Omega Sigmascape: Just another Simulation

Remember like years ago when Omega crashed and left some weird hole filled with purple goo in the area? Well, turns out some trash has now surfaced in it o.o;

Once more, we were teleported inside Omega for further discussions with him.

He tried to threaten us by showing us the most dangerous foes he had prepared.

I was totally not scared though!

First, we fought against a ghost train.

It was an actual train.

With ghosts.

Actually, it were two ghost trains!

And we hopped on the back of the second one to smash it!

Suddenly, I was sucked inside one of the wagons of the train o.o; They were fairly comfortable with beds and all.

Finally, we made the train detail.

Next up, a haunted art gallery

I’m not joking, the images were actually haunted and would attack us! But we weren’t scared the slightest since we also got to ride those funny mounts!

Alpha, the little Chocobo was trying to support us too. While I still have my suspicions about him, he’s been very sweet these days.

Next up: Double-screen TV Watching time!

The TV programs were a bit weird though… some included tentacles. Not sure how I feel about this…

Lastly, a clown!

I was focused on the nice scenery that I fainted a few times during the battle…

In the end, we defeated the clown.

Omega was not pleased and locked me up in a prison. However, my lil buddy Midgardy appeared…

…and crushed the prison into tiny pieces.

Little Alpla had tried to help me but his tools were too weak to do any significant damage to the prison. Therefore, he felt really sad. All I could do was thank him for his help.

Omega said he would find even worse enemies for us.

I wonder why we can’t just find a way to defeat Omega instead of me having to fight his creations? <.<;


Protected: Stormblood 4.2 Story – Battle with Byakko and a suspicious Imperial [spoiler: enter pw “spoiler” to read post]

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Stormblood 4.2 Story – The Hell’s Lid (minor spoiler)

After freeing the persons, Tataru had to somehow make some profit. Our Kojin friend dug a tunnel to give me access to an underground dungeon.

Rumors said, there are great treasures burried inside.

The Hell’s Lid is not the most reassuring place to go…

It looked really amazing though!

Maybe sightseeing postcards would be a good business?

Finally, we fought the Tortoiseman Genbu. o.o;

Afterwards, he glowed all in green…

…and transformed into a cute turtle minion. o.o

Tataru helped him back on his “feet”.

When suddenly, we were surrounded by cute minions!

What was going on?

Apparently, we had once more to save the world from a menacing god.

And for this, other gods would need our help.


Valentione’s Day 2018: The Maze of Love

Once again, Valentione’s Day happened in Eorzea.

Yes, I am aware that this post is about 3 months too late. Thanks for pointing this out…

This time, Moogles were involved.

The last events were organized by the Elezen couple. This time, a little kid was organizing it. o.o; Would this go well?!

Tanks to the Moogles, it was a big success. They had prepared a Valentione’s Maze with obstacles, the clouples had to go through.

I dragged Amor into this.

Over and over.


I needed loads of furnishings!

Two players get tethered and if they stray away too far from each other, their compatibility gauge will decrease. When it’s empty, you will lose.

After successful maze completion, you have to play Memory.

No problem. After a while, we figured out the most efficient ways to win the card game too.

Obviously, I took a lot of screenshots. After all, we won’t be able to return to this area for at least a year.

The maze is lovated behind the cathedral. It’s usually not accessable.

Overview of the 3 parts of the maze.

The goal.

Massive Moogle was mega happy about our frequent returns.

In the end, I stocked up a lot of furniture and was very happy about this.

As compensation for the grind and the cheesy /gpose I forced Amor to do with me, I told him, I’d make up for it the next day.


Shinryu Extreme Wipes

After clearing O4S, it was a great idea to finally challenge Shinryu. Yes, 7/8 of the static member have not yet cleared it.

It was a good idea, they said.

It would be fun, they said.

We would beat him, they said.

He won’t wipe us over and over, they said.

I still haven’t beaten him as we gave up to focus on O5S – O8S with Patch 4.2…

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