Demons of Dark Knights and how Moogles can save you

Dark Knight was my last job that I had not leveled up to level 60. So despite me not liking the job itself, I had to do it.

That’s when my teacher Frey started to show worrysome signs of sinister auras around him.

He proceeded to kill innocent soldiers who hadn’t done anything to him!

When I saw his eyes, I knew something was wrong.

It was his demon who had taken over Frey’s body!

When Frey collapsed, the demon created a mirror image of me O.O

It was so weird looking at myself in quite epic armor. Looked decent actually.

But that wasn’t the issue here. We fought fiercely!

Of course I was victorious.

I didn’t slay the demon me, but I weakened her so she would listen to me.

I told her how I would accept her if she became my slave.

She needed a body, a host, in order to survive so she didn’t have a chance.

Either death or accepting my terms. (I had learned from the Allagan nodes to make good contracts.)

And so, I accepted the demon from the void to slumber within me.

Actually, she was a very kind demon – just like me! :D

With my newly found skills, I was approached by Sigurd and some elezen girl.

They had troubles and while I wasn’t sure what was the issue, I knew it was gonna be awful as they involved my old Conjurer teacher.

Another babysitting quest?

But then, we traveled to the dragons and they told me what was going on!

The girl had the blood of a dragon. But it was her father who had taken it in some bloody ritual.

Now, priests were hunting her down.

And it turns out, her own mother was hunting her to lock her up O.O

I activated my Dark Knight void demon powers as I couldn’t let this happen!

The demon had vast knoeldge and told me to go seek out the moogles.

I knew the Moogles were plotting something but I wasn’t sure what it was yet…

As per their request, we battled at them until they fell to the floor, muttering, aching, weeping. Poor fellows.

But then, they rose up and started…

…singing and dancing!

The dance made Sigurudu think about his way of handling things. He and the lil girl had a long talk which was long overdue.

And they lived happily ever after.

Thanks to the Moogles’ witty plans, they were finally able to see eye to an eye with each other and come to a common agreement.

I was certain that once the girl was old enough, they would marry and have a happy family.


Pokémon Dungeon, WHM only success and Mentor Mount!

Did you know there is a Pokemon dungein in FFXIV? It’s called Sohm Al Hard.

Upon entering, it looks like and other dungeon.

But the cave we entered was unlike anything we had ever seen.

The first boss was a scary version of Bisaknosp! (Sorry, only know the german name of it XD)

The next boss looked like an evolved Karnimarni (or how it’s spelled).

And the last boss was a fire scorpion from a later generation of which I don’t know the name but it exists.

I was so happy about having experienced Pokemon within Eorzea that I started danving. My group left me very quick.

Later, to fullfill Wondrous Tails, I started an Ultima Party Finder.

Through coincidence, only White Mages joined O.O

Okay, some who joined switched to WHM even if theirs was at a lower level.

We did it for the lulz and it was awesomely fun! So many Medica IIs at once!!

We beat it in under 2 minutes which is pretty amazing.

Some time, I visited Cradant on Hyperion. I knew he was always a bit of a hardcore grinder but what I saw beat my expectations.

He had obtained the “2000 Mentor Roulettes done” mount! O.O

I couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

Okay, this is actually me, Riiko on Excalibur, trying out a new hairstyle.

It looked really nice but didn’t feel like Riiko after all so I changed back like 1h later again.

Feeling soar after Zurvan Extreme Challenge

Maybe you remember my last blog entry about how I beat Zurvan Extreme with ease. Yeah, that was obviously a lie because you have to clear Hard mode before extreme mode… <.<

So you could say, it went really great from the start.

We mastered the 1st phase quickly.

Or did we?

Mag is devastated at our quick deaths.

We tried again and again, week after week.

Finally, we reached meteors but with so many dead people around, nobody could take them and we wiped again.

Sometimes, things went so bad, we just ran into the dangerous goo on the outide of the round arena.

We tried with new glamours that were supposed to give us more power.

Didn’t work.

Then I called upon Nero, master of disaster.

Just kidding, he’s actually helped me improve my WHM and SMN DPS during expert roulettes :D

And as you can see, we beat Zurvan Extreme too! :D

Afterwards, I was thanking him by showing off my coolest Monk dance. He called his buddies to have a look at the “hilarious thing that is just dancing here”. <.<

His friends showed off an amazing bitch slap fight in return lol!

Things happened and we posed in the msot awkward outfits.

With /gpose, we were able to improve the effects by a lot!

What an awesome team! ö.ö <3

What is a grind when you get A Relic to Glamour

Another expansion, another Relic.

Heavensward offered a relic weapon up to an item level of 275. Of course I had to get at least the WHM relic.

Here you can see the phase of horror.

You needed Lore Tomestones to buy Umbrites and various other items to buy Crystal sand. It took quite a while until I was finally able to get these amazing stats.

As you can see, I made the right stat choice right from the start and didn’t have to change stats like some other noobs had to.

The crafting guys investigates some stone for me.

They crafted a new, decent looking staff.

That was when my dear friend appeared again! Weeee!

To upgrade the weapon, I had to go to Idleshire.

My next task was to obtain “singing clusters”. They don’t actually sing, they are just little crystal clusters.

After about two weeks of daily Expert Roulette and 3x per week leveling roulette, I collected all the clusters and got an upgrade!

Next up: Light phase.

Don’t we all love that one?

At least we are now able to check the status as the runes start glowing with each bit of light you collect.

Finally, with the clusters and the light collected, things could go on.

We activated a node.

…and directly regretted it.

It just updated automatically!

Next, I could hand in my completed light farm WHM relic:

The node accepted it and transformed my staff into something more awesome.

Or so I thought. It looked a bit… shitty.

But then I took the weapon in my hand and it shone in the most beautiful was one could imagine!

Next, the crafters wanted to remove my soul friend from my relic o.ô

And it worked. They put him into a little fairy-like doll.

That was when Rowena showed up.

She certainly didn’t have any profit in mind when she suddenly smiled at us…

And so, the relic weapon was finished.

You don’t believe it?

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but it said, it ended!

So I took a nice picture with Mag!

But truth be told, it didn’t end. The relic grind continued…

And I had to make a decision.

I chose and my anima soul friend replied:

I was so unlucky that my friend decided to stay because my staff turned into a pee-yellow/vomit-green color.

But now it was really done.


And then, I glamoured the blue version over the final Relic because yet another Relic didn’t suit my taste. <.<

Gigi, the Time Mage of Hildibrand

In Ishgard, I met Hildibrand and his new family. Following the wishes of Gigi, they were looking for a place to live!

But things weren’t looking good…

Despite the nearing world-end scenario, Gigi might have been created by using the wrong word, I was surprised how Gigi called his grandmother “m’lady” and averted another Calamity.

They traveled to Idyllshire and found a nice house.

Gigi approved of it too… But it looked really expensive.

That was when a Goblin appeared!

Slowfix had been Hildi’s client in the past and ever since, he owed Hildy big time.

So he proposed to just toss out the current residents and have the Hildi family live there!

As they were moving in anyway, everyone idled around unsuspiciously while Gigi was working hard on improving their new home.

And it was done!! A beautiful masterpiece that outshines my paint artworks by far ö.ö

The next day, Gigi got obducted by three extremely old people.

We followed them and manages to free Gigi with ease.

That was when Gigi remembered his real name.

He also remembered what he was created for: To turn things or people into a state they should be in.

Gigi couldn’t handle this and turned the obductors into young people again, full of power!

We tried to reason with Gigi.

But then, the surroundings started to collapse!!!

In order to save his beloved mom and dad, Gigi activated his powers.

He returned the things back to how they were supposed to be.

Hildy remained the same. That’s how he was supposed to be always and forever! But Gigi’s grandparents became really dangerous beasts…. x_x

It seemed as if life had lost Gigi’s body. But Cyr managed to retain his soul in a little minion. He suggested to me that he should follow me around to regain his conscience about who he was and all o.o

Hildy and Nashu had disappeared and Cyr was alone in Idyllshire, opening his detective office.

On the roof, the Coblyns had started to build their own family, just like Hildy, Nashu and Gigi had planned to.

I felt so sad that I had to distract myself. It was a big mistake.

Helping out the pupils in Ishgard was a big mistake.

There was stuff going on here and there but in the end it was all just empty blabla.

There was one corrupt teacher who tried to get rid of some pupils he had prejudices against. <.<;

He was identified and removed by the soldiers.

And thus, peace returned to the students.

I swore to never again help those borebags.

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