The one reason to level Paladin: Gundam Wings

After witnessing a scene of incredible power and grace between these two Au Ra Paladins, I decided to level paladin.

It was tough at times, but in the end, I did it!

Now I have my very own Gundam Wings! /excited

Don’t they look gorgeous? <3<3<3

Now, I can even defend against the Rage mode of Amor! ö.ö Weee~

You still haven’t Paladin leveled because you don’t like the job? Maybe This post has convinced you to level Paladin for the amazing /gpose effects of the wings. :D


FFXIV Patch Notes 4.25 – Overview of where to unlock what and what’s new

4.25 Patch Notes

Life Imitates Art Imitates Life
Kugane (X:11.7 Y:8.8)
Nashu Mhakaracca
Players must first complete the quest “A Hingan Tale: Nashu Goes East.”

And We Shall Call It Eureka
Rhalgr’s Reach (X:9.8 Y:12.5)
Players must first complete the main scenario quest “Stormblood.”

To enter Eureka solo/party: Rodney in Kugane (X:8.5 Y:14.2)

Very useful reddit thread about Eureka maps and monster/FATE locations. (Map is being updated continuously)

Job Adjustments. Please check Patch notes.

Quality of Life
The drop rate for the blissful kamuy fife and reveling kamuy fife has been increased.
Usuginu octopus can now be caught using live shrimp as bait.

New Housing Items
Sharlayan Cabinet (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Sharlayan Wardrobe (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Melodious Mogchestrion
Altar to Pazuzu

New Glamour Gear
The ‘Ruined’ Manderville set (Mog Station)
Emperors Hairpin (Eureka: Emperor of Anemos FATE)
Scorpion Harness (Eureka: Serket FATE)
Strider Boots (Eureka: ???)
Amenos Glamour set (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
Topaz Carbuncle Slippers (currently not obtainable)

New Mounts
Tyrannosaur (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
New PvP mount (Top 100 Feast)

New Minions
Wind-up Mithra (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
The Prince of Anemos (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchang & Lord of the Anemos FATE)
Wind-up Fafnir (Eureka: “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)

New Chocobo Barding
Red Mage Barding

New emote
Ballroom Etiquette – Calamitous Endings – “An illustrated manual of how to mimic the summoning motions of the dreadwyrm Bahamut. Use to learn the /megaflare emote.” (Purchased with the Bahamut statue. Price pending.)

New Orchestrion Roll
Wicked Winds Whisper (Eureka “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)
No Quarter (Eureka “Anemos Lockbox Exchange”)

New relic weapons/gear
Ingredients and to upgrade gear comes from killing monsters in Eureka (and maybe other things).
Weapons are seem to start at i335 and can be increased to i355 for now.

Other Source:

New Year Event 2017-2018: More Bark and much Bite

For the New Year Event, the towns were decorated with beautiful decoration once more.

The snowmen and women were wearing different clothing, too!

And then, please rejoice when seeing this quest title! XD

More Bark.

Much bite.

Very Doge.

The quest was about a lil doggie who had to fight against a dangerous monster-dog-hound! @.@;

Of course, the Mochi-drum pounding cyclop was at it again and killed more players than ever.

Thankfully, the helpful raise service of the kind Riiko was available again. Totally didn’t do it for the achievements.

As reward, we received an adorable helm! This is the first time that I actually liked one of the new year helms.

Lilly and me basically died from its cuteness!

Later, Amor and me decorated a cute snowman ourselves!

Wouldn’t it be cool if you could actually do that and then place the snowman in your garden? ö.ö

Omega Deltascape: Savage [minor spoiler]

I am raiding in Omega again! After skipping Alexander Savage, I decided that it would be nice to go for a challenge in the game again as every day content has become so incredibly easy.

We first challenged the chinese dragon-snake.

Epic group pose.

First bis question that came up: Can you fall down the platform?

Ley kindly asked me to test it.

After being pushed, I informed everyone that you could fall down.

We struggled a little but after about an hour, we managed to defeat it!

The next challenge: The tentacle eye monster!

It can’t be that hard, can it?

Wipe after wipe happened.

But eventually, we cleared it still in the same week.

The next challenge took us a long time. There was a lot to remember and a small mistake could cause a wipe.

Like so:

After months, we finally beat it, just to be greeted by a bunch of balls from Exdeath…

No worries, first we take a group pose picture, then we defeat you!

The awesome healer duo will heal through all the terrible attacks!

When you use Healer LB3 but are animation locked afterwards and die to mechanics…

Suddenly, we defeated Exdeath. Everything went black.

Knock knock.


Some monstrosity appeared…

Group pose time!

With 4 Lalafell, nothing can go wrong. That’s 50% of the static! ö.ö

When things go down and you’re just a Bard.

Finally, we decided that we would beat him before Christmas break 2017!

Serious mode: Switch on!!

When things go down and you’re just a healer with LB1.

Did we make it before Christmas?

I need to tell you that this post ends with a cliff hanger because I have not yet sorted those screenshots… ;)

X-Mas 2017: One Punch Mog FC Event

Remember how like 2 months ago there was an X-mas event in Eorzea?

The town was decorated like this:

Yeah, back then we also had a FC event! A hide & seek for minions and mounts.

As always, we gathered in the FC garden. I asked everyone to wear appropriate clothing.

Smol group pic.

I was hiding in the most awful places:

Then, we went on an exploration adventure.

No, not into Eureka, please!

We went off-map in the South Shroud!

I was able to take amazing pictures of the cathedral.

Then, we walked completely off map into the Sylphlands.

It was so cool and pretty exciting to see the world from below. This is the Sylph camp:

You can even attack enemies when they are close enough O.O;; HAXX!

We didn’t feel too good about this so we left again.

At least it can’t be called exploit cause there days, there is nothing worth killing in the Sylphlands anyway that we couldn’t kill in seconds fair and square. XD

Then, I learned that Ley got a 2-person xmas bear mount!

Picture proof:


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