Yes, the FATE is really called Foxy Lady

Yanxia is a plain and sad area. It has very few colors. Yet, it has its beautiful sides.

Have you visited the secret cherry tree spring area before?

The wall is quite impressive too! ö.ö

Most importantly, it has the Fox FATEs.

It starts with 2 FATES that spawn Outfoxed.

Outfoxed has an Au Ra lady with fox ears, wearing a beautiful Miko dress. She is menaced by some evil dude!!

She casts some magic at him.

But as this doesn’t scare him away, the beast in her breaks out and she transforms into the Nine Tails!

She fights awful face monsters, summoned by the buddies of this evil guy.

Finally, she is all weakened and the evil dudes defeated… I guess?

If you’re lucky, the Foxy Lady will appear at one of several points in Yanxia.

She is a massively huge Fox this time and is extremely powerful. Ensure to summon as many allies as possible!

Once defeated, the lady has returned to her human form. Little foxes gather around her and see her to get healed up.

After the FATEs are done, you get token with which you can buy fox ear headpiece, fox minion and a lot of cute foxes to place in your house or apartment. ö.ö


Razu’s Tragic Titan Love Story – Featuring Cradant

Once upon a time, there was a Razu. He was a glamour-loving catboy who was looking for a partner.

That’s when he lay his eyes upon the powerful Titan.

They fell in love instandly and made a child which they called Titan-Egi.

Time passed by when suddenly, the peaceful life was destroyed by the fierce Au Ra friend of Razu: Cradant the Crusher.

He had heard rumors that Titan had a family and wanted to investigate. What he saw made him even more grumpy than he had always been.

He was in fact furious that his lover Titan had betrayed him with his friend Razu!!

There was only one solution: TITAN HAD TO DIE!

In rage, Cradant destroyed Titan and jumped into the Abyss of Lava afterwards.

After all, there was no sense in living on with Titan-chan gone.

Razu fell in deep despair. Not only his dear Titan was gone but also his friend Crad!

Thanks to his son Titan-Egi, he recovered after weeks and persued his carreer as Idol.

That’s when suddenly, he got THE idea of a lifetime.

He would just re-enter the area and Titan would automatically reappear!

And they lived happily ever after.

Rumors say, Cradant was sighted on his Astrope mount in the Azim Steppe where he’s said to have mingled with the locals to not be bothered by his awful friends for photo sessions anymore.

Kugane’s giant rooftop bath tubs

The other day, I climbed the building in Kugane.

It only took like 20 minutes but I managed in the end.

Did I get you fooled into thinking I climbed the tower in such a short time without practise?

Of course I’m talking about the Inn with the two giant bath tubs on the roof!

You have an amazing view from up there!

Especially, when you have hot friends accompanying you. Trem showed me the way up and took a bath with em afterwards.

He totally looks like a Tono-sama and his castle!

He’s also become especially hot ever since he transformed into an Alpha Au Ra from the Steppe ö///ö

Luckily, it was a temporary experience and soon after he became a Lalafell! Good choice! Unfortunately, this was also temporary. Eventually he’ll be back to grumpy Elezen Trem.

But before that, I can enjoy the wonderful view over Kugane.


Moonfire Faire: More photo sessions and the Danger of the Beach

I found my friends faster than I actually liked.

Ritzi greeted me in her unique way. It was very unexpected so I wasn’t prepared. >.<;

A minute later, I stumbled over Ryko who was dressed up for a trip to the coldest mountain in Coerthas!

What was going on today?!

I prefered to pretend like I didn’t meet those two at all.

That’s when I came across Typhoon. He was idling at the beach. Happily, I approached him.

That was when I realized, he didn’t look at me at all. All he was looking at was those ladies here………

Angry about this mean rejection, I ran back to Ryko and pulled her coat off. After tossing it into the ocean, I noticed how she was already wearing her beautiful new bikini!

Together, we enjoyed the fireworks and completely forgot about the awful happenings from earlier.

We even chased away Typhon with our angry moves!

Then, we danced and posed until sunrise.

May I introduce to you, Ryko’s most loyal minion: The Tiny Rat.

For those who might not know the story, Ryko insists that it’s a Squirrel. Because that’s what the German version of it is called.

It clearly is a squirrel right? I mean, look at the fluffy tail and the cute face!

From time to time I feed it with cookies when Ryko isn’t looking. ö.ö The Tiny Rat loves my cookies! <3 We’re besties now ò.óV

“Show your Skin” – Social Hide&Seek and Chocobo Race FC Event

A few weeks ago, I organized the first social event with the FC on Omega.

Everyone was asked to dress in summer beach clothing with the motto “show your skin”.

Everyone did a great job in showing off their skin as much as they felt comfortable. ö.ö

We then started the games! First up: Hide and seek!

I hid anywhere in the Mist but not inside houses. The first person to find and initiate trade with me would receive the announced winning item(s).

Can you find me in this picture?

Hint: Bomb!

One time, I hid in the Chocobo stable of a neighbour. When a bunch of half-naked ladies suddenly gathered in their garden, the neighbour seemed clearly confused. I apologized to them >.<;

Some hideouts seemed really obvious and people found me quickly.

Please take a moment to enjoy Bay’s unique pirate outfit…

Some other hideouts were super obvious and some weren’t.

Sometimes, I got burned and people were surprised to find baked potato instead of me.

Then, we played Chocobo racing. Everyone was to gather on the wooden thing and on 3, 2, 1, GO! then came running at me.

It was really scary having a group of people come running at you. Would this be certain death?

First to trade me got yet again awesome stuff.

After a few runs, we initiated savage mode: I was allowed to jump on my mount and run away from the group!

They chased me through half the area until they managed to catch up and trade to me.

After this funny race, we initiated Hide&Seek Savage. People had to hide the character names or the HUD – whatever was easier for them to set up…. And then find me.

Do you see me in this picture?

Mag managed to find me first! Here I am:

The next time, I hid very well again but made sure, you can still see a part of me.

Here I am again in a bomb! :D

Loxie found me first but pretended to be standing there just randomly.

It tool a while until other people saw it and checked what was going on.

Was a really funny race. Very tough, I must add. Not sure I would have managed to find myself if I had been searching! O_O

Good job everyone, thanks for joining the fun! :D

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