The Adventuring Sweater

The other day, like 2 months ago, I asked Amor, the Master Crafter, to craft me an Adventuring Sweater. I traded him the ingredients, he crafted it.

So far so good.

Then, he put the sweater on and commented on how well it suits him and how he’ll keep it.

Shocked, I asked him to take it off or I would attack his ankles!

Without hesitation, he took it off.


When I woke up, I was in the Inn, wearing the adventuring sweater.

Was it all just a dream?

I didn’t have time to think about it since I had to take pictures of my new Scholar Glamour with the sweater!

Did you know, Eos is actually taller than Lalafell?

Now you know.


Glamorous Times with Friends

My Stormblood Crafters have transformed into an adorable Chocobo lady!

Ley totally approves with her black chocobo chick outfit. :D

Ley’s AST and my MCH also look amazing together ö.ö

Long time ago, I also tried out this healer outfit while keeping ky usual healer colors of white and red. It really fits well to the Ala Mihgo theme.

Smile for the camera! :D

Performing is tough. Do you know which song I prepared here? It was actually one of the songs protected by copyright so I wasn’t able to play it T_T

Last year, I met Merlin for the first time. He is a promising wizard who will achieve great deeds in his career! ò.óV

To encourage him, Scott and me took pictures of our most powerful moments.

Merlin wasn’t too impressed as he prefers power through magic.

And the next time I checked upon him, he was already level 50 and asking about relic weapons. @.@; They grow so fast!

One fine day, Lilly visited me at my house. She went into Warrior Rage mode and slayed me down. :\

After that, I decided that I had to become a Warrior too in order to protect myself with even more rage!

When it was done, I had a rage battle against Amor.

We had to rebuild the FC garden from scratch after the battle, but it was totally worth it! :D

Glamourous Glamours

Mag and me develop our glamours over time. Sometimes, we happen to have matching outfits, like these Ravana weapons:


After obtaining the weapon, I needed a real outfit, not just a pyjama with Moogle slippers.


Please find my crafting outfit 2016 below:


Awesome picture of my Scholar at the Church/Scholar place!


New Ninja outfit:


Sometimes, I sat with Mag at the Idyllshire fountain, waiting for the lil Miqo girl to show up.


Usually, she didn’t come, but the time spent together was still nice.


My Astrologian has a new, magical weapon.

Whenever I draw a card, it stops glowing though o.o;


Yet, my overall outfit looks amazing. RIGHT?!


More glamours to come!

Extreme Sophia Glamours

In order to show Sophia how fierce we are about her, I created a glamourous outfit of her. I even had Titan cosplay Sophia’s daughter!


I then proceeded to show off the amazing outfit.

Trem was mezmerized and kneeled in front of my astonishing beauty.


The cat ladies Leo, Mag and Ley were not that amused… They clearly were jealous of my good looks.


I mean, ust look at this sophic cosplay!


Mysterious atmosphere!!


And then, Ley sent me this:


As you can imagine, I was deeply devastated. She looked soooooo much more awesome ;_;

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