Goodbye Excalibur! The Storm of Revolution has drawn me to Omega.

It was time to say goodbye.

Not for good, like I would leave Eorzea completely! It was “only” Excalibur server that I would be leaving.

Let me tell you how it came to this.

When the NA data center moved to the West coast, the pink increased drastically to 180-200ms. It was very noticeable for me and some friends, but many also said they didn’t notice anything. Not sure how, I was using Swiftcast>Medica II and it casted Medica II with normal cast time and did not register the Swiftcast effect. Only the next spell would be registered – or if I waited a second before casting the spell.

It was okay, I could live with this somehow, I told myself. While gathering and crafting, I also noticed delays. I would have to re-write all my handy crafting macros!

We had a FC meeting to discuss the status. As not much information was known from SE side, we didn’t come to a decision whether to stay or to leave for one of the new servers. Everyone was basically okay with moving and with staying. Except Nez, he wanted to remain on Excalibur whatever happened!

As the days passed, the Early Access came closer. I didn’t want to start discussions or make people nervous, so I didn’t talk much about this maybe potential move. We were all waiting for information from SE.

The information came like 2 days before Early access and one day before 24h maintenance. With the information that we could take all our money, would be reimbursed for the houses and apartments that we left behind, and the knowledge that we would be able to log onto the new server with the Early access, we decided to move.

That meant, I had to say goodbye to my friends who stayed while trying to convince as many as possible to join. Many joined and I’m really happy about this. Also friends of friends joined and came over to our One Punch Mog FC.

Unfortunately, we had to say goodbye to Nez who wasn’t joining us. And I said my goodbyes to Nero, Shyvanna and their buddies ;_; Good thing is you can still stay in touch outside of Eorzea but it’s not really the same T_T

After this wall of text, please find the screenshots below:

We gathered at our FC house. I had already emptied the furniture from the garden and from inside and had it on a retainer, ready for transfer.

It felt weird to leave the house behind T_T

At least, some of us gathered to say goodbye.

Especially to dear Nez! Nez was staying behind and we all are missing him ;_;

The empty house. x_x

Was also trying to say goodbye to Nero but he just came with the awful Tidus laugh! Goodbye to that ò.ó

I also said goodbye to Stoneskin. :\

Some cheesy words.

Some more cheesy words.

I sent a cookie to some people. That was when Shyv sent me this ;_; Awww!

The following nearly broke my heart.

Goodbye, beloved Moogle House!

Shyv came over to comfort me, but it still felt so empty ;_;

I’m already missing all you nice people but please know that we’ll always welcome you on Omega. Even without the Free Server Transfer and bonus things you get.

The time on Excalibur was awesome but the time on Omega will also be great.

At least I got to see PF fill up with 100+ parties for the first time in my life. O.O;

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