The one reason to level Paladin: Gundam Wings

After witnessing a scene of incredible power and grace between these two Au Ra Paladins, I decided to level paladin.

It was tough at times, but in the end, I did it!

Now I have my very own Gundam Wings! /excited

Don’t they look gorgeous? <3<3<3

Now, I can even defend against the Rage mode of Amor! ö.ö Weee~

You still haven’t Paladin leveled because you don’t like the job? Maybe This post has convinced you to level Paladin for the amazing /gpose effects of the wings. :D


More Sightseeing in Kugane

I like Kugane, therefore, I am making another sightseeing post.

Enjoying a bath on top of a building.

You can actually see the Onsen and the ocean from there! It’s amazing ö.ö

I like this kind of Sightseeing too.

Finally, the onsen staff had me run some errants. If I rise enough in their reputation, I’m sure they will provide me with a private onsen!!

New Year Event 2017-2018: More Bark and much Bite

For the New Year Event, the towns were decorated with beautiful decoration once more.

The snowmen and women were wearing different clothing, too!

And then, please rejoice when seeing this quest title! XD

More Bark.

Much bite.

Very Doge.

The quest was about a lil doggie who had to fight against a dangerous monster-dog-hound! @.@;

Of course, the Mochi-drum pounding cyclop was at it again and killed more players than ever.

Thankfully, the helpful raise service of the kind Riiko was available again. Totally didn’t do it for the achievements.

As reward, we received an adorable helm! This is the first time that I actually liked one of the new year helms.

Lilly and me basically died from its cuteness!

Later, Amor and me decorated a cute snowman ourselves!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually do that and then place the snowman in your garden? ö.ö

Moonfire Faire and Au Ra Ladies

My Au Ra lady on Hyperion server has her own room in the FC of Crad. As she likes her little Raptor the most, it’s all colored in raptor-blue dye. (My now, Crad and his buddies have transferred to Omega Server too, finally! :D)

Rejoice when seeing a lovely picture of the two:

During the Moonfire Faire, she was super popular with the other ladies! (Or at least it looks like it)

Let’s not forget about this little beauty!

Summer time bikini picture.

Summer time in Kugane.


Riiko’s Moogle Delivery Letters

When I send items to friends through the Moogle Delivery service, I like to make up a funny story accompanying the item(s).

Please enjoy reading them. :)

One of the items is an HQ Mog Pom (fish).

Sometimes, I also receive nice letters back!! ö.ö /happy

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