Job Updates: One Punch Monk, Scary Summoner, Cool Warrior, Glancing Dragoon, Flashy Paladin

It was my goal for Stormblood to have all Jobs leveled.

Spoiler: I made it.

And here is how.

At first, I decided to level Monk. Together with Mag and Leonie, we had extreme training sessions for me!

My One Punch Monk powers increased drastically!

It wasn’t enough so I asked for training sessions with more expert Monk friends. :D

After the training, I was so done, I fell asleep in Ley’s garden.

Funny enough, Ley sleeps under the wooden stuff that’s supposed to be used as sitting parts… #catlife

My skills increased so much that I sometimes snuck into Palace of the Dead instanced, hid in chests and killed all nearby enemies with one punch when the adventurers would open the chest!

But then, some evil Monk appeared who didn’t like that I was becoming so skilled. With his glowy aura he tried to intimidate me. lol.

He then sent a ball of energy to kill me and my official Monk teacher and his catgirls.

With one punch I pushed the ball of energy back at the attacker and totally defeated him.


Don’t even need my One Punch outfit to be a one punch hero.

That’s how pro I have become.

It was then time to teach others the unique One Punch Monk skills. Gourry is one of my most skilled students!!

After exceling in the art of Monk, I decided to train more darker arts.

Full of motivation, I stole a Limit Break 3 to release the powers of Bahamut from within me.

One could say, it’s going really well towards the Lalamut Calamity. I think Xeehart will be proud when she sees my progress ö.ö

Back to the dark arts of Ninjarrrrr!

My Ninja skills are so pro, my dagger seems to float in the air most of the time because I move so fast!!

I also have amazing looking Ninja buddies, Mag and Chelci, besides who I seem totally invisible to anyone who looks at us.

It’s safe to say my skills are of an expert level.

Please also note the distinctively shaped weapon of Chel…

Right, once my Warrior reached expert level, I decided to make it look like a beautiful demon.

Do you think I succeeded? :D

It’s okay if you disagree. My axe’s hobby is to chop off things.

You do agree that I look amazing as WAR, right? :D

Anyway, the path of the Dragoon was long and terrifying.

At least I got this wonderful picture:

Dragoon without a Dragon pet Powaaaaaaarzzz!

I had to manage the issues of some Dragoon Elezen Lady which felt a lot like babysitting Sylphie during my Conjurer quests…

In the end, it was all about some awfully ugly lance. =_=

I am so done with Dragoons.

My Paladin training was even worse.

When demonstrating new skills, I noticed that this one here doesn’t even protect Chelci in case of danger! Her head would still be chopped off by evil enemies ;_;

Even my shield wouldn’t do any good, it didn’t even cover my whole Lalafell body!

At least I managed to make some sword glow that was handed to me by some Paladins who thought they were important.

They were all super impressed blabla.

In the end, I channeled my Paladin power and never had to see those people again.

That was until I realized, that with Stormblood, if I wanted to stay up to date on things, I would have to see all of these awful people once more to learn more skills……. Let’s hope the Doma or other Stormblood people have more skilled teachers than those…


Can you draw these FFXIV job and class icons?

It is several months ago since this trended on Twitter. I always meant to fill it out but I eventually forgot about it. Now it’s time, to do what has to be done: Can I draw these icons?

Oh right, my name is Riiko Rinkoko and my main job is WHM.

LOL if this was a test at school I would have failed due to forgetting my name… It’s been many years since school, please forgive me!

I’m surprised how many icons I could remember – the wrong way around! Many would have to be mirrored horizontally to be correct. If there is anyone around who can explain this phenomenon, please do!

After finishing, I noticed that I drew SCH as a Butt Mage when in fact it is a Boob Mage! O.O; Please check it thoroughly, everyone!

Here you can find the original post with the blank form if you would like to fill this out too! :D

The Life of a Glamorous Dragoon

As Mor Dhona is growing, new vendors and merchants are attracted every day. Recently, a couple of vendors opened shops where they offer tools to glamourize your gear. This is so cool!

Boring White Mage Armor transforms toooooooo….

2014-03-27 Glamour 01

…Noble Healer Lady Riiko!

Sir Scott also looks so glamorous in his new outfit!

2014-03-27 Glamour 02

I decided to gear up my Dragoon in order to obtain experience in close combat. You wonder why? Well, if I understand the different fighting styles and their problems, I can support them even better as healer!

So I met this guy in the Crystal Tower.

Do not despair. If you do not know this Gentleman of Light, I shall present him soon enough.

2014-03-27 Glamour 03

And so, I exceled as Dragoon and smashed small foes like King Behemoth.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 01

Or the giant Acheron’s foot.

Fear me, the Foot Smasher, Piercer, Destroyer!

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 02

And as I shone so bright in the tower, I allowed myself to rest like an amazon warrior on the most dangerous mount in the world.

Maybe you are wondering, how I obtained this Behemoth Dude. Well, you obviously haven’t payed attention to my adventures.

Remember when I was still yound and unexperienced and I went to find the Behemoth mom with Ryko and Migh’to? Baby Behi has grown up.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 03

As you know, I have become a guard.

I guard the innocent healers of Euro Asylum who sometimes just enjoy themselves a little too carefree…

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 04

Some carefreeness I actually do not mind at all… /drool

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 05

And so I took those with me to the Crystal Tower.

Of course I kept guarding them as guard. <.<;

I really do not support such carefree behaviour. This is terrible! A disastre!

What will people now think of our Free Company?!

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 06

At least, I am much cooler than Mag’s Dragoon, as you can obviously see:

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 08

And I drop… well I do not drop bombs but when I put all my power into my spear, things do not survive for long.

2014-03-29 DRG Glamour 07

Same goes for me. One second wasted in trying to heal myself when it is not my task will result in instant death due to slow evading which leads to a spacing out bomb explosion and futher embarassing defeats.

If someone ever talks about Titan, I will not know this Titan person. All will be denied. I never met him either.

A Dragoon’s Power

Remember how I went through some solid newbie Lancer training?

Yeah, that was ages ago. But I will never forget that feeling of bursting out an incredibly strong Limit Break.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 01

And this feeling brought me back to the Lancer’s guild.

As the guildmaster was not pleased about my long absence, he let me train with the regular pupils.

It is unnessessary to say that I totally wrecked those.

Badass Riiko at your service!

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 02

Maybe, just maybe, this success went to my head too much… Together with this “oh I’m so cool and strong” Elezen guy, we were on a duty and suddenly this big Boar came towards us with a clear intention.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 03




2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 04

Well, he kinda had a reason to be that angry.. We had slayed his family and cut their tusks off for our client…

And this Boar was kinda stronger than us…

Running away was not an option, either as we were kinda surrounded by boars.

Our hero appeared at the right time in the right place. Our Guildleader jumped down to us and scared the giant Boar away!

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 05

I swore to myself that I would become stronger than my Guildleader so that I would never have to be afraid of a lowly Boar.

So I trained.

At times I met friends like the awesome Ramzah who was training his Conjurer. We teamed up at times.

At other times, I fought all alone. Then I fought with Phoenix.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 06

An so, I made my way. Slowly but steadily.

“Master Piercer Riiko and her Master Piercer Flea” is what I wanted to be called one day.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 07

And when my Guildleader reached his limits and sent me to Dragonhead to find my true Drgaoon teacher, I was sent to the darkest of places to meet the darkest of people.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 08

I was sent to the highest mountains in the coldest snow to slay the biggest Lizards.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 09

And then I had to face the guy who I like to call “The Lost Dragoon”.

His armor was pitch black (much cooler than the super dark purple armor I received) and so was his mind.

His intention was to absorb the powers of the strongest Dragon and become one with him.

And I had to stop him!

My teacher thought, it would be a good lesson for me and if he fought the Lost Dragon, the fight would be over too soon and it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 10

While fighting, the Lost Dragon soon realized, that I was truly powerful.

In an act of cowardness and desperation, he called upon the Dragons, to gift him with their powers.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 11

The unbelievable happened.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 12

A gigantic power rushed down on him and filled him with unbelievable strength.

Would this process be finished, he would be able to destroy everything with the Dragon’s powers.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 13

In the same moment, I felt a warm and incredibly strong energy flowing through my whole body.

It felt warm and cruel. Ancient and wise.

And then, I transformed into a male Hyur or Elezen Dragoon in full armor. My new body jumped into the air and smashed down to kill the Lost Dragoon.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 14

When the dust cleared…

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 15

…I regained my body.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 16

I can tell you, I have never experienced anything weirder like this!

I was honored deeply, that Nidhogg, the boss of all dragons, had chosen me to destroy the fool.

It’s not people who chose to receive the power of a dragon. It’s the dragons who chose whom to lend their power.

And as I was so exhausted, mentally and physically, I proceeded to take a relaxing bath to which I fell asleep.

2013-12-21 Lancer Advanced 17

I think, people were not too pleased that I occupied the waterfall bed for hours and hours, but thanks to my magical barrier, I could not hear them and they couldn’t enter.

I just adore magic!

And I tell you one thing! One day, I will ask Nidhogg to become my companion dragon. ò.ó/

Master Piercer Riiko

To pass some time, relax and get a break from my White Mage life, I started training my Lancer!

Together with Phoenix, I destroyed evil enemies who were much stronger than me. I also took the time to watch Gridania from a totally different perspective.

2013-12-01 Lancer 01

I even took the time to create a wonderful guide for you!

Paint 2013-12-20 Lancer lv15 guide

I frequently checked with the Lancer’s guild as they give away nice rewards from time to time. When I wanted to receive some pretty lance, an Eleezen man showed up and threatened the whole guild. Told them how bad and incompetent everyone was!

2013-12-01 Lancer 02

He also tried to intimidate me… Yeah… Nice try! If he was to actually tab me, I’d take my White Mage staff, heal myself and then smash him to death.

Well, near-death cause as White Mage one is not a killer but a life-loving person.

2013-12-01 Lancer 03

Somehow, the Eleezen man was impressed by my courage and left the guild so that I could get my new lance.

A bit later, I met him again when I was searching for the “Stone of Courage”. He told me, the guild had told me the wrong location of the stone and only he knew the correct location… Okay…

Anyway, I found the true stone of courage – no dangerous enemies for Master Piercer Riiko!

2013-12-01 Lancer 04

While I was jsut randomly exploring the woods, slaying evil monsters, I came across a Big BadWolf (no, not a Lalafell guy!) who had been attacking innocent habitants and merchants with his pack.

It didn’t take too long until I slayed him with my awesome lance! No, not the lance I had obtained from the guild but a Lightning lance! No, no thunder lance. Remember the pretty woman Lightning who came from another world during the last Era? Yes, that was her. And she gave me this strong lance.

2013-12-01 Lancer 05

The Ezeezen man approached me again. He was so impressed by my skills!

2013-12-01 Lancer 06

I was like “Of course I can slay such a tiny wolf without problems!”

And he was like “Whoa, U’re soooo strong! Become my mistress!”

Okay, he did not actually say that, but that’s how he looked at me.

2013-12-01 Lancer 07

We parted ways and I returned to the guild to report about my recent encounter with the Eleezen man. Will I ever remember his name? Did he even tell me what he was called?

The guild master scolted me.

How could I face such a dangerous wolf alone? Why would I secretly meet the Eleezen man?

Well, sorry, I didn’t meet him on purpose… <_<;

2013-12-01 Lancer 08

I decided, the guild was quite stupid. Especially the guild leader. I should go and solve the problems of real people.

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