Stormblood Story 4.0: Kugane Sightseeing

While everyone was asking in town to gather the information we needed, I decided to go on a sightseeing trip.

No worries, the only “spoiler” in this entry is the looks of Kugane town.

I got up in the early morning. Mist was still hanging low in the streets of Kugane.

I toyed around a bit with some settings for my pictures and managed to get this impressive piece.

Despite their low amount of magic in town, they do have an Aetherite system!

I walked through town all day to take amazing pictures for you.

At the same time, my group was still looking for information.

I really like the Kugane Tea serving area. It’s near the Leve Guys so it’s always busy.

Did you know you can walk over those strings from the lanterns? But only if you don’t weight more than an average Lalafell!

There is a beautiful Inn in town too! It comes with an onsen (hot spring bath) which is super relaxing.

I booked a room for a night. It looke dgorgeous!

Of course, I started a picture session in front of the window.

Woosh, looks awesome!

I sat down to enjoy some tea before bed time.

As I somehow wasn’t tired yet, I checked out the Imperial embassy up close. Didn’t see any suspicious movements yet…

The next morning, I had another walk. The harbor was small but lovely. I really liked all those small boats! Can’t we just “lend” one of them for our trip?

Turns out, there is the Shinsekigumi, the local police. They are very strict and unforgiving, especially on foreigners if they do something bad.

I guess you can’t just kill random people on the streets without facing consequences like in Eorzea…

Anyway, I also checked out Shirogane, the new Housing area.

I really started to like it.

Did you know, there is a hidden path?

It leads right up to a secret hot spring!

I took a bath and enjoyed the view.

Of course, I was all alone cause nobody was living here yet.

This made me really want a house in Shirogane, but on the other hand, I love the Lavender beds so much that I really don’t need a house anywhere else. I do however have a japanese kugane styled room in my house! Come by and check it out.


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