Heavensward Story 3.4: The most romantic dinner…?

One fine day, I received a fancy card with an invitation.

It was from Aymeric and he invited me over for a meal.

I did not expect a romantic candle light dinner, but of course I didn’t refuse any second of it!

It was perfect! Aymeric and me talked about this and that while enjoying the excellently prepared food.

Aymy seemed very happy too! ö.ö;

When suddenly, the bubble was destroyed by the butler offering more wine!

Even Aymeric was politely sending him away – while accepting some wine obviously!

But the butler had other plans.

He was quite creative and decided to mix us a special drink. Without our request. And without leaving us alone.

So I saw him starting to mix weird things together…

This is when I had a deja vu.

What to do…?

It was too late to stop Aymeric! He was already drinking all the wine! x_x;;

I already blamed myself for his death.

When suddenly, some awful servants entered with some awful message.

Alisaie had been injured and needed my immediate examination.

I was not amused.

Aymeric wasn’t either.

Unfortunately, Aymeric was a man of duty and forced me to go.

One more reason to dislike Alisaie.

Then, Tataru asked me to check her. Of course there was no way to say no to Tataru!

Alisaie was fine. After some Esunas and Cures, I let her slowly recover with a Regen spell, cast in Cleric stance. So that it takes a little longer.

She then whispered this to me:


Where the hell did she get that information from? <.<;

Tataru decided to inform the others. Seems like I had no choice but to go with Tataru’s guidance and help out save Eorzea once more.

Let Me Gubal That for You – The Gubal Library (Hard) Dungeon

One fine day I came across this beautifully named quest:

Let Me Gubal That for You.

It spoke to me. I do this so often for friends and colleagues who seem incapable of doing so themselves. In return, they see me as some kind of god in some areas and come to me with more questions about said topics which I google as well :D

Funny enough, Gubal is a massive Library, basically like Google.


The books pile up to the ceilings – if there are any.

Books, wherever you look.

But there is a catch. You can’t just safely walk through it and check out all the books. Unlike Google, you have to fight the viruses and monsters yourself!

You have massive book works that try to devour you.

There are some books that aren’t books but monsters who want to eat you in one bite!

But once you have defeated them, magic happens. You have to look carefully but eventually you can find magic books that bring you further, higher!

Some books are locked away because their content is so sensitive.

I’m sure if we tried, we could unlock them and see all your embarassing screenshots!!

(Yes, I mean you, you who is reading this right now!)

The statues of the protectors of the books come to life whenever you get too close to them. It’s liek a “Movement detector”. So be careful!

In the end, if you try to steal a book illegally, a massive Owl descends from the hall of books.

It will force you to “Check it out” and throws books at you.

It’s not just any books. It’s your most embarassing moments in Eorzea you have ever encountered – even if you didn’T take screenshots of it – surely someone else has done this for you. :D

If the battle drags on, the owl will summon an adorable Behemoth out of a book.

In an attempt to defeat the Behemoth, unfortunately, the magical book was destroyed. I was already looking forward to finally have a book my size from which I can summon an Egi that’s worth my power.

Praise the Paissa

I found out that I had this post prepared for a year but failed to hot “schedule” when finalizing it. So it was never actually published. It is from March 2016… Please enjoy it! :D

I finally obtained the Paissa minion!

While I was trying out new outfits to prepare for the wedding, it was always by my side. I know, I’m only a guest, but I still wanna look nice ò.ó;;

2016-02-07 Rii Paissa

That was when one morning, I suddenly woke up and felt somehow different.

I mean, I rolled out of the bed as usual, but I felt like my tummy was even bigger and my legs were way more shorter!

Pff, whatever! Maybe I shouldn’t have eaten all those bubble chocolates and muffins that Ley had given me. <.<

Anyway, it was time to venture forth and unlock the Gnath beastmen dailies.

Somehow, the Gnaths stared at me, like I was some kind of insect to them.

Once they had sniffed me, they lifted me up and put me into their food storage!!

When I panically asked, what they were thinking and that I was the hero of light that saved Eorzea several times, they looked at me weirdly and locked me in.

Luckily, after a few moments, I was able to sneak away.

I just don’t know what went wrong!

Palace of the Dead: The truth behind her resurrection

We explored the Palace of the Dead deeper and deeper.

On the path, we came across evil foes like a Behemoth, Bombs and a Headless Horseman.

In the end, the robed person was waiting for us.

It was a clearly undead person whose life should have been over long ago.

We fought him and smashed all offsprings he summoned with angelic powers!

In the end, he held a small speech. Turns out, he was trying to gain eternal life and give it to others too.

Guess he hasn’t heard of the Ascians yet – which worked in our advantage.

He dissolved into darkness.

Yay, we won! But somehow, there was a bitter taste left.

I was approached by some horned non-AuRa dude who had some old manuscripts or somet. idk.

When I touched them, the echo awoke and showed me how Edda had been revived.

If you can really call it that. She had been made into a mere puppet. She seemed to lack all sense of emotion, conscious and will to live.

The robed evil had used her in her experiments. Luckily, she’s where she is supposed to be: in the afterlife.

And that’s it.

Or is it?

Rumors say, only the strongest adventurers are able to venture forth even further!

Wondrous Tails: Khloe the pun master

Why should we still do anything anymore? Old content and battles are obsolete and stuff so why should we even leave our house or appartment?

Here is the answer.

Your reason is Khloe.


It’s this lovely young cat in Idyllshire. She’s collecting stories for her sad and lonely friend whose parents are missing in order to cheer her up.

So it’s up to you to help her out!


Rowena keeps an eye on lil Khloe to ensure nobody harms her and she’s doing alright. Rowena is also supplying Khloe with rewards that she gives out in exchange for stories.


How could anyone not help Chloe?!


She is even the most awesome pun master I’ve ever seen:


Every week, Khloe prepares a book that looks like this.

On the left you see the dungeons you have to complete. For each complete dungeon you get a sticker on the right side. Below you can find the reward list. So if you complete some of the stickers to meet the requirements for rewards, you get cool stuff.


This is the most vital things that keeps most of us still doing things. Especially unsynched Ex Primal fights in DF. And people are even happy when there are a few new people as they give “Second Chance” points. With these ponts you can shuffle the stickers you already obtained to get 1 or 2 lines for cool rewards. You can also re-do a duty you already completed for more stickers.

Help Khloe, get stuff, keep yourself active!

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