Niko Nomad’s “All Healz Riiko” Art

Lately, I was mocked for not healing but do not worry! Niko was the only one to realize my full potential.

Secretly, I can become a super healer because… I have all the healz!! ò_óV

You don’t believe it? Well, here is a picture of proof:

Please note the evilness in my eyes while staring at all unbelievers. They will realize their mistakes when they get card buffs, fairy heals and massive holy spams IN THEIR FACES!

Thanks a lot, Niko, for this awesome art! ö.ö <3 As already stated, I do look a bit skinny. In future I would appreciate if my belly can be shown off more.

It’s like a trophy to us Lalafell.


Riiko Rinkoko will be replaced by the famous and popular Koori Konriri?!

It all started with a simple request. We were chatting about the O4S mount on Discord.

J’nairoh: Everyone that wants one will get one.
Riiko Rinkoko: Who doesn’t want a massive snake to ride on? :D
Repp PewPew: I want to see Riiko riding a massive snake in MSpaint

The feedback was mixed.

Repp PewPew: Exactly what I was hoping for
Bayani Tenzen: to be honest, im disappointed she didn’t take the time to colour in the onesie…
Repp PewPew: Let’s see your effort

Repp challenged Bayani and the outcome was… Unique

Repp PewPew: D for effort
Riiko Rinkoko: wtf did you do with rii’s eyes? that’s terrifying!!
Bayani Tenzen: who is Rii? that my own designed character called Koori Konriri

Turns out, Bay drew a completely different person. Everyone seemed to know her except me. And let me tell you, she appears to be a super star!

J’nairoh: I heard Spielberg is trying to sign her for the leading role in his new movie.
Riiko Rinkoko: Oh bugger off!!
J‘nairoh: Now now, just because you’re jealous of her beauty, talent and success is no reason to get angry.

Repp PewPew: Everything I learned about healing was from Koori, a true hero
Riiko Rinkoko: I hate you all.
Rare: That’s not what Koori would say. A ray of sunshine in our daily lives
Turns out, this Koori is not only a Hollywood star but also a master healer, a sunshine and more…
Bayani Tenzen: I don’t know about you guys but I learned about Koori from the famous Studio Ghibli Film…. Koori’s Delivery Service

Rare: Also it appears that Koori may be a cactuar underneath that onesie
Repp PewPew: I was thinking that
I did one last effort to badmouth this awful Koori.
Riiko Rinkoko: (…) why is there a fidget spinner falling out of koori’s bag? She clearly thinks she’s one of the cool ppl…..

Everyone ignored me.
Repp PewPew
Is Koori free tonight for O4S?
Repp PewPew: That solo was pretty impressive she did
J’nairoh: I don’t think she raids with scrubs
Repp PewPew: I’d never have thought of casting Reflect on Alamgest

Bay’s unique Paint Art became more unique with each painting he posted pf this awful Healer Goddess…

Repp PewPew: What does the scouter say about her power level?

From there, it went down pretty fast and they dug up this adorable picture where she poses in a seductive pose.

Riiko Rinkoko: Can I make this into a blog post? ö.ö
Bayani Tenzen: sure
Bayani Tenzen: I’m sure Koori appreicates the free publicity
Rare: Koori has an awesome blog. Always filled with interesting and thought provoking entries

Next thing they ask of me is to leave Discord, give up OP Underlord status and invite Koori instead… At least Bay already prepared Triple Triad Style Avatar for her convenience.

When I tried to object to these terrible acts of injustice performed against me…

…it was countered by the awfuk Koori once more… with fidget spinners!

Looks like I have to lead a terrible life from now on.

In the end, Koori’s imdb page took fhe doubt from everyone in my FC that she is an imposter.

Rare: Um… guys… Koori’s story totally checks out
Niko Nomad: seems legit
Lillysilvermane: haha how did you do that?
Rare: I searched for Koori Konriri on IMDB
Lillysilvermane: lol…..i dont buy it
Niko Nomad: Lilly the Unlilly… Unbelliever

(For readers unfamiliar with my (Riiko Rinkoko’s) paint pictures, maybe now is the time to check them to see why this is so extremely funny.)

People who appreciate Chel’s bubble

During the Palace of the Dead experiences, Chelci often joines on White Mage. She likes WHM a lot, just like me. She also likes to use Asylum, the bubble, to heal everyone who stands in it.

Unfortunately, not everyone appreciates it.

As above diagram clearly shows, Chelci’s bubble was only appreciated by Uzi, me and Carbuncle. Mag on the other hand was very rude and specifically spent his time outside of the bubble. ò_ó

Don’t be like Mag, stand in the bubble.

Riiko’s WHM Truck WROOM WROOM!

When a few weeks ago the Media tour information was released, everyone started screaming how WHM was dead. Unreasonable people started kicking WHMs out of their Savage groups in preparation for Stormblood.

While I wasn’t amused by the useless Lilies they presented, I still enjoyed WHM and was sure it would remain the same.

So I made this picture of my WHM Truck!

The truck will run over all those who cry and complain because WHM isn’t dead and it’s gonna be awesome! Have some more trust!! ò_ó

Later on, news got out that the information from the Media Tour about the status of the jobs was about 1 month old and even Yoshida announced some change to the Lilly system which makes it not as awful but still not amazing. Unless they change the battles so that cure spam is actually necessary.

Nevertheless I will always love my WHM and this WHM TRUCK is awesome! WROOM WROOM MOTHERF*****! “o_´´o/

Goodbye dust mice

When the servers are down, it’s time to tidy up. It’s always a very tragic event which is why server maintenances are one of the worst things that could happen.

I have to say goodbye to my beloved pets once more. T___T

It’s so sad and I swear it’s the only reason why I dislike server maintenance!!!111

Goodbye my dear dust mice. ;o;

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