Can you draw these FFXIV job and class icons?

It is several months ago since this trended on Twitter. I always meant to fill it out but I eventually forgot about it. Now it’s time, to do what has to be done: Can I draw these icons?

Oh right, my name is Riiko Rinkoko and my main job is WHM.

LOL if this was a test at school I would have failed due to forgetting my name… It’s been many years since school, please forgive me!

I’m surprised how many icons I could remember – the wrong way around! Many would have to be mirrored horizontally to be correct. If there is anyone around who can explain this phenomenon, please do!

After finishing, I noticed that I drew SCH as a Butt Mage when in fact it is a Boob Mage! O.O; Please check it thoroughly, everyone!

Here you can find the original post with the blank form if you would like to fill this out too! :D


The incredibly tough FFXIV Job ability and spell icon quiz from Twitter

Last week, there were screenshots roaming on twitter where you were asked to identify all the abilities/spells displayed.

Challenge accepted.

The small healer quiz:

Can you distinguish between WHM, SCH and AST spells?

Please note: I got something wrong in the above quiz. Do you know what’s wrong? ò.ó;;

The Tank Quiz:

PLD, WAR and DRK abilities that are used quite often. Except the one on the bottom right. What is this?!!

The DRK Quiz or “Can’t we just call everything “Dark thingy”?”:

Savage Ninja Quiz:

How did SE think it was a good idea to have all abilities look pretty much similar? You can even mix gatherer abilities inbetween and keep people thinking what NIN ability this one was XD

The Ultimate healer Quiz:

All in all I think I recognized the most important spells and abilities. Guess I’m a pro now ò.óV

The question is, how many would you have recognized?

Here are the direct links to the original twitter posts:

My new Retainer

I was approached by my Botanist Master. A really lively Cat journalist had appeared and I was to take her to Coerthas for some research about Gysahl Greens.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 01

You can’t imagine how excited I was.

She was interviewing Botanists in the Cold in order to find out, how the greens were growing even in the harshest conditions.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 02

We ended up in Ishgard. They also had Gysahl Greens there so the reporter wanted to stay and investigate.

We met with a local Botanist who offered his support.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 03

The reporter snuck into Ishgard by using me. Basically, I had obtained a new retainer who was for free but didn’t actually store any goods for me. <.<;

2015-06-19 BTN HW 04

The next day, we met with the local Botanist in the Sea of Clouds and investigated the local Gysahl Green plants.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 05

I got bored and left the two to their research while I decided to adventure through the world and gather all the things.

At least once so that I can send my retainers gather them for me.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 06

Me on the other hand, I was more after the HQ items that I would hand in at my Grand Company for nice exp!

2015-06-19 BTN HW 07

So I gathered only the finest stuff just for those hand ins! ò.óV

2015-06-19 BTN HW 08

Some weeks later, I was called to the local Botanist.

The local authorities had heard about the Gridanian Gysahl Greens and were worried that their precious “pure breed” was stained.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 09

But when we showed them the completely differend greens, they were quite surprised.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 10

While looking really different, they were basically brother and sister.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 11

So once that was clear, the Botanist was allowed to plant both breeds, one in snowy and cold areas where it would survive and grow the best, and one in the warmer climates of the Sea of Clouds.

2015-06-19 BTN HW 12

And with this, my newly gained retainer went back to Gridania and I was known as the Botanist who brought the new Gysahl Greens to Ishgard! :D

1st Anniversary – One Year of Blogging

A year has passed in Earth Time. Several Years have passed in Eorzea Time – I think about 19-20 years!

What have I been up to during all that time? What have I achieved?

Archwhitemage: check

2014-09-02 WHM

Passionate Bard: check

2014-09-02 BRD

The Silent Death: check

2014-09-02 SMN

Potato Mage: check

2014-09-02 PTM

Expert Gatherer: check

2014-09-02 Gatherer BTN MIN FSH

Master Crafter: kinda check…

2014-09-02 Crafter

Private Room of Eternal Cuteness: check

2014-09-02 Room

Charmed a hot guy and made him mine: check

Heroes Riiko Mag

Blog Stats

Since the release in late August, WordPress has tracked handy stats for me.

Looking at the visitor and views per month figures, I would say it’s definetly going in the right direction. What’s counting most is the green visitor figure. I assume, WordPress counts each IP address. So in case someone’s provider assigns a new IP address every time you visit the page, WordPress assumes, you are a new visitor. ö.ö /drool

In August 2014, I had an average of 25 visitors per day! Wooooosh~

2014-09-02 Statistik Visitors-views per month

In which countries is my blog a real hit?

Most of my readers live in the USA, UK and Germany. Or maybe people from those countries have just the best taste in awesome blogs? :D

2014-09-02 Statistik Visitors per country

I would like to thank all of you for reading my blog.

Spread the word and enjoy Eorzea!

Everybody’s Darling

Quite unexpected as I had not payed attention, I was awarded the “Everybody’s Darling” Achievement.

This meant, loads of people like me, right?

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 01

Happily, I embraced everybody around me.

My friends were rather unimpressed by my sudden embraces.

Was I not their darling after all? ;_; They were probably just being shy, right?

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 02

I rushed to the Apkallu Falls, received my awesome new mount and directly tested it while waiting on my gathering points to spawn.

Well, my new Magitek Mount does look golden. I’m not sure if I actually like it.

I mean, it’s cool and all but it’s just not my beloved Rosalinde, that I saved from the Imperials.

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 03

Unsure how I should feel about the golden Magitek, I proceeded with my gathering adventures.

I had big dreams of raising my very own minion army by planting and tending which should grow into strong plantmen and plantwomen.

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 04

Lost in thought I remembered my gathering times as Lalafell.

It was easy to reach the grasses and herbs on the ground. My back wouldn’t hurt all the time from bending down as catgirl…

On the other hand, my arms feel much stronger as catgirl and the ricks just get smashed like warm butter.

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 05

Still, not much has changed. I still sit on my baldie Gobbue like I used to. I still wear the same magical clothes and still enjoy everything the same.

I like the cold nights in the Shroud when only the moon and the stars witness your adventures. It’s refreshing and relaxing.

And when the sun rises again, her beautiful light warms my heart and fills it with joy.

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 06

To be more social during my gathering adventures, I decided to visit lonely Jam.

She has recently become victim to the severe Desert cliff dune fishing during heatwaves phenomenon.

Little Jam just sits there all week, hoping for heat waves, fishing near the edge into the deep depths of the canyon.

As I sat there with Mag, this quickly became rather boring. It makes me curious… Why is Jam so addicted with this? Are those dune fishies really that tasty? ö.ö;

2014-07-22 Everybodys darling 07

Tell me, guys, what makes fishing so exciting?

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