The beginning of Crafting and Gathering adventures

New Crafting and Gathering adventures awaited me with Stormblood. Suddenly, my guild leaders had new tasks. All at the same time. It was really weird.

My bestie Nanamo-chan wanted some musical instruments crafted from my Goldsmithing master.

Unfortunately, she didn’t realize who she was talking to…

Nanamo was really understanding, so no major issue happened. Thanks to “her dear Riiko”. :)

She also insisted on starting a Goldsmithing school in Rhalgr’s reach but didn’t want to be known as their funding source. Such a noble plan, lil Nanamo! Thanks for supporting those in need.

As Botanist, I helped out the local botanists in Idyllshire to ensure their supplies of fresh food. Unfortunately, a cookie tree has vet to be invented.

The Goblin from Idyllshire and his pupils were building something and needed rare ore to be mined for them. If course it was an easy feat for me to do.

From a Sahagin, I learned a new way of fishing.


And now I’m stuck on the Level 68 quest for ever and ever… :(

All my other crafter teachers had new tasks for me that lead me to Kugane or other new areas. If you are curious what happened.. Why don’t you do them yourself? >:D

I figured, everyone can do these quests as they are leveling these classes. Why bother to specifically write what you already know anyway? :\


Can you draw these FFXIV job and class icons?

It is several months ago since this trended on Twitter. I always meant to fill it out but I eventually forgot about it. Now it’s time, to do what has to be done: Can I draw these icons?

Oh right, my name is Riiko Rinkoko and my main job is WHM.

LOL if this was a test at school I would have failed due to forgetting my name… It’s been many years since school, please forgive me!

I’m surprised how many icons I could remember – the wrong way around! Many would have to be mirrored horizontally to be correct. If there is anyone around who can explain this phenomenon, please do!

After finishing, I noticed that I drew SCH as a Butt Mage when in fact it is a Boob Mage! O.O; Please check it thoroughly, everyone!

Here you can find the original post with the blank form if you would like to fill this out too! :D

The incredibly tough FFXIV Job ability and spell icon quiz from Twitter

Last week, there were screenshots roaming on twitter where you were asked to identify all the abilities/spells displayed.

Challenge accepted.

The small healer quiz:

Can you distinguish between WHM, SCH and AST spells?

Please note: I got something wrong in the above quiz. Do you know what’s wrong? ò.ó;;

The Tank Quiz:

PLD, WAR and DRK abilities that are used quite often. Except the one on the bottom right. What is this?!!

The DRK Quiz or “Can’t we just call everything “Dark thingy”?”:

Savage Ninja Quiz:

How did SE think it was a good idea to have all abilities look pretty much similar? You can even mix gatherer abilities inbetween and keep people thinking what NIN ability this one was XD

The Ultimate healer Quiz:

All in all I think I recognized the most important spells and abilities. Guess I’m a pro now ò.óV

The question is, how many would you have recognized?

Here are the direct links to the original twitter posts:

What the buck? It’s not biting!

Many times have I sat there and stared at the surface of the pond.

Will it bite the next time I throw a brute leech in?

Of course, it won’t. It’s not a fish after all.

It’s a bucket.

How is it ever supposed to “get caught in my fishing line, just cause I’m using brute leeches”?


It’s the rusty bucket I’m after. Actually, it’s called Magic bucket, and it’s a minion. But it originally comes from the rusty bucket that was frequently fished inside towns in Vana’diel.

Two stacks of brute leeches later, still no success.

The bucket is a lie, I tell you!!

Fishy Fisher

As an amazing adventurer, I’m also well known at the Fisher’s Guild. Other fishers come to me, wave and are happy when they can get a glimpse at my awesomeness. Just like little Fisher cat Loxie:

2015-06-19 FSH HW 01

I am a legend for all Fishers. Some random fisher approached me the other day and acted, like I saved his world.

Spoiler Alert: I saved Eorzea on many occasions before, not only some minor fishies.

2015-06-19 FSH HW 02

Anyway, that fisher invited me to Ishgard. There, he didn’t even own some store or anything, he was just hanging out in the Tavern all day!

What a slacker!

2015-06-19 FSH HW 03

So, I was to catch some fishies for some client.

And they loved my freshly procured fish!

2015-06-19 FSH HW 04

Also the Vanus loved the fishies I bought and brought them.

2015-06-19 FSH HW 05

You wonder how I became a master Fisher without even really fishing?

Well, check my post about my Botanist where I talk about Grand Company hand-ins. That’s how I’ve done it very successfully. ò.óV

Yet, all the people of the land thing of me as their master fisher who saved everyone! ö.ö

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