Patch 4.2 Housing Adventures

The new hot spring is one of the main attractions.

It lures is loads of hot Au Ra, eager to try it out.

When suddenly, a Scott appeared o.O

He was taking a nap after trying out my hot spring. :D

When showing off our Monk skills, we noticed how funny our Monk dances actually look XD

Dash and Niko have houses next to each other.

Guess which house I like more! OvO

Square Enix made an error in a recipe, so the new Moogle clock wasn’t available until it got fixed. Now it’s placed in my Moogle room in which I still have to install a giant TV screen on the wall some day.



Relaxing day at the Goblet Spa

Some might say that the Goblet is not a nice place.

They may be right, but they also clearly have not yet visited the Spa. Especially the bar in the water.

It’s simply amazing to have a drink or a snack at the bar inbetween swimming sessions.

Careful! Don’t drink too much or you need your friends to save you from drowning!

Thankfully, Amor happened to pass by coincidentally when I was about to drown.

Afterwards, he enjoyed a bath while I was watching him carefully.

Quickly, I made up an excuse why the Lavender beds has a nicer Spa area.

Soon after, our FC buddies joined and we had a nice gathering.

Somehow, it got really crowded! O.O;; Funny how we could fit so many massive mounts into that small place.

In the end, as much as I like the Lavender beds, the Spa area in Goblet is still nicer. ö.ö;

Please enjoy the New Years Decoration in the Lavender Beds in the above picture. :)

O4S Savage clear on 22.12.2017

My static “Waiting for Midget” cleared O4S before Christmas 2017. This was our goal.

We practiced hard and as often as possible, even postponing some RL appointments to get a clear.

And we did it!


More proof:

We gave the first mount that dropped to Bay. He lead us through the fights, researched a lot, announced mechanics when we learned so we could get further quicker. Thanks Bay!! ö.ö

After the Christmas and New Year break, we continued to get mounts for everyone.

During the farm time, this picture happened. :D

And finally, I got my mount, too!

Au Ra for scale:

LOL! Get the pun? XD

Housing Adventures with new 4.2 furnishings

In winter, I had placed a snow cave in my garden. Luckily, I was able to take this epic picture when Amor entered the case! ö.ö It looked surprisingly epic!

Every time, we receive seasonal furniture, I place it in my house. Like in the themed cafe upstairs where you can find Halloween decoration next to Christmas food. XD

When this big chocobo came out, I couldn’t help it… I had to buy it so my small one had a playing buddy. ö.ö

For furniture limit reasons, I had to remove this secret romantic bed. But not before asking Amor casually to lie down for a picture!

How to drown an Au Ra: Ask them to lie down, then place a bathtub on top of them.

Actually, he crafted me a lot of the new furnishings ö.ö Thanks, Amor!!

This includes the new bath house! It looks awesome!

But wearing clothes in an onsen is a no-go, so I told Amor he had to undress.


I did the same when Crad joined.


The new Futons are pretty awesome too. They are dyeable and can be bough for cheap gil from the NPC.

Suddenly, a Scott spawned in my garden! O.O;

He noticed the double-bathtub I had in my garden for a while before noticing that it was just too crowded. It was supposed to be a separate bath for ladies and gentlemen.

Later, I placed the other house in Amor’s garden ò.ÓV

A Shirogane Castle in Lavender Beds

For several weeks I was gathering, collecting and crafting the ingredients.

Finally, it was done.

I called for help and my loyal crafter friends directly joined to help me with the FC Workshop project.


Joyfully, Razu and me started dancing to celebrate the big day in my housing history.


Doesn’t it look gorgeous? <3

Of course, everyone checked out my house from the inside despite the outside being much more interesting (for me).

Finally, Amor, Razu and me sat down on the cute figure stand to rest from all the housing adventure.

And this is how the Shirogane Castle was built in Lavender beds.

I don’t need to be in Shirogane to have a Shirogane house! ò.óV

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