Glamourous Glamours

Mag and me develop our glamours over time. Sometimes, we happen to have matching outfits, like these Ravana weapons:


After obtaining the weapon, I needed a real outfit, not just a pyjama with Moogle slippers.


Please find my crafting outfit 2016 below:


Awesome picture of my Scholar at the Church/Scholar place!


New Ninja outfit:


Sometimes, I sat with Mag at the Idyllshire fountain, waiting for the lil Miqo girl to show up.


Usually, she didn’t come, but the time spent together was still nice.


My Astrologian has a new, magical weapon.

Whenever I draw a card, it stops glowing though o.o;


Yet, my overall outfit looks amazing. RIGHT?!


More glamours to come!

Astrologian: Master of Galaxies

As you know, my skills in star sign reading aren’t the best. Don’t get me wrong, I still believe that I get the signs right and everyone is making things up… but nobody is listening to a Lalafell.

So I was tasked with other quests. First of all I had to protect my master Leavalealalllaala.

…just gonna call her Lea.

2015-08-04 AST 01

She had been kidnapped before and it seems that someone was after her life. For example this shady Elezen lady with the star tattoo on her cheek.

In Coerthas, we healed a group of soldiers that had been attacked.

2015-08-04 AST 02

But what was the shady lady with the star tattoo doing amongst the soldiers? O.O

She was trying to attack my master! Ohh… not while I’m there!

With the power of the stars flowing through my body, I summoned the power of a galaxy in order so smash the enemy!

2015-08-04 AST 03

Accidentally, I also injured some allies and had to revive them… <.<;

This sometimes happens, no biggie, right?

2015-08-04 AST 04

I also finished my Owl outfit which you surely have seen in pictures before.

2015-08-04 AST 05

I kept learning under the guidance of Lea-sama that I had just saved.

Still convinced that The Carrot is the most amazing star sign ever.

2015-08-04 AST 06

My next task was to defeat a dangerous dragon against which the local useless soldiers had no chance.

Why are thy soldiers from ishgard if they can’t defeat dragons?

I was standing alone against a draon that was at least 100 times my size!

But I had 100 times of its power!

I summoned another galaxy upon the dragon and he got smashed by the stars and died instantly.

2015-08-04 AST 07

Slowly, I learned to control this galaxy power and only attacked the evil ones. Like the lions that attacked the poor chocobo hunters!

2015-08-04 AST 08

So we saved those fighters too.

The incompetence of the people of the land in Eorzea is huge.

2015-08-04 AST 09

A not so incompetent person was Trem. While he wasn’t an Astrologian or fighting for Ishgard at the moment, he still was working hard to supply all adventurers with the most remarkable gear!

And he has a pet Gryphon. ö.ö

2015-08-04 AST 10

Anyway, Lady Rhaqui summoned me. She told me that I had learned enough and that I was finally strong enough to fight by myself.

What was she saying?!

She told me, she was going to use the power of the stars and galaxies to travel into an other dimension! /(°_°;;)\

2015-08-04 AST 11

Still she asked me to support the troubled Lea-sama.

And so I did. Lea was up to no good. She tried to read tracks in the snow but I couldn’t imagine she was any good in that. She was the one who didn’t see The Carrot in the sky after all!

2015-08-04 AST 12

She was also way off the target. A book was lying in the snow, 10 meters away from where lea-sama was searching for it…

When suddenly, some dude in a white Astrologian dress picked the book up.

2015-08-04 AST 13

He was like… awful!

And it was him who was after Lea’s life! He had killed her father before! O.O;;

A big fight started and he somehow the dude was using the power of floating cards to become stronger.

No problem for me. I used my galaxy powers to warp the cards into another galaxy!

2015-08-04 AST 14

Once they were gone, the guy was so impressed that he offered peace to Lea-sama and begged me to teach him how to use the powers of the galaxy. No way!! I ain’t teachng that douche!

2015-08-04 AST 15

In the end, they came to the agreement that the dude had killed Leava. This would ensure that more people would come after her in an attempt to kill her.

She now calls herself Rufin and has an awful hairstyle.

2015-08-04 AST 16

And thus, I finished my AST training!

2015-08-04 AST 17

Master RHaqui had left our dimension and for her travel she was inable to take her gear with her. This is how I obtained her antique gown and hat. The clothing of a true master caster of the galaxy!

2015-08-04 AST 18

Need advice? Need to ask the stard for anything? Let me know!

I will ask my cards, read signs in the night skies and summon galaxies to fullfil your requests!

2015-08-04 AST 19

Yours sincerely,

Master of the Galaxies, Riiko

One does not simply kidnap an AST

With all the fighting and conspiracies going on, Leava, the AST guild leader and my teacher decided to trust an employee of the star watching tower people.

2015-07-24 AST 01

Not the smartest thing if you ask me, especially since she looked exactly like the pirate lady. <.<;

2015-07-24 AST 02

Anyway, I got shown another stellar constellation: THE CARROT!

2015-07-24 AST 03

I was wrong. It was the ewer.

2015-07-24 AST 04

For this, I had to take special, private lessons with our leader so that I would get better in this… :\

2015-07-24 AST 05

After some weeks, I was finally taken to the field again.

Turns out, the lady that we had trusted with a map had set her plans in motion to kidnap Leava!

2015-07-24 AST 06

The guards took her away.

We wouldn’t be Astrologians, if we didn’t follow her.

2015-07-24 AST 07

She was all chained up, but we slowly lured guard by guard away so that their numbers decreased bit by bit.

2015-07-24 AST 08

In the end, we stopped the kidnappers as they tried to boat their airship!

2015-07-24 AST 09

Nobody will steal away my masters!!

They shall pay with their LIVES! “o_´´o

2015-07-24 AST 10

We fought with the powers of the stars and the universe.


2015-07-24 AST 11

After Leava was safe and the kidnappers dead, I was taught another stellar constellation:

THE HEART (with a little star at the bottom, wandering off to the east…)

2015-07-24 AST 12


Yeah, right. That’s totally not a spear if you actually look at the stars. A spear is straight. The stars are very much not in a straight line. <_<

2015-07-24 AST 13

Nevertheless I was taken to the observatorium and their leader apologized for the spy within his ranks.

2015-07-24 AST 14

I learned new spells and skills and stuff.

2015-07-24 AST 15

Next, I went to the Wolves’ Den to buy a really awesome weapon: Owls on a stick!

2015-07-24 AST 16

It’s like the most adorable AST weapon out there ö.ö

Training with Master AST Rhaqui

A while ago, my Master Astrologian Rhaqui taught me many thing in astrology. She’s a great card reader and can decifer all the stellar constelations. This is where I struggle the most.

2015-07-07 AST 01

So she trained me and taught me many things. ö.ö

2015-07-07 AST 01-1

As a test, she sent me on a mission to catch an imposer that pretended to be the AST Lady from Ishgard! O.O

2015-07-07 AST 02

With the help of the Rogues, I manages to identify the right one and judge the wrong ones!!

2015-07-07 AST 03

In the end, this awful pirate lady was behind this whole thing! She seemed to wanna make our lives miserable for her own amusement…

2015-07-07 AST 04

Not long after, the Yellowjackets appeared and the evil pirate lady fled.

2015-07-07 AST 05

The AST Lady from Ishgard showed me another star constellation, and this time, I clearly recognized it!

It was all thanks to my training with Rhaqui.


2015-07-07 AST 06

And I was even right. Although the real stellar constelation looked kinda more impressive than what I had seen in the sky…

2015-07-07 AST 07

I told all my friends about my awesome achievement. Even Chaosi was super impressed.

2015-07-08 Chaosi 01

He wanted to learn from me, from my vast knowledge and eternal power! ö.ö

Of course, I would not deny him his request! If he only showed up to the training lessons… but he’s nowhere to be seen lately :\

2015-07-08 Chaosi 02

Please note: He did not exactly say that but he did bow. <.<;