Can you draw these FFXIV job and class icons?

It is several months ago since this trended on Twitter. I always meant to fill it out but I eventually forgot about it. Now it’s time, to do what has to be done: Can I draw these icons?

Oh right, my name is Riiko Rinkoko and my main job is WHM.

LOL if this was a test at school I would have failed due to forgetting my name… It’s been many years since school, please forgive me!

I’m surprised how many icons I could remember – the wrong way around! Many would have to be mirrored horizontally to be correct. If there is anyone around who can explain this phenomenon, please do!

After finishing, I noticed that I drew SCH as a Butt Mage when in fact it is a Boob Mage! O.O; Please check it thoroughly, everyone!

Here you can find the original post with the blank form if you would like to fill this out too! :D

Kettles everywhere

Remember when I got my Kettle relic?

It was a big moment in my life, I’m sure you remember it too.

Well, Mag and me both showed off the Kettles a while ago to our friends.

2016-03-04 Kettle Relic 01

They were so impressed by our cool kettle movements and performance that soon more and more gathered around to watch us be awesome! ö.ö

2016-03-04 Kettle Relic 02

And then, I asked for Trem’s feedback.

2016-03-04 Kettle Relic 03

Guess old people just don’t have any sense of what’s cool and what not. <.<;

One Punch Kettle

Gerolt and his best friend and rival had a new relic to craft for me. A relic to make up for the lack of a professional Monk trainer. A relic, that would enable me to defeat my enemies with one punch.

2016-02-23 Kettle Relic 01

While they were working on it, they had me procure the most awful items.

Yet, they fought over who was making the best kettle <.<;

2016-02-23 Kettle Relic 02

After a lot of work, they added a wonderful glow to my kettle.

2016-02-23 Kettle Relic 03

It became the ULTIMATE KETTLE!

But we weren’t finished.

2016-02-23 Kettle Relic 04

They started fighting again what items I should get them…

2016-02-23 Kettle Relic 05

I deeply regret trying to follow this path.

Paint-2016-05-19 One Punch Riiko

One Punch Riiko

I tried to continue my Monk career. Punching stuff was quite fun, so I checked with a veteran Monk.

He already had two apprentices though…

2015-06-19 MNK HW 01

In order to see if I was worthy to become an apprentice for advanced training, I was to take care of the youngsters for a day.

They did more praising their master than actual fighting. <.<;

2015-06-19 MNK HW 02

I felt like back in the days when I had to babysit the lil Sylphie girl as part of my White Mage training.

And here I was, sitting with my amazing punch power, regretting my choices.

2016-05-19 MNK 03 - One Punch Riiko Paint

Guess I will just leave my master and his fanclub to themselves and do my own basic training to become a One Punch Master.

Final Monk Super Power

As I continued my Monk training, I used self-crafted clothes to obtain a lot of materia.

Unfortunately, those clothes looked so horrible, I even scared the usually not so easy to scare Jam!

I don’t look too bad, don’t I? <.<;

2014-07-24 Bad Monk Fashion 01

Anyway, that Monk dude that had been talking about Chakra and avenging his Ala Migho people challenged me to a battle.

He had slayed down countless Imperials – which is good – but somehow he seemed out of his mind.

His whole body was glowing in a dangerous yellow aura full of jealousy and hatred.

2014-07-26 MNK final 01

I knew, I had to stop him!

2014-07-26 MNK final 02

He came at me with all his Sayajin Powers but I was not afraid.

My powers were greater than his!

I had the powers of a Lalafell hidden in the body of a Miqo’te.

Nobody can beat that.

2014-07-26 MNK final 03

We fought and I kept puching and kicking him so hard, that he finally broke down.

Never underestimate the incredibly strong Lalafell muscles!

2014-07-26 MNK final 04

He couldn’t believe that he had lost against me when he just couldn’t see my aura.

This is because my aura is so strong that it becomes invisible to a normal person’s eyes. Otherwise, they would go blind when they see me. That would be dangerous, no?

To ensure that the Monk dude doesn’t do anything stupid anymore, I decided to absorb his aura. This should teach him!

2014-07-26 MNK final 05

In the end, that aura measuring dude appeared and blabbered something.

Me on the other hand… well… let’s say it was a bad day.

The Monk dude offered me his Monk clothes.

He TOOK HIS SWEATY CLOTHES OFF and gave them to me.

And he acted like it was an HONOR for me to receive them.

They were all worn off and totally stinky!

My sensitive cat-nose told me, I either stop breathing or die.

2014-07-26 MNK final 06

I quickly thanked the dude and ran off. Then burried the monk body. Just in time to breathe again and not suffocate.

Later, I tolf the Adventurers gild to have someone pick up that old uniform and get it cleaned. Maybe it woul dbe for some use in the future.

Having achieved the highest form of a Monk, I put on my pretty black and red clothes which I had stored for just this moment.

For my efforts, I received Trem’s blessing ö.ö Now, my powers shall increase even more!

2014-07-26 MNK final 07

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