Stormblood Story 4.0: A new Journey of Liberation

Tataru called us. She had a message from the Alliance.

We gathered and discussed the top secret information. Lead by Raubahn, the Eorzean Alliance had taken complete control over the wall. It was now to be discussed how to proceed from there.

The Area behind the wall was called Gyr Abania of which Ala Mhigo is the… capital? It is completely controlled by the Imperial forces. Habitants of towns and villages are working hard to survive under the harsh rule and high taxes.

For obvious reasons, our aim is to defeat the Garlean Empire and free all lands they have in their grasp.

In addition, Gyr Abania is home to the resistance. A group of rebellious inhabitants, hiding in a secret place, trying to stand strong against the overwhelming forces of the Empire. M’naago was one of them.

Tataru, strong as always will watch our backs while we would venture forth.

Yugiri and Gosetsu said their goodbyes as well. They were looking for the heir of the former Doman leader. Just as we were looking into our closest imperial stronghold, they were looking into theirs.

When they were gone, Tataru stopped us. She had a present for Lyse.

A brand-new outfit! \(ö.ö)/

Lyse loved it. It was perfect for a fist and foot fighter. She could even pull out the belt and hit enemies with it!

But now it was finally time to say goodbye for now.

When we were all on our way, I received a call from my former Conjurer Guild Leader E-Sumi-Yan. He had heard about what had happened at the wall and wanted to help.

It was stable for now but if the Empire sent more people to free the walls, who knows what could happen.

Unfortunately, he wasn’t alone and someone had to tag along.

I clearly said no but they ignored my screams.

So we traveled…

From Gridania, through the East Shroud, over the wall to Gyr Abania.

The town at the wall had a name but I forgot it. From now on I shall call it Raubahn’s Outpost as he is commanding the army from there.

E-Sumi-Yan and awful Sylphie had to come too.

I was thrilled.

First, I excused myself to go deal with more important tasks.

The Outpost was full of soldiers from Gridania, Limsa, Ul’dah and Ishgard. It was nice to see them all mingling.

Well, to be honest, they kept to their own small groups still… <.<

But for the important people it was time to discuss the details about our next actions against the Empire.

This marks the beginning of Stormblood.



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