Let’s summon Bahamut, the Primal who nearly destroyed the world!

As my Summoner training continued, I found a tome with my teacher.

The tome exploded in some weird dust.

Usually, this meant a chemical attack and my dear friend would be dead by now.

Luckily, we are in Eorzea and no such thing happens here.

The tome was actually alive.

It called itself Principia and seemed to be a tome about summonings.

It promised to be good and to teach me secrets of summoning.

I don’t know where they came fro, but suddenly there were some Summoner apprentices.

Excuse me? Wasn’t this just supposed to be training for myself?!

I had to fight them to show Princi my power.

Fair enough.

Needless to say, I crushed them.

Princi was very pleased.

Some time later, it took us to a Frontlines area where Sephirot Egi was raging. Oh neat, a new potential primal I could summon! ö.ö

Unfortunately, we only met the master of the tome.

He was like “lol ur all noobs I will destroy you” kinda.

Turns out, he was just a clone of the real master which was possible with Allagan technology.

I trained hard to become stronger so that I could kill this and any further potential clones.

What I needed was more power. More primals.


Yes, you are seeing this correctly, I learned to summon Bahamut! How?

Well, we did some Allagan technology stuff…

We faced the evil master of the tome.

There were actually 3 of them and they had an ADS with them.

Unlucky for them was that they didn’t seem to know that ADS was killed within seconds these days cause it was comparably weak :D

And so, I became a Summoner that can summon Bahamut.

My next goal is to take it to the next level and become Bahamut while Bahamut is summoned.



Temple of the Fist and in the Background of Ala Mhigo

At some point, the merchant area in Gyr Abania was filled with goods. One vendor after the other opened. They offered mainly just gear and weapons. Yet, some were offering more important goods like minions, cute furniture and more.

Adventurers came running to check out the new goods.

In addition, they also opened up an area that was inaccessible so far: The temple of the fist.

It was infested by monsters and weird green balls.

It felt more like an adventure treasure hunt than a research trip to the temple surrounding Gyr Abania.

The green balls turned out to be little adorable enemies!

Some of them exploded into some weird goo. Ew.

The temple still looked quite impressive but was now home to dangerous foes.

Eerie light roamed through the inside of the temple. Ghosts and undead loved this place.

And then, in the center of it – a massively evil aura!

Was it Rhalgr or just some wannabe god?!

Go there and check it out yourself if you want an answer! ò.ó

Did you know, in Ala Mhigo Dungeon, all “unimportant NPCs who never fight with me” are actually fighting in the background?

More of them:

Even Yugiri with her Ninjas is supporting you!

Can you find them all? ò.ó;

Riiko’s Susano Ex Wipe Guide

First, the fight is unlocked at this suspisious Yoshida lookalike. You must have defeated Susano once in the Red Sahagin home.

The most imprtant thing is to click anything that is possible to click.

Especially a button like this.

Your group will love you if you do this as DPS or healer and you’re certain to fail this challenge.

Welcome to the Susano Ex Trial. I’m Riiko and I’ll be your Wipe Guide.

(Similarities of this catchphrase to actually good youtube guides are totally unintended.)

This is what your group will look like when you follow this guide.

Drenched in rain, full of hopelessness and despair, missing words to say at what just happened.

Make sure to no evade stuff. Who cares when the healers can just raise you again?

Let Bahamut do all the work for you.

Do stand in the funny red-black goo.

Sinking in is totally not dangerous.

Don’t worry about Susano’s size. Size doesn’t mean everything.

Eventually, you’ll get carried through. And you get your mount too! Congratulations.

For farming runs, make sure to let Bahamut take the sword. He’s really efficient at this as you can se in the following screenshot.

When things go down, have a healer LB3 to make up for your mistakes. It’s their job after all.

Hope you found this guide helpful.

(Please don’t follow it…)

Kugane Castle: Your Shirogane home replacement…?

We infiltrated Kugane Castle.

Yes, Kugane is kinda at peace and I still don’t know why we haven’t fought off the Imperials that reside there, but I’m sure Tataru knows why.

At first, I didn’t know why we had to raid through Kugane Castle, but it came to me a bit later…

First, we entered a nice garden and open space.

It all looked very Kuganeish.

The guards attacked us directly.

It was the last thing they did.

The sight was amazing. I just love the Kugane style although it looks a bit too japanese and not enough fantasy. But who am I to judge when I absolutely love the traditional japanese designs?

More beauty.

The group was calling me already and I really shouldn’t let them get killed by the guards and ninjas.

Finally, we entered the castle itself.

It had beautiful designed interiors.

The monsters they summoned were really scary though…. x_x

They even flipped the tatami mats in an attempt to kill us.

Yeah, no chance to scare us off this easily.

Suddenly, two Tengus joined out enemy team. O.o;; Was it really okay to fight these blessed creatures?

Oh look, pretty umbrella displays? Can I have this for my house, too?

Suddenly, a massive oni came at me.

Oh, it was just a wall painting.

Finally, the last boss appeared.

A rich and terrified man.

That shouldn’t be much of a challenge…

Turns out, he was so rich, he could afford to summon Yojinbo to fight us.

Unfortunately for him, his money ran out and Yojinbo left.


At least the theatre we were in looked really nice!

The lord begged us for mercy.

Guess if he gave me this place instead of a Shirogane house, we could call it even.

He agreed and I now owned this place.

It’s amazing isn’t it? ö.ö

And then the duty timer timed out and I was kicked out of my new home. :\

Yes, the FATE is really called Foxy Lady

Yanxia is a plain and sad area. It has very few colors. Yet, it has its beautiful sides.

Have you visited the secret cherry tree spring area before?

The wall is quite impressive too! ö.ö

Most importantly, it has the Fox FATEs.

It starts with 2 FATES that spawn Outfoxed.

Outfoxed has an Au Ra lady with fox ears, wearing a beautiful Miko dress. She is menaced by some evil dude!!

She casts some magic at him.

But as this doesn’t scare him away, the beast in her breaks out and she transforms into the Nine Tails!

She fights awful face monsters, summoned by the buddies of this evil guy.

Finally, she is all weakened and the evil dudes defeated… I guess?

If you’re lucky, the Foxy Lady will appear at one of several points in Yanxia.

She is a massively huge Fox this time and is extremely powerful. Ensure to summon as many allies as possible!

Once defeated, the lady has returned to her human form. Little foxes gather around her and see her to get healed up.

After the FATEs are done, you get token with which you can buy fox ear headpiece, fox minion and a lot of cute foxes to place in your house or apartment. ö.ö

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