Tonberry Love Story

Let me tell you the sweetest Love story there is.

Surito, my Scholar teacher who is a Tonberry, had found information that it might be possible to stop the Tonberry curse from spreading. Curing it still seemed impossible.

It was quite important, otherwise, unsuspecting Lalafell might be transformed and hunted down! O.O;

Anyway, he asked us to look for a specific Tonberry that had wandered off on their own.

Who knew which company was now hunting tonberries…

So we pretended to be looking to hunt it andsearched for clues.

A tonberry was indeed sighted in the Shroud, so we looked there.

Quickly, we found Miqo’te hunters who had captured a tonberry!

Quickly, I scared the hunters away – they all knew the adventurer who repeatedly raged in their outposts – and healed the tonby up.

Hello, I’m Riiko.

Suddenly, Alka was all gentleman-like.

I was like… what?!

A lady? How…?

Alka thought I was joking.

Obviously she was a lady.

I started to understand how any non-Lala felt when looking at a Lalafell.

Setoto, the rescued Tonberry thanked us for our help.

Her father was a researcher of the tonberry plague and together, we ventured through the Wanderer’s palace in search of clues.

We found a treasure chest that contained his belongings.

…and a soul crystal.

Whensuddenly, Setoto started glwoing and a purple ball formed.

Then, the ball rushed off and Setoto fell to the ground unconscious.

We quickly returned her to Camp Tranquil where the unfriendly Elf was awaiting us.

Alka and me followed the pruple ball.

Finally, we defeated the statue that it had occupied.

It dropped a red stone.

A pretty, red stone.

Back at the camp, Alka again used his charme to compliment Setoto.

This cheered her up successfully.

And now, the love story:

He was still a little too… unperceptive of some thing, but I’m sure they’ll do just fine.

All is well that ends well. I’m looking forward to more adventures with Alka and Setoto some time in the future.


Let’s summon Bahamut, the Primal who nearly destroyed the world!

As my Summoner training continued, I found a tome with my teacher.

The tome exploded in some weird dust.

Usually, this meant a chemical attack and my dear friend would be dead by now.

Luckily, we are in Eorzea and no such thing happens here.

The tome was actually alive.

It called itself Principia and seemed to be a tome about summonings.

It promised to be good and to teach me secrets of summoning.

I don’t know where they came fro, but suddenly there were some Summoner apprentices.

Excuse me? Wasn’t this just supposed to be training for myself?!

I had to fight them to show Princi my power.

Fair enough.

Needless to say, I crushed them.

Princi was very pleased.

Some time later, it took us to a Frontlines area where Sephirot Egi was raging. Oh neat, a new potential primal I could summon! ö.ö

Unfortunately, we only met the master of the tome.

He was like “lol ur all noobs I will destroy you” kinda.

Turns out, he was just a clone of the real master which was possible with Allagan technology.

I trained hard to become stronger so that I could kill this and any further potential clones.

What I needed was more power. More primals.


Yes, you are seeing this correctly, I learned to summon Bahamut! How?

Well, we did some Allagan technology stuff…

We faced the evil master of the tome.

There were actually 3 of them and they had an ADS with them.

Unlucky for them was that they didn’t seem to know that ADS was killed within seconds these days cause it was comparably weak :D

And so, I became a Summoner that can summon Bahamut.

My next goal is to take it to the next level and become Bahamut while Bahamut is summoned.


Primal Themed Summoner Glamour

Thanks to the Egi Glamours, Summoners can now feel like they have actually obtained 3 new Egis can summon Carbuncle although they are no Arcanist anymore.

First up, the Blue outfit. It’s a winterly Cat princess outfit.

Next, the yellow Chocobo Mage outfit!

And finally, the red Songbird bunny outfit!

But I didn’t stop there.

For Garuda, I made a small Leprechaun outfit. But many mistook it for a Link Glamour…

I wrote down their names for too vivid imagination…

Finally, the purple Ramuh outfit!

Oh wait, we don’t have Ramuh, forget I ever created this purple beauty…

As condolences to my fellow SMN friends who mourn about the lack of epic Primals to summon, why not try out Astrologian instead?

I mean, it looks great:

This was my contest application screenshot for the Moogle Post. The contest’s subject was “Hot Pants”, so there you go. ò.óV

Summoner Egi Glamour: You just have to imagine it

The news of Egi Glamours spread quickly through the realm.

My Arcanist guild leader whose name I will never remember trained me.

I was really curious about all this glamour.

She told me that if I summon Ifrit but imagine a red Carbuncle, Ifrit will appear as a red Carbuncle.

Or a yellow one.

I really loved the glamours!

I surprised even friends like Chelci with the adorable Carbuncles.

At first, people though I was an Arcanist noob cause I had the tank carbuncle out. But it was actually Garuda LOLOLOL Got ya!

Yeah, it’s not really funny, but I still found it hilarious.

See me with my yellow buddies:

Yellow is the new trend color, didn’t you hear?

Okay, I’ll shut up and lock me inside an aquarium so you don’t need to read this awfullness anymore.

But I seriously was looking for actual glamours. Like, an epic massive Ifrit, Garuda and Titan. Or at least a Bahamut!

Big adventure, tons of fun! A beautiful Lala faithful and strong, sharing kindness… and magic makes it all complete!

Let me tell you about the many adventures I had around 5 months ago. :D Yes, I’m slowly catching up lol

First, a wonderful landscape image. Do you know where this is?

This is clearly my very favorite landscape screenshot so far. It’s a stunning view!

Here, I am practising my Warrior skills with Mag. We have made up a new ability called “Axe toss” where I jump on Mag’s axe and then he tosses me at the enemy.

Uzi has recently found a new hobby: Sword dancing.

Sometimes, I like to send minions to friends who don’t have them yet. Usually, I make up some fitting message to go with them.

Back to A12, here are some epic time freeze shots!

Well, just one now! I went back int ime and removed all the embarassing poses I ever had :D :D

Instead, here you can see the inside of Alexander during A12.

It’s when we evaded the beam from little Alex! O.O;;

Ok, let’s talk about fashion.

Recently, I aquired a Dinosaur hat.

I also finally fished up a Magic Bucket minion after about 2-3 stacks of lure.

You can see a little gold fish swimming in it. Sometimes, I see a green frog jump out of it. o.o

We also did Ravana Bird farm once and everyone who was in the group got their birdies!

I like hideouts. Even if they are awkward at times. :D

Hello from the depths of the ocean say two Lalas. It’s practise for Stormblood. I heard we have to dice deep into the ocean so I wanna be prepared.

Sometimes, Ley is sad when Cayu isn’t around for long times. I sometimes keep her company and cheer her up by burning myself.

At other times, Ley is going crazy with happines… It’s really scary!

If you see me dancing at the Gold Saucer, I am pretending to be a famous idol during a performance!

Did you check out the Apartments they implemented? They even decorate them depending on the season.

I feel like nobody ever goes to the apartments or the lobby. It makes me quite sad as they put so much detail into it. I wish seasonal quests would at least have us visit those places to make it more lively. >.<;

Right, End of January it was time to say goodbye to the snow and start preparing for spring:

I also needed new paintings in my house for which I visited this fellow in Idyllshire.

As I’m a minion addict and had already done all sightseeing logs, he offered me all the paintings from the logs! :D My friends weren’t as lucky as they had been very lazy ò.ó;

As Idyllshire was expanding, I would always find new areas to explore. Beautiful!

You know I like to take epic pictures. So here is Mag looking epic.

And here is me looking epic with the powers of Bahamut! One day I will be part of the Mini-Lalamud Squadron to fight for our Lalamud during patch 99.5! Now that this information has been leaked, I can publicly talk about some details too :D (more information on twitter)

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