Make it Rain! Let it snow MGP!

So a while ago there was a Gold Saucer Campaign called “Make it Rain”. During this time, all MGP rewards were increased by 50%!

The towns and Housing areas were decorated in Gold Saucer style, advertising the event.

They had displayed this awesome Cactuar-Moogle figure again!

Godbert personally invited me as a VIP guest!

Time to get rich on MGP!

What new stuff could you get? Let’s see.

I met Ley and she had already obtained the new Samurai-like hairstyle!

Scott and me played so much Gold Saucer that we collapsed. Leonie later found us on the ground.

Leonie managed to revitalize us so that we could go on!

Lilly kindly told me to stop.

So I left the place. I had loads of MGP already and the discounted items were not interesting or I owned them already.

Cayu also was wearing the new hairstyle! O.O;

Just like Ley!

They looked really good in it. When I tried it on, it just looked wrong ._.

In Idyllshire, I met Shyvanna again. After a petting session, which is essential to greet your Lala friend…

…we had a jump competition!

Needless to say, as DRG expert, she had way more style than me.

My fashion choice however is simply superior.


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