Eternal Bond of Niko and Dash: 02.09.2017

Two months ago, Niko and Dashie formed the Eternal Bond of their lives.

It was a wonderful day and they awaited their guests while mounted on dangerous Coeurls!

Cayu and me arrived first and we decided to introduce some special guests.

First of all, we had booked Aymeric to have an important meeting with the Warriors of Light. He couldn’t say no.

We also organized a stripper with its Chocobo dancer! This was going to be an amazing celebration!

Finally, we were allowed to enter the waiting area. We had Loxie, Lilly, Berew, Chelci, Riiko (that’s me!), Cayu and a stranger with us! She was a mysterious lady.

We actually filled one bench in the Cathedral. o.o;

Our pets ran around wildly. Nobody cared.

Finally, the couple arrived in a floating vessel, lead by Moogles! What a beautiful sight ö.ö

They promised to be eternally bound to each other by drinking from a cup.

It looked just like the cup from Nanamo.


Luckily, they survived and we celebrated big time that they had lived through the poisoning attempt by the NPC…

Afterwards, we scavenged through Niko’s and Dashie’s houses to dance and celebrate.

They had set up the delicious wedding cake. Not long after, it was gone. My stomach was so full!

Only Loxie still had appetite for the little pet they kept in an aquarium…

To this day, nobody has filed a complaint for the missing fish. I think, they still haven’t noticed it’s gone…

Wish you all the best! :D


Riiko’s Susano Ex Wipe Guide

First, the fight is unlocked at this suspisious Yoshida lookalike. You must have defeated Susano once in the Red Sahagin home.

The most imprtant thing is to click anything that is possible to click.

Especially a button like this.

Your group will love you if you do this as DPS or healer and you’re certain to fail this challenge.

Welcome to the Susano Ex Trial. I’m Riiko and I’ll be your Wipe Guide.

(Similarities of this catchphrase to actually good youtube guides are totally unintended.)

This is what your group will look like when you follow this guide.

Drenched in rain, full of hopelessness and despair, missing words to say at what just happened.

Make sure to no evade stuff. Who cares when the healers can just raise you again?

Let Bahamut do all the work for you.

Do stand in the funny red-black goo.

Sinking in is totally not dangerous.

Don’t worry about Susano’s size. Size doesn’t mean everything.

Eventually, you’ll get carried through. And you get your mount too! Congratulations.

For farming runs, make sure to let Bahamut take the sword. He’s really efficient at this as you can se in the following screenshot.

When things go down, have a healer LB3 to make up for your mistakes. It’s their job after all.

Hope you found this guide helpful.

(Please don’t follow it…)

“Show your Skin” – Social Hide&Seek and Chocobo Race FC Event

A few weeks ago, I organized the first social event with the FC on Omega.

Everyone was asked to dress in summer beach clothing with the motto “show your skin”.

Everyone did a great job in showing off their skin as much as they felt comfortable. ö.ö

We then started the games! First up: Hide and seek!

I hid anywhere in the Mist but not inside houses. The first person to find and initiate trade with me would receive the announced winning item(s).

Can you find me in this picture?

Hint: Bomb!

One time, I hid in the Chocobo stable of a neighbour. When a bunch of half-naked ladies suddenly gathered in their garden, the neighbour seemed clearly confused. I apologized to them >.<;

Some hideouts seemed really obvious and people found me quickly.

Please take a moment to enjoy Bay’s unique pirate outfit…

Some other hideouts were super obvious and some weren’t.

Sometimes, I got burned and people were surprised to find baked potato instead of me.

Then, we played Chocobo racing. Everyone was to gather on the wooden thing and on 3, 2, 1, GO! then came running at me.

It was really scary having a group of people come running at you. Would this be certain death?

First to trade me got yet again awesome stuff.

After a few runs, we initiated savage mode: I was allowed to jump on my mount and run away from the group!

They chased me through half the area until they managed to catch up and trade to me.

After this funny race, we initiated Hide&Seek Savage. People had to hide the character names or the HUD – whatever was easier for them to set up…. And then find me.

Do you see me in this picture?

Mag managed to find me first! Here I am:

The next time, I hid very well again but made sure, you can still see a part of me.

Here I am again in a bomb! :D

Loxie found me first but pretended to be standing there just randomly.

It tool a while until other people saw it and checked what was going on.

Was a really funny race. Very tough, I must add. Not sure I would have managed to find myself if I had been searching! O_O

Good job everyone, thanks for joining the fun! :D

FC Summer Screenshot Contest: Winning Entries

This year during the Moonfire Faire, I organized several events. One of them was a screenshot contest!

The rules were simple. Your character had to be shown how they enjoy a hot day in summer.

Rhowen made a small photo story where she enjoys her day with Moogles, bathes with Bayani and finally rests in her garden chair. What a fun and amazing idea!

Trem on the other hand enjoys his time in hot summer preferably naked. In a massive bathing tub. With the greatest view on Kugane ever! (Stay tuned for more Kugane Sightseeing Screenshot posts in the future, featuring naked Trem.)

Bereklauw decided to take a bath with the ladies. But what is this? He made it really hard for us to see anything. Is it a challenge for us or a screenshot for ants? Very funny picture, he chose, couldn’t help but burst into laughing when I zoomed into the scene! XD

Chelci relaxed at the crystal blue beach in the Mist near her house. I’m sure she had someone with a palm leaf to fan cold air towards her! What an amazing life <3

I’m sure you are thinking: Why can’t Riiko publish all entries and not just the winning entries? Well, let me tell you, this were actually all entries. Unfortunately, not many people participated.

Instead, a lot of people joined the Hide&Seek and Chocobo Race event the other weekend! :D

I’m sure you’re especially excited about the savage versions of these events: Hide&Seek without HUD/UI and Chocobo race where the goal character you gotta trade to in order to register the winner can run away from you O.O;;

Housing Adventures Reborn on Omega

After our small victory in Gyr Abania, it was time to relax.

With the move to Omega, everyone got a house. At least those who wanted one, from what I know. It was time to tend to my house and design a bit more. My house is located in a secluded corner of the Lavender beds. Market board, Summoning bell and local merchants are offering their services nearby. I don’t have a beuaiful flower pond anymore, but I got a large mansion so that’s that.

On that day, I picked up Lilly in her house and have her a small present: “Papalymo and Yda” Painting.

Then, I dragged her with me to show her my garden.

She snuck inside the house although I told her it’s not finished yet… Food was standing all over the floor and she ate quite a bit of it… then passed out. x_x

Soon after, we had ranked up our newly founded Free Company to the rank where we could buy our own house!

Quickly, I ran to our (my?) most favorite plot and purchased the medium house for the Free Company.

There it is:

This spot has a marvelous view on the ocean. It comes with a small private beach and a little private park.

Of course, I built the company workshop directly after placing all the furniture from my retainers inside.

We then worked on our first airship.

It looked beautiful.

Here you can see “Chelci’s Miniskirt” on her first voyage. It’s white with red highlights – classy White mage style.

Then, I proceeded to do some work on the outside of the house.

Our next step would be the work on a Carbuncle house.

Spoiler: It looks amazing!

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