Big adventure, tons of fun! A beautiful Lala faithful and strong, sharing kindness… and magic makes it all complete!

Let me tell you about the many adventures I had around 5 months ago. :D Yes, I’m slowly catching up lol

First, a wonderful landscape image. Do you know where this is?

This is clearly my very favorite landscape screenshot so far. It’s a stunning view!

Here, I am practising my Warrior skills with Mag. We have made up a new ability called “Axe toss” where I jump on Mag’s axe and then he tosses me at the enemy.

Uzi has recently found a new hobby: Sword dancing.

Sometimes, I like to send minions to friends who don’t have them yet. Usually, I make up some fitting message to go with them.

Back to A12, here are some epic time freeze shots!

Well, just one now! I went back int ime and removed all the embarassing poses I ever had :D :D

Instead, here you can see the inside of Alexander during A12.

It’s when we evaded the beam from little Alex! O.O;;

Ok, let’s talk about fashion.

Recently, I aquired a Dinosaur hat.

I also finally fished up a Magic Bucket minion after about 2-3 stacks of lure.

You can see a little gold fish swimming in it. Sometimes, I see a green frog jump out of it. o.o

We also did Ravana Bird farm once and everyone who was in the group got their birdies!

I like hideouts. Even if they are awkward at times. :D

Hello from the depths of the ocean say two Lalas. It’s practise for Stormblood. I heard we have to dice deep into the ocean so I wanna be prepared.

Sometimes, Ley is sad when Cayu isn’t around for long times. I sometimes keep her company and cheer her up by burning myself.

At other times, Ley is going crazy with happines… It’s really scary!

If you see me dancing at the Gold Saucer, I am pretending to be a famous idol during a performance!

Did you check out the Apartments they implemented? They even decorate them depending on the season.

I feel like nobody ever goes to the apartments or the lobby. It makes me quite sad as they put so much detail into it. I wish seasonal quests would at least have us visit those places to make it more lively. >.<;

Right, End of January it was time to say goodbye to the snow and start preparing for spring:

I also needed new paintings in my house for which I visited this fellow in Idyllshire.

As I’m a minion addict and had already done all sightseeing logs, he offered me all the paintings from the logs! :D My friends weren’t as lucky as they had been very lazy ò.ó;

As Idyllshire was expanding, I would always find new areas to explore. Beautiful!

You know I like to take epic pictures. So here is Mag looking epic.

And here is me looking epic with the powers of Bahamut! One day I will be part of the Mini-Lalamud Squadron to fight for our Lalamud during patch 99.5! Now that this information has been leaked, I can publicly talk about some details too :D (more information on twitter)

Extreme Sophia Experience

Together with the battle force of the Scions, I ventured through the Aetherial Research Facility – or whatever it’s called.


We battled through and one after the other stayed behind to fight some foe and let us get further to out goal that was not yet clear to me.

Where had I seen this before…?

Y’shtola used her super AST shield protection to save my life and let me continue the DPS.


She’s a real battle buddy! Reliable and solid.


She ensures I can fully show my true White Mage DPS!


After the battle, we gathered again outside. I still don’t know why we were fighting in there.

Outside, we met some yellow glowing people. So weird.


They left and we opened a door.


It was the entrance to Sophia’s chambers.

My allies decided to send me in with a bunch of adventurers while they waited outside.



So I called my buddies.

Ley was out mastermind and explained to us the most important mechanics.


After everything was clear and everyone stopped paying attention due to the “boobies” Ley had drawn, we proceeded.


Sophia looked like a metallic lady of immense beauty.


She summoned a floating scale.


Her “daughter” was a massive winged head. O.O;;


During the battle, she summoned the yellow dudes we had met earlier.

And I tell you, they are evil!


In the end, it was not her that was ended but us.


We had to retreat for now but swore to come back and take revenge on her! ò.ó/

Appartment Housing: One Punch Mog Event Room for Christmas

I obtained an appartment in the Mist near the EA house. So that whenever something is up, I can quickly warp there to see how things are going. :D

As my FC OP doesn’t have a house yet, I decided to use the appartment as seasonal and social event gathering place.


Currently, it’s set up all christmasy! :D



Let’s hope, we managed to hold a small Christmas celebration between me writing this blog post and actual Christmas!

One Punch Mog is born thanks to Mogrii Pompunch

My FC One Punch Mog was founded.

It was supposed to become the most overpowered FC in the world, so I decided the short code for it would be “OP”.

It took me a while but I managed to recruit my little niece. She is kinda skilled, I must admit.

Yet, nothing can beat my power – obviously.

After a few days, I had my niece make me a FC outfit.

Isn’t it gorgeous?

It displays power, wisdom and coolness in one simple outfit.

It might have been slightly inspired by the strongest man alive: Saitama, the rumored One Punch Man.

If we build an army of One Punch Men and Women, nobody will be able to defeat us. Ever.

With Riiko, suddenly a bunch of people joined too. It was like she had friends who follow her cause to save Eorzea.

I had no idea, she was already married and was leading a group into victories over many dangerous enemies!

Nevertheless, I managed to encourage them to help me with my marketing campaign for the FC.

We took in new members whose training I supervised.

Not sure why but they kept running from me. <.<;

So I sent lil Riiko to go instead.

Turns out, the younglings are scared of my face.

So I sent Riiko to recruit more people!

She dragged people in.

And I finally had time again to supervise the noobs.

Yet, I struggled. They ran and ran from me. Maybe they were scared of the Lalafell eating Gobbue by my side?

Yet, nothing could stop us if lil Riiko and me worked together!

Lil Riiko is also training a minion army. She is recruiting even the most adorable animals and trains them into murderous monsters.

She is such an expert and a treasure to keep.

Thanks for reading, I shall now return into the shadows and watch over my younglings from afar. ò.ÓV

Mogrii Pompunch

Evil Aunt Riiko Rinkoko Resurfaces

After the Calamity, she was thought dead.

Lucky for her, she is like a cockroack.

Unlucky for us, she survived.

She came back stronger than ever and even took over my blog!

See below what she wrote:

Hello dear readers of my little niece’s blog,

I would like to announce that this was originally MY DIARY and that my little niece Riiko used it for her own adventures.

Now I, the mighty Riiko Rinkoko is back to banish all evil from the world!

Just that I now use the code name Mogrii Pompunch.

You wonder how I survived? Well, I cannot let you know all my secrets, can I?

When I returned to Gridania, I visited the adventurer’s guild first.

It reminded me of the old times when I first came here to follow the path of magic.


My skills are immense. My reputation unspeakably high. I’m a guest of honor at Kann-E-Senna’s private audience chamber.

I totally rule the noob central.

The Thaumaturges are scared to take me in and teach me their ways.

After a convincing stare, they were kind as lambs and even provided me with my very own fan club.

Cid has given me a private airship and takes me anywhere I want for free.

I also met my little niece undercover. She did not recognize me when I met her.

How embarassingly she was dressed! Like she was going to a pyjama party and not to battle!!

Just to show her this was serious business, I blew things up with my unique Thurmaturge magic.

I defeated thugs with my little finger.

And then, I discovered that little children still sucked at playing!

Back in the days, my little pupil also had troubles keeping his balance. As much as I tried to teach him, he learned so slow. T_T


Yet, I was happy to be back.

It was like ages ago when I first came to the Adventurer’s guild to start my journey.

Here I was once again.


My old companions were still hanging around. Together, we fought for justice and to save Eorzea!

Accidentally, I ran into my old buddy. He tried to punch me as a greeting but he had grown old so it was more of a kind carress than an acutal punch.

I decided I had to show him how a proper greeting between fellow monks was done.

Maybe I axagerated a bit, but the next weeks he was on sick leave. The guild blamed me for the many complaints they received from adventurers who could not continue their class and job quests… :\

This world has weakened so much.

It has become unattentive and rotten. Everyone is happy and doesn’t worry about anything. The world is on the brink of destruction, yet nobody is scared or worried.

But I have returned to change that!

I will return the fear in all of you and train an army to defeat the evil – especially the Ascians!

And so, I founded my own Free Company.

Now I only had to start recruiting.

I decided to start at the bottom and hire noobs to grow them into fine warriors of light.

Smashing Mountain was the most convincing. If he could smash mountains, he could smash Ascians too.

I also recruited an Au Ra lady for the looks in order to lure in those who only go for looks. This is how you bribe people into joining your cause.

Finally, the Maelstrom accepted my Free Company.

And so, One Punch Mog was founded.

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