Healer Joke: Your creativity is needed!

Cerv and me are the healers in our static. I took this fine picture, but I need your help.

What are we laughing about?

Can you make it as awful and funny as possible?

My first thoughts:

“…and then they died as they ignored mechanics!”

“The DPS pulled and wondered why he died.”

“They called us noobs. We called them dead.”


The one reason to level Paladin: Gundam Wings

After witnessing a scene of incredible power and grace between these two Au Ra Paladins, I decided to level paladin.

It was tough at times, but in the end, I did it!

Now I have my very own Gundam Wings! /excited

Don’t they look gorgeous? <3<3<3

Now, I can even defend against the Rage mode of Amor! ö.ö Weee~

You still haven’t Paladin leveled because you don’t like the job? Maybe This post has convinced you to level Paladin for the amazing /gpose effects of the wings. :D

Stormblood Job quest summary

The new Astventures contained stargazing. A lot of it. I never saw any of their star signs in the stars. A Geomancer showed up and he clearly got here through Atomos from Vana’diel. Turns out, he lives in Kugane and has to protect the town from evil beasts! O.O;;

The Bard quests were as boring as can be. We basically played music and traveled the world while nobody was listening to us.

As a Machinist, I mettled with some Ishgardian Brune locals.

As the Monk quests started, I felt there were great things coming.

Unfortunately, there weren’t. I had to play babyistter for my teacher and didn’t even remember the pupils’ names… So I decided to quit.

As Paladin, I was for once not asked to kill someone. Instead, I was forced to sign up in the Gladiator battles.

Funny enough, I was allowed to stay Paladin and didn’t have my job stone off at all. Nanamo even supported this and let me have an easy win.

After that tournament, I decided to stop these boring battles and fester my summoning skills.

As you can see, it’s working really well. While I take pictures, the group fights the fight for me. My DoTs are ticking, so why would there be any complaint ever?

Bahamut is majestic as f*** and he’s mine now.

But brace yourself for this ultimate attack of mine.

I evolved into Bahamut myself…

…while having Bahamut summoned!

I’ll call this the ultimate Bahamut Flare! It pierces not only enemies but also allies. I’m really sorry, but it’s so powerful that it’s not possible to control.

Due to my accidental murder of Niko, I changed my image and became an Summonemo.


A Warrior Love Story

I met with my Warrior Roe Teachers in The Wolves’ Den for some Duels.

That’s when a warrior lady went havoc.

She went full Berserk mode!

Attacking defenseless Roes, she didn’t hesitate for a second…

…and kicked them out of the arena.

My teacher fell for her instantly.

Her rage was like the most beautiful thing he had ever gazed upon.

Unfortunately for him, she also knocked him out…

Me, the smallest Warrior around, battled her until she came to her senses. Probably cause she couldn’t bear attacking a “child”. <_<

She was super happy when I suggested that my teacher will now be her teacher! He promised to guide her so she can follow the path of the Warrior without ever raging.

Turns out, she is from the Azim Steppe and wants to return to her home once she can control her Rage.

Oh, you want to know how the story continues?

Well, why don’t you take out your Warrior and help the two find their true love?

Basic Samurai Starter Kit for everyone

One fine day in Ul’dah, I heard someone advertise some exotic swordsman show.

Turns out, it was just some old dude in fancy clothing trying to get as much attention as possible.

He gave everyone who came to talk to him a Basic Samurai Starter Kit.

I put it on and already felt like a true Samurai.

Thanks to either Allagan Technology or aetherite, I was able to face the master of the blade…

…with actual Samurai techniques I had never known or used before in my life.

After defeating the master, he accepted me as his pupil. That green Lala is something like his manager or something.

That merchant lala in the background is all like “WTH, this is the 20.000th adventurer this guy made his pupil… I sense some shady business…”

Thanks to my newly gained power, I was now able to split the earth with immeasurable power.

I’m just THAT cool, now.

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