Omega Deltascape: Savage [minor spoiler]

I am raiding in Omega again! After skipping Alexander Savage, I decided that it would be nice to go for a challenge in the game again as every day content has become so incredibly easy.

We first challenged the chinese dragon-snake.

Epic group pose.

First bis question that came up: Can you fall down the platform?

Ley kindly asked me to test it.

After being pushed, I informed everyone that you could fall down.

We struggled a little but after about an hour, we managed to defeat it!

The next challenge: The tentacle eye monster!

It can’t be that hard, can it?

Wipe after wipe happened.

But eventually, we cleared it still in the same week.

The next challenge took us a long time. There was a lot to remember and a small mistake could cause a wipe.

Like so:

After months, we finally beat it, just to be greeted by a bunch of balls from Exdeath…

No worries, first we take a group pose picture, then we defeat you!

The awesome healer duo will heal through all the terrible attacks!

When you use Healer LB3 but are animation locked afterwards and die to mechanics…

Suddenly, we defeated Exdeath. Everything went black.

Knock knock.


Some monstrosity appeared…

Group pose time!

With 4 Lalafell, nothing can go wrong. That’s 50% of the static! ö.ö

When things go down and you’re just a Bard.

Finally, we decided that we would beat him before Christmas break 2017!

Serious mode: Switch on!!

When things go down and you’re just a healer with LB1.

Did we make it before Christmas?

I need to tell you that this post ends with a cliff hanger because I have not yet sorted those screenshots… ;)


Omega Deltascape: The Fanservice Raids

Remember how Shinryu and Omega fought? There were massive attack and pierced through mountains?

I’m at the location where Omega crashed into the ground.

He’s somewhere in that goo.

Suddenly, some half-transparent scene happened: A mini-chocobo was chased by a chinese dragon!

Turns out, he’s called Alpha and he accompanied us into the inside of Omega.

It’s more like a futuristic space station.

Omega seems to be a computer, running computer programs, simulations, trials to look for the strongest enemy to throw at us after his simulations were successful.

First challenge: Cleared.

Second challenge: cleared.

Third challenge: Some weird lady who is having tea.

Who sends us into a maze that only whose who could get through the Team Rocket Bases in the old Pokemon games are able to pass.

She also turns everyone into frogs.

But frog or not, she went down soon enough!

Fourth enemy: Exdeath!

He may summon massive meteors but we can easily handle those. Right?!

Unfortunately, when we returned into the allagan control center, Biggs and Wedge had been attacked already.

Are they dead? Will they survive?

We don’t know yet.

However I can say, with the amazing floating skills, there should be no way we can’t save those two!


Canals of Uznair

A new Map dungeon was implemented: The Canals of Uznair.

They are basically a beautiful sewer system.

Sometimes, you encounter rainbow-doors that guarantee that you can proceed further down.

The last floor is a true treasure room. After killing the guardian which can be one of possible 4 (?), you can keep all the treasure!

Just kidding, there is a bit of loot, but the gold stays there and you can’t even get the coins…


Stormblood FATEs

In the new areas, there are countless FATEs. Some of them give achievements and loot. Let’s have a look at a few of them!

A giant Mammoth from ancient times:

Massive connection loss during Ixion FATE…

My favorite FATE: Foxy Lady. She’s a Nine-tailed Fox Demon.

Afterwards, an Au Ra lady remains and is taken care of by her fox friends. >.<;

Stormblood Job quest summary

The new Astventures contained stargazing. A lot of it. I never saw any of their star signs in the stars. A Geomancer showed up and he clearly got here through Atomos from Vana’diel. Turns out, he lives in Kugane and has to protect the town from evil beasts! O.O;;

The Bard quests were as boring as can be. We basically played music and traveled the world while nobody was listening to us.

As a Machinist, I mettled with some Ishgardian Brune locals.

As the Monk quests started, I felt there were great things coming.

Unfortunately, there weren’t. I had to play babyistter for my teacher and didn’t even remember the pupils’ names… So I decided to quit.

As Paladin, I was for once not asked to kill someone. Instead, I was forced to sign up in the Gladiator battles.

Funny enough, I was allowed to stay Paladin and didn’t have my job stone off at all. Nanamo even supported this and let me have an easy win.

After that tournament, I decided to stop these boring battles and fester my summoning skills.

As you can see, it’s working really well. While I take pictures, the group fights the fight for me. My DoTs are ticking, so why would there be any complaint ever?

Bahamut is majestic as f*** and he’s mine now.

But brace yourself for this ultimate attack of mine.

I evolved into Bahamut myself…

…while having Bahamut summoned!

I’ll call this the ultimate Bahamut Flare! It pierces not only enemies but also allies. I’m really sorry, but it’s so powerful that it’s not possible to control.

Due to my accidental murder of Niko, I changed my image and became an Summonemo.


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