Riiko’s little photo collection before the Storm

I’d like to present to you a photo / screenshot collection before the Storm. Meaning, before Stormblood release.

With these, I have published all my screenshots up to the expansion. On Monday, I shall be releasing a Goodbye Excalibur post as I have left for Omega with the start of the Early Access!

First off, I managed to become a pro Warrior.

At least that’s how I felt with my amazing wild Bear!!

I also had obtained a Phoenix mount.

Haha, just kidding, that’s from Ley. Mine is the fat Chocobo mount. They are quite similar so it’s easy to mix them up…

My aunt, living under the name Mogrii Pompunch after the Calamity, likes Gobbues a lot. While they eat Lalafell as dessert, she loves them to bits.

My bathtub is infested by a little pest… some would say at least. It has been taken over by Moogles O.o;

I have also prepared my Red Mage Glamour. I will become a Chocobo Mage!

My WHM is prepared for the Expansion too. With all i270 equipment that will become obsolete halfway to level 70 most likely, I am ready to exchange it for new stuff.

The look is specifically chosen to make me look like an adventurer who is exploring new areas – with an amazing looking staff.


Saying goodbye to my small Moogle house. It’s tough to leave things behind, but I can just make a new one. This doesn’t work with people so easily… :\

Did you know, Moogles have kupo nuts storages right in their home? They are well-guarded while others sing and dance in joy of the upcoming feast when they can finally eat them.

Scott’s house is still one of the most awesome spots in the Goblet. It has a little waterfall and a nice garden. Scott was not too impressed by my awesome dancing though.

Right, this are some of my last screenshots. Some might know them from Twitter already!

Off to Stormblood! :D

Just 3 weeks delay! \(^_^)/


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