First impression of Stormblood

On the first day of the Early Acces period of the Final Fatasy XIV Expansion Stormblood, I was welcomed by a new login screen and music.

It felt very epic.

Next up, the Data Center menu was updated into a really cool menu! It reminded me a little of the new floating magical monitors that Machinists get as an ability in the expansion.

And then, the queue.

Everyone has experienced it, everyone hates it. It gives you time to sort out some things in RL while you wait.

At the time, I was still on Excalibur as the transfer to Omega server would only take place a day or so later. They experienced severe issues with Duty and Instance servers so that they had to solve these issues first before allowing server move.

Wouldn’t it have helped to alleviate the congestion if people moved to a different Data Center?

Just wondering.

The first difference I noticed was my WHM Hotbar.

About half of the spells and abilities I had placed could be removed. They were either removed or replaced by other spells/abilities. It felt like half of my soul was ripped out.

Do not worry, I have recovered by now because WHM is awesome. <3

At the time I felt really sad. How could they do this to WHM, I thought. While I do miss Stoneskin, I promise that you get used to not having it quite fast.

And then, the server transfer opened! We were fast and got on Omega really quick, without issue.

First thing I did was to spend a lot of gil.

I bought a large house in Lavender beds!

Swiftly I built it and cried about the low amount of gil I had left.

When the estate hall was built, all my doubt was blown away. The house was perfect!

It was in a secluded area, not far off the apartment building for potential friends to move in to have a fast teleport, and Cayu as well as Taelia found a house in the same ward! :D

Sometimes, it bothers me that it’s placed so that from the pathway outside the house you only see the side of it… But then again, it’s my own “hideout” and the garden is not for any random person! ò.ó

But then, I had to go and start my adventure. Tataru was already waiting for me.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Tokido Taro
    Jul 11, 2017 @ 08:06:53

    I totally didnt randomly find your house yesterday and I totally didnt check it out. Really nice house btw.



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