People who appreciate Chel’s bubble

During the Palace of the Dead experiences, Chelci often joines on White Mage. She likes WHM a lot, just like me. She also likes to use Asylum, the bubble, to heal everyone who stands in it.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates it.

As above diagram clearly shows, Chelci’s bubble was only appreciated by Uzi, me and Carbuncle. Mag on the other hand was very rude and specifically spent his time outside of the bubble. ò_ó

Don’t be like Mag, stand in the bubble.


Riiko’s WHM Truck WROOM WROOM!

When a few weeks ago the Media tour information was released, everyone started screaming how WHM was dead. Unreasonable people started kicking WHMs out of their Savage groups in preparation for Stormblood.

While I wasn’t amused by the useless Lilies they presented, I still enjoyed WHM and was sure it would remain the same.

So I made this picture of my WHM Truck!

The truck will run over all those who cry and complain because WHM isn’t dead and it’s gonna be awesome! Have some more trust!! ò_ó

Later on, news got out that the information from the Media Tour about the status of the jobs was about 1 month old and even Yoshida announced some change to the Lilly system which makes it not as awful but still not amazing. Unless they change the battles so that cure spam is actually necessary.

Nevertheless I will always love my WHM and this WHM TRUCK is awesome! WROOM WROOM MOTHERF*****! “o_´´o/

Goodbye dust mice

When the servers are down, it’s time to tidy up. It’s always a very tragic event which is why server maintenances are one of the worst things that could happen.

I have to say goodbye to my beloved pets once more. T___T

It’s so sad and I swear it’s the only reason why I dislike server maintenance!!!111

Goodbye my dear dust mice. ;o;

Happy birthday, Chelci!

Today is Chelci’s birthday and I had the idea for a fabulous birthday paint picture!

Enjoy the day and don’t let anyone eat all your cake like Riiko is trying to do!

Wait, that’s me! O.o;;

Errrr… the purple stuff around my mouth is not from your cake! It’s um… paint… or something purple. o.o;

*carefully licks off some cake cream from her mouth and hand to not waste anything* <.<;

Halloween Paint Comic Special: Under the bed

Last night…


And this is why mag bought a coffin as bed. Cause you can’t hide under it.

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