch notes.

Quality of Life
The drop rate for the blissful kamuy fife and reveling kamuy fife has been increased.
Usuginu octopus can now be caught using live shrimp as bait.

New Housing Items
Sharlayan Cabinet (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Sharlayan Wardrobe (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Melodious Mogchestrion
Altar to Pazuzu

New Glamour Gear
The ‘Ruined’ Manderville set (Mog Station)
Emperors Hairpin (Eureka: Emperor of Anemos FATE)
Scorpion Harness (Eureka: Serket FATE)
Strider Boots (Eureka: ???)
Amenos Glamour set (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Topaz Carbuncle Slippers (currently not obtainable)

New Mounts
Tyrannosaur (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
New PvP mount (Top 100 Feast)

New Minions
Wind-up Mithra (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
The Prince of Anemos (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchang & Lord of the Anemos FATE)
Wind-up Fafnir (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)

New Chocobo Barding
Red Mage Barding

New emote
Ballroom Etiquette – Calamitous Endings – “An illustrated manual of how to mimic the summoning motions of the dreadwyrm Bahamut. Use to learn the /megaflare emote.” (Purchased with the Bahamut statue. Price pending.)

New Orchestrion Roll
Wicked Winds Whisper (Eureka “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
No Quarter (Eureka “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)

New relic weapons/gear
Ingredients and to upgrade gear comes from killing monsters in Eureka (and maybe other things).
Weapons are seem to start at i335 and can be increased to i355 for now.

Other Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/842ic0/ffxiv_patch_425_datamining/

FFXIV Patch Notes 4.2: Summary of Where to Unlock the new content and What’s new

Full FFXIV Patch Notes 4.2: https://eu.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/0004e37e08808a84652bcbf942f8ac40cfea7e12

Preliminary FFXIV Patch Notes 4.2: https://na.finalfantasyxiv.com/lodestone/topics/detail/a4ce21e98b5248646c35359b586a00adb9181007

MSQ: Tidings from the East
Rhalgr’s Reach (X:14.6 Y:9.4)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Return of the Bull.”

Side Story: Precious Reclamation
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “???”

Chronicles of New Era: An Auspicious Encounter
The Ruby Sea (X:5.7 Y:15.8)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “???”

Omega: Sigmascape
Return to the Rift
Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.4 Y:12.4)
Players must first complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest “The Anomaly.”

Omega: Sigmascape (Savage)
To access Omega: Sigmascape (Savage), players must access the Magitek Terminal in Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.5 Y:12.4) after completing the following quest:
Players must first complete the Chronicles of a New Era quest “???”

New Dungeon: The Fractal Continuum (Hard)
An Unwanted Truth
Rhalgr’s Reach (X:13.2 Y:12.2)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Stormblood,” and have cleared the original Fractal Continuum.

New Dungeon: Hells’ Lid
An Auspicious Encounter
The Ruby Sea (X:5.7 Y:15.8)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “???”

New Trial: The Jade Stoa
An Auspicious Encounter
The Ruby Sea (X:5.7 Y:15.8)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “???”

New Trial: The Jade Stoa (Extreme)
Kugane (X:11.6 Y:12.6)
Wandering Minstrel
Players must first clear the Jade Stoa.

Fashion Report: Passion for Fashion
Level 15
The Gold Saucer (X:4.8 Y:6.1)
Players must first complete the quest “It Could Happen to You.”

Ananta beast tribe quests: Brooding Broodmother
The Fringes (X:30.2 Y:25.7)
M’rahz Nunh
Players must first complete the quest “The Rose Blooms Twice.”


Treasure Hunt
– Rewards for Gaganaskin Treasure Maps and Gazelleskin Treasure Maps have been adjusted.
– ilvl in Canals has been increased to i370.

Changes to Duties
– To ensure new players are able to enjoy the cutscenes in Castrum Meridianum and the Praetorium, all cutscenes in these dungeons can no longer be skipped.
– New dungeons have been added to Squadron command missions.

Free Company
– New craftable items have been added to the company workshop.
– Subaquatic voyages have been added.
– In order to craft a submersible, you must first obtain the required recipe from the schematic board in the company workshop. After gathering the required items, select the plan of your desired recipe. It will then be added to the company crafting log.

– A new seed for flowerpots has been added.
– New NPCs can be added to the houses/apartments. Amount of NPCs in the house has been doubled. (Ananta, Allagan Nodes)
– New furnishings have been added.
– New paintings have been added.
– New orchestrion rolls have been added.
– Exterior and interior fixtures will no longer be lost when remodeling an estate.
– More than one bathtub can now be placed in an estate. (FINALLY!)
– New aquarium fishes have been added.
– Hatchling Lamp is now a tabletop item.
– Players can now teleport directly to a friend’s free company estate, private estate, or apartment building. (Through Friend list menu) Teleport must be enabled in the Guest Access Settings window.
– The timer for auto-demolition will resume with the release of patch 4.2. Wards 13 through 18 have been added to all residential districts.The new wards are scheduled to be added one week after the release of patch 4.2. A separate announcement will be made when the date has been finalized.
– Players will be permitted to own only one private and one free company estate per World per service account.
– To discourage the resale of plots, any plots relinquished by owners will be unavailable for purchase for a limited time.

Gold Saucer
– Check out Fashion Report.
– New prizes are available for purchase using MGP.
– GATEs have been adjusted to give more MGP etc.
– New Triple Triad cards have been added.

– A new Performance UI has been added.
– New instruments are available: Harp, Piano, Lute, Fiddle.
– The music volume of performance actions can now be adjusted.

Quality of Life
– Certificates of commendation have been added as rewards for completing Wondrous Tails. These certificates can be exchanged with Khloe Aliapoh for a number of unique prizes.
– New emotes have been added.
– New aesthetician hairstyles have been added.
– A new glamour prism item will be used to cast glamours of all types instead of class-specific catalysts.
– Glamour dressers and glamour plates have been added.
– For a glamour guide, please check the patch notes.
– The Duty Recorder, which allows you to document duties for later viewing, has been added.
– The order of minions in the Minion Guide has been adjusted.
– Players can now accept teleport offers from party members when riding a 2-person mount or when incapacitated.
– System & Character Configuration menus have been adjusted.
– New Keybinds available.

– New items have been added.
– GC vendor: “Ballroom Etiquette – Reflection” 10,000 GC points
– The maximum number of items per slot has been increased from 99 to 999.
– The “Unique” classification has been removed from certain items, such as those given as rewards in seasonal events or sold on the Mog Station.
– The following items can now be stored in the armoire: Moogle set. Abes set. High Summoner’s Set. Housemaid’s set. Butler’s set. Eastern Journey set. Masks. Cait Sith Ears.
– Item levels will now be displayed for meals.
– New items can now be purchased in exchange for achievement certificates.
– New mounts have been added.
– Warsteed mounts can now fly.
– The music played when riding the Alte Roite mount has been changed.
– New chocobo barding has been added.
– New minions have been added.
– The Chocobo Saddlebag feature has been added. The saddlebag can store up to 70 items. To access it, select Chocobo Saddlebag from the Character menu.
– Adjustments have been made to the layout of the inventory and retainer inventory.
– The Undo Sort subcommand has been added to the inventory, retainer inventory, and Armoury Chest.
– NPC shops can now be filtered to show only items released after an update by selecting “Show only recently added items.”

– New recipes have been added. Old ones have decreased in price.
– New master recipes have been added.
– Elemental Materia has been removed. Elemental material can still be traded to Mutamix Bubblypots to be used in materia transfusion in Central Thanalan (X:23.7 Y:13.6). However, players can no longer receive elemental materia via materia transfusion.

– New gathering points have been added.
– New items can be obtained from gathering points.
– New fishes are available at level 62 to 70 fishing holes.
– The number of items gained when performing aetherial reduction on items obtained from ephemeral gathering points has been increased in certain cases.

Battle System
– Several Job adjustments, please check the patch notes.
– Elemental resistances have been removed.
– Royal City of Rabanastre: The weekly restriction on rewards obtained from coffers and Rabanastran Coins has been removed.
– Allagan tomestones of mendacity have been added.
– The weekly limitation on Allagan tomestones of creation has been removed.
– Allagan tomestones of verity are no longer obtainable.
– Several adjustments to Duty Roulette: Mentor.
– New trials have been added to Stone, Sky, Sea.
– An option has been added to toggle the playing of battle music when targeted by an enemy in the field.

– Adjustments to jobs in PvP. Please read patch notes.
– Adjustments to Rival Wings and The Feast.

Patch Notes 4.1: Summary of where to unlock quests and what’s new

Preliminary Patch Notes 4.1

Please see below my summary of the new quests to unlock new content and what other new things were implemented that should be checked out. For a complete overview, please read the Patch Notes 4.1!

NPC Location Content
Lyse Rhalgr’s Reach
(X:14.6 Y:9.4)
MSQ Arenvald’s Adventure
Alphinaud Rhalgr’s Reach
(X: 12.1 Y: 12.4)
MSQ The Darkness Below
Keiten Kugane
(X:12.2 Y:12.3)
Return to Ivalice -> 24-man raid?
Inconspicuous Man
(X:10.6 Y:9.8)
Hildibrand Side Quest
Vexed Villager The Ruby Sea
(X:6.8 Y:13.3)
Beast Tribe Quests
??? MSQ New Dungeon: Drowned City of Skalla
Wandering Minstrel Kugane
(X:11.6 Y:12.6)
Minstrel’s Ballad: Shinryu’s Domain
??? MSQ Dramatis Personae 24 man raid The Royal City of Rabanastre
Galiena Rhalgr’s Reach
(X:9.8 Y:12.5)
Custom Deliveries: M’Naago


– Job Adjustments
– Treasure coffers in the Lost Canals of Uznair will, on occasion, yield a timeworn thief’s map which will reveal a new location on your map. Players can then use the general action “Dig” at the location shown to find a teleportation ward that leads to the Hidden Canals of Uznair.
– The weekly restriction on rewards in Omega: Deltascape has been removed.
– Duty Roulette: Alliance Raids has been added to the Duty Finder.
– New PvP Actions and adjustments (for details see Patch Notes)

Gold Saucer
– New prizes are available for purchase using MGP.
– New Triple Triad cards have been added.

– New craftable items have been added to the Company Workshop.
– New rewards have been added to Exploratory Voyages.
– Alliances can be formed through PF.
– New furnishings, paintings, window furnishings, blank partitions with wallpapers
– New seed for flowerpots (Brightlily Seeds from Material Supplier), new harvestable crops.
– New aquarium fish and interior items (from Material Supplier)
– Estate-related items added to Housing Merchant, Apartment Merchant, Estate Manservant and Maidservant.
– The number of NPCs in each residential area and their positions have been adjusted.
– New appearances for Material Supplier Permit A-3, Junkmonger Permit A-3, Mender Permit A-3

– New recipes.
– Optimal desynth level will be displayed for desynthable items.

– New gathering points with new items, new fish
– The location of swimming shadows in the Ruby Sea and Yanxia have been adjusted. -> check the awful FSH class quest again
– Weekly reset for custom deliveries is now Tuesday.

– New purchaseable items for GC seals
– New Orchestrion rolls.
– New vistas have been added to the Stormblood sightseeing log.
– New emotes have been added.
– New aesthetician hairstyles have been added.
– Players can move to the Royal Menagerie by speaking with the Royal Menagerie attendant in the Ala Mhigan Quarter (X:36.4 Y:32.1) after completing a certain main scenario quest.
– New dyes: Metallic Yellow and Orange
– The Retrieve Materia subcommand has been added.
– Beast tribe currency was added to to currency window. Trade your currency to Calamity Salvager or beast tribe vendors to appear in the currency window.
– Ventures have been added to the currency window. Trade to Calamity Salvager or Retainers.
– New Retainer ventures and items.
– New mounts, chocobo barding and Minions. Special action added to witch’s broom mount
– Chocobo Companion and minions can be summoned at the same time
– Glamours unlocked at lv15.
– Players can now add other players form different Worlds within the same data center to their friends list.
– Players can now send /tell messages to players from different Worlds on their friends list.
– /bahamutsize small/medium/large
– Adjustments to veteran rewards (will be recieved earlier)

– Adjustments to the Actions & Traits menu
– Target Type: Target Closest Enemies options have been added to the Character Configuration interface.
– The party list can now display up to 10 status effects.
– The target bar can now be divided into HP, Progress Bar, and Status.
– The Status Info UI element has been divided into Enhancements, Enfeeblements, and Other.
– A simple mode has been added to the Job Gauge under UI Element Settings
– The numbers shown on the EXP bar now include commas.
– The most recently used chat mode will be saved when logging out, and will be retained upon logging back in.

New Emotes (source)

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