Stormblood Job quest summary

The new Astventures contained stargazing. A lot of it. I never saw any of their star signs in the stars. A Geomancer showed up and he clearly got here through Atomos from Vana’diel. Turns out, he lives in Kugane and has to protect the town from evil beasts! O.O;;

The Bard quests were as boring as can be. We basically played music and traveled the world while nobody was listening to us.

As a Machinist, I mettled with some Ishgardian Brune locals.

As the Monk quests started, I felt there were great things coming.

Unfortunately, there weren’t. I had to play babyistter for my teacher and didn’t even remember the pupils’ names… So I decided to quit.

As Paladin, I was for once not asked to kill someone. Instead, I was forced to sign up in the Gladiator battles.

Funny enough, I was allowed to stay Paladin and didn’t have my job stone off at all. Nanamo even supported this and let me have an easy win.

After that tournament, I decided to stop these boring battles and fester my summoning skills.

As you can see, it’s working really well. While I take pictures, the group fights the fight for me. My DoTs are ticking, so why would there be any complaint ever?

Bahamut is majestic as f*** and he’s mine now.

But brace yourself for this ultimate attack of mine.

I evolved into Bahamut myself…

…while having Bahamut summoned!

I’ll call this the ultimate Bahamut Flare! It pierces not only enemies but also allies. I’m really sorry, but it’s so powerful that it’s not possible to control.

Due to my accidental murder of Niko, I changed my image and became an Summonemo.



Can you draw these FFXIV job and class icons?

It is several months ago since this trended on Twitter. I always meant to fill it out but I eventually forgot about it. Now it’s time, to do what has to be done: Can I draw these icons?

Oh right, my name is Riiko Rinkoko and my main job is WHM.

LOL if this was a test at school I would have failed due to forgetting my name… It’s been many years since school, please forgive me!

I’m surprised how many icons I could remember – the wrong way around! Many would have to be mirrored horizontally to be correct. If there is anyone around who can explain this phenomenon, please do!

After finishing, I noticed that I drew SCH as a Butt Mage when in fact it is a Boob Mage! O.O; Please check it thoroughly, everyone!

Here you can find the original post with the blank form if you would like to fill this out too! :D

Life of a Machinist is so tough, you could…

…transform into a Lala if you use its full powers!

You think I’m making this up? Well, I will prove it’s true by telling you a story of my Machinist life.

One fine day, I was attacked by a giant monster.

2016-04-01 MCH 01

Everyone present was shocked and thought I’d die for sure.

2016-04-01 MCH 02

But I have the best allies in the world who shot it before it could harm me!

2016-04-01 MCH 03

Joye and my Machinist teacher always appear right on time :D

2016-04-01 MCH 04

She had been absent from our group for a while, trying to follow her family’s will to marry and become a lovely lady – but it just wasn’t the right thing for her.

2016-04-01 MCH 05

We celebrated big time, when suddenly, the awful Elezen noble dud appeared.

2016-04-01 MCH 06

As if the monsters and dragons had smelled it, they started attacking again, but this time, they attacked the Elezen dude!

2016-04-01 MCH 08

Ha, serves him right, some would think but honestly, nobody deserves to die just like that.

(Maybe there are some exceptions like Joffrey or Ramsay who everyone wants to see dead.)

We came to the rescue and I unleashed my true Machinist powers!

2016-04-01 MCH 10

“Welcome Back, lil Riiko”, Joye welcomed me back in my true Lalafell form.

Everyone was happy to have me back as the little potato of doom, the fighting cookie, the tiny deathbringer.

2016-04-01 MCH 09

Hell yeah, I looked more fabulous than ever and could feel how my back suddenly felt more relieved!

2016-04-01 MCH 11

After saving everyone, we had a big celebration at the guild.

2016-04-01 MCH 07

I even got promoted as professional Machinist and basically graduated from the guild. :D

2016-04-01 MCH 12

Long live the Lalafell power!

Shoot, Riiko, Shoot!

How I became a Machinist?

Well, it’s quite easy. I joined the Machinist’s Guild and supported them with their current issues.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 01

First, I had to guide the top people of the guild to La Noscea.

There, they met some pirate dude.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 02

When they were menaced, the lil wallflower girl pulled her gun and nearly created a bloodbath! @.@;;

2015-06-19 MCH HW 03

Luckily, I could avert the crisis with my Lalafell cuteness.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 04

After this adventure, they handed me a gun and told me to shoot things.

So I did.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 05

After some practise, I fought against that pirate dude.

Of course he was massive so I had an easy time to make my bullets hit him. He on the contrary had a bad time to hit me with my small, slim and very flexible body.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 06

After winning the duel (and healing the poor lad afterwards), I met the guildmaster’s father. Some arrogant noble Elezen snob.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 07

We had to prove to the noble awful dad that the machinists do make a difference and that the guild should not be shut down. So the leader wanted to scavenge old magitek parts in order to make a really cool flying turret for me.

I offered to introduce them to Cid, Biggs and Wedge, but somehow they did not want any help. <.<; Okay, there goes my epic magitek turret…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 08

I practised a lot and took some fashion advice from Loxie during my trainings.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 09

An other day, I received a special training. I was to run through Ishgard and whenever I see unjust behaviour, I was to shoot the evil person in the butt.

It was more fun that it should be…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 10

Some time later, we helped out in fending off dragon attacks in Dragonhead.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 11

An awful noble Elezen rival dude appeared and talked big, but he was a total loser. I really don’t like these arrogant kids who think they are something. But they are not.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 12

In the end, the leader’s dad said, he’d acknowledgethe worth of the machinist’s guild under one condition: They had to win a match against the arrogant Elezen boy.

2015-06-19 MCH HW 13

Bring it on!

2015-06-19 MCH HW 14

And so, we waited for the battle to start…

2015-06-19 MCH HW 15

Thanks to my butt-shoot-training I was well prepared and knew exactly what to do! ò.óV


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