Jobventures: Mushroom Mage, Epic Arrowmage, Sword Assassin, Wannabe-Lalamud and Dragon in a box

Eureka turned my White Mage into a Mushroom Mage. All the standing around made my outfit match a random Mushroom O.O;

Bard Limit break is so epic. Have you actually ever looked at it close by?

Disclaimer: The following pictures were totally not made mid-fight after I used the LB3 on the adds of the boss. Totally didn’t happen. And I totally didn’t die afterwards.

First, Aim.

Then shoot!

A rain of arrows raining down from the sky, piercing the enemy.

Bow in front of your audience and thank them for watching your amazing performance.

And then, just play some notes on your flute and win.


Samurai is a serious job. To master it, you have to defeat your master. At least that’s how it’s done in past history.

My samurai skills are not as cool as other’s…

When visiting Merlin’s home, I one day took this amazing picture of my Black Mage having mini Bahamut wings! ö.ö

Don’t I look like lil Lalamud?

What do you mean, it’s not purple enough? <.<;

The Dragoon quests lead me to the Inn in Kugane. They had received a mysterious box. And the box talked!!

Turns out, my little Dragon friend had himself delivered to Kugane in a Box! O.O;; He then made the Inn his home.

Turns out, the owner is happily surprised.

After all, Dragons are a sign of good luck in Kugane. Good for you, little Dragon friend whose name I totally remember but intentionally leave out in this post to avoid spoilers… or somet…


The forbidden land, Eureka Anemos: Let the true grind begin!

It’s been a while but time has finally come to write about Eureka. By now, the second part has been released.

Oh my, I’m so much behind on blog posts! I’m so sorry but I’m a very lazy person and eventually, maybe, with a lot of luck (or no new content to talk pabout thanks to SE) I might be able to catch up eventually.

At the beginning, I was very enthusiastic about Eureka since it contained elements from a world called Vana’diel. This is where Shantotto comes from. I was looking forward to it and created a special glamour for my White Mage:

Riiko The Exploriiko!

I was approached by these 3 fellas. It is always very suspicious when those who are great traders and merchants show up in company of a Lalafell…

They asked me to go explore an Island: Eureka Anemos. Nobody had returned from there.

How reassuring.

And so I went.

Just to be sure, I took some buddies from my FC with me. One of us might be able to return in case things went down.


We arrived in an outpost that was clearly quickly built with haste. However, there were surprisingly many people there: Adventurers and people of the land!

Krile accompanied me and gave me some tasks. She explained how the outpost was warded against foes so they wouldn’t enter. And how I should eplore and examine unusual aether point things.

Guess who I met there, too…

Yeah, I was mildly amused.


The land is full of wondrous nature. I found a massive tree. Its inside was shining with aether! O.o

Misty swamps and dangerous foes awaited us.

Look, even the Valkurm Emperor from Vana’diel has had enough of the dry Valkurm dunes and went on a holiday island!

And then, suddenly, THEY came.

I don’t know what happened exactly, but suddenly, there were at least 100 adventurers, smashing the enemy! O.O;

I quickly learned, that all adventurers on this island teamed up to slay the strongest foes together.

Yes, I really feel safe in this place now!

Oh, nevermind me.

Simurgh has spawned and slayed anything that was still moving. Or twitching.

Wanna slay some dragon? Oh wait, you shouldn’t stand behind him, that’s Fafnir.

Too late…

Everyone knows that he’s gonna flail you with his tail. :(

And then, the overlord Pazuzu appeared. He’s like the boss of the island.

In addition, Gerolt wants his feathers so that he can make relic weapons.

Do I really want a relic weapon? Pazuzu is so strong…

Quickly, I figured out that you have to become strong enough to be able to pluck out Pazuzu’s wings.

Eventually, I left. As I was still weak, all I could do is watch the group of 100 adventurers fight bosses and wait until they appear. And hope not to die. A boring grindfest.

Epic White Mage Photoshooting: The Golden Grumpy Healer

Taking /gpose pictures is something I really enjoy but I do it way too rarely! That’s why I’ve decided to take pictures of each of my jobs one after another to get up-to-date pictures of their glamour and their most awesome skills.

Let’s start with White Mage.

The location I chose is the O8S 2nd phase arena. I took it after raiding one evening when we had still some time left inside. It looks really beautiful inside and I was using my new/old epic Coil glamour.

This time however, I had a bandage in front of my eyes and a grumpy staff.

You wonder why? Is it not obvious?

I was really grumpy about the bad learning progress we do in the fight. So I had to make sure I don’t see all the things we screw up so badly… XD

Go there! Do this! No the other this! Heal health fully. AGAIN AGAIN AGAIN! Why didn’t you heal? What do you mean you are out of MP?

Okay, it wasn’t exactly like this, but it kinda feels like it XD The fight is so tough!

Never give up!

You can do it!

We can do it!

You have only lost the moment you stop trying and give up!

The Adventuring Sweater

The other day, like 2 months ago, I asked Amor, the Master Crafter, to craft me an Adventuring Sweater. I traded him the ingredients, he crafted it.

So far so good.

Then, he put the sweater on and commented on how well it suits him and how he’ll keep it.

Shocked, I asked him to take it off or I would attack his ankles!

Without hesitation, he took it off.


When I woke up, I was in the Inn, wearing the adventuring sweater.

Was it all just a dream?

I didn’t have time to think about it since I had to take pictures of my new Scholar Glamour with the sweater!

Did you know, Eos is actually taller than Lalafell?

Now you know.

Healer Joke: Your creativity is needed!

Cerv and me are the healers in our static. I took this fine picture, but I need your help.

What are we laughing about?

Can you make it as awful and funny as possible?

My first thoughts:

“…and then they died as they ignored mechanics!”

“The DPS pulled and wondered why he died.”

“They called us noobs. We called them dead.”

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