Patch 4.2 Housing Adventures

The new hot spring is one of the main attractions.

It lures is loads of hot Au Ra, eager to try it out.

When suddenly, a Scott appeared o.O

He was taking a nap after trying out my hot spring. :D

When showing off our Monk skills, we noticed how funny our Monk dances actually look XD

Dash and Niko have houses next to each other.

Guess which house I like more! OvO

Square Enix made an error in a recipe, so the new Moogle clock wasn’t available until it got fixed. Now it’s placed in my Moogle room in which I still have to install a giant TV screen on the wall some day.



Shirogane Photoshooting

Spending some time in Shirogane, I discovered a lot of beautiful locations to take pictures.

A hidden cave with a small hot spring:

A beach pavillion with free drinks…

…and the possibility to take a nap.

When suddenly, an Au Ra in bath outfit! OwO

Must look at from close distance!

Sometimes, when Lalafell are involved, small accidents happen. Like being pierced by a burning sword.

No problem, thanks to my healer skills, I easily survive these things!

The sunset in Shirogane is way more beautiful than the one in Ruby Sea.

The night sky is also beautiful ö.ö

It’s fun to enjoy a calm evening at the beach. Nearly as much fun as playing around with /gpose

Shirogane Housing Adventures with Amor’s House

After the Sightseeing, Amor bought a house in Shirogane.

Of course, I helped him decorate the house, garden and the inside.

A nice and relaxing bath house was added to the garden, surrounded by pine trees and a small bamboo forest.

It’s so relaxing!

O.O; /stare

When the garden was done, Noa came visiting to inspect the work. I think she was realyl pleased ö.ö

Amor said, the inside should look like a trophy collection.

I think I did a really good job here.

For the cellar, I ran out of ideas and put a special trophy down there: A stuffed Elezen Dhalmel!

Unfortunately, Amor wasn’t pleased and I was awaiting the fate of any Lalafell: Made into food…


The Adventuring Sweater

The other day, like 2 months ago, I asked Amor, the Master Crafter, to craft me an Adventuring Sweater. I traded him the ingredients, he crafted it.

So far so good.

Then, he put the sweater on and commented on how well it suits him and how he’ll keep it.

Shocked, I asked him to take it off or I would attack his ankles!

Without hesitation, he took it off.


When I woke up, I was in the Inn, wearing the adventuring sweater.

Was it all just a dream?

I didn’t have time to think about it since I had to take pictures of my new Scholar Glamour with the sweater!

Did you know, Eos is actually taller than Lalafell?

Now you know.

Valentione’s Day 2018: Romantic Activities

A traditional Valentione’s Day Activity is the fortune card reading. I forced Amor to do those with me.

My expectation: Best fortune there is, amazing compatibility, HEAVEN ON EARTH!

Reality: Worst compatibility, bad luck…

At least, we got some money, right…?

The towns were decorated and even Shirogane had a romantic theme.

Expectation: Romantic theme leads to a romantic kiss.

Reality: Can’t even reach his face and he can’t even see the decoration thanks to his glamour! =.=;

No problem, I got more plans!

Handing over some chocolate in a romantic environment.

He ate one of them.

And an other.

And then…

Expectation: Romantic night after handing over some chocolate.

Reality: We layed down…

…to watch some movie on the new floating flat screen TV!

Maybe next time, I should try luring people in to my love hotel room that I prepared… XD

Right, and in the end I’d like to show everyone how awesome R’una looks these days!


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