Excalibur Server “The Walk Through Eorzea”

One fine day, someone I didn’t know, Setsuko Kaminagi, organized a Walk through Eorzea on Excalibur Server!

We were to walk through the following areas to enjoy ourselves:

Outer La > Upper La > East La > Lower La > Limsa Lower > West Than > Central Than > East Than > South Shroud > Central Shroud > New Gridania > Old Gridania > North Shroud > Coerthas Central > Ishgard > Coerthas Western > Forelands > Hinterlands > Idyllshire

Quite some of my friends joined the event, too.

Mr. Face was already waiting there beforehand and welcoming all the adventurers. An awesome face to see!

It got more and more crowded.

And finally, Denmo started walking…

…and everyone followed him!

Maybe it were friends from Denmo organizing it? But I’m not sure @.@

We walked, like actually walking, not running or even sprinting, and happily chatted in say or shout to make more people interested in our fun walk!

It took several hours in total through all of the three starting towns!

We walked day and night.

And walked on and on and on.

It was super late for me when we arrived in Gridania and I just couldn’t keep walking anymore. x_x

Here you can find the reddit post that advertized the whole amazing Experience!


Thanks a lot for the great hours of just calmly walking, chatting away and enjoying the old areas :D


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