Hatching Tide 2017: The Surprise Egg that’s not banned in USA

According to Ley I work at a surprise egg factory. So here is THE event for me: The surprise egg mount Easter event!

Look at the adorable surprise!

It is supposed to startle people, but they just went “awwww how cute” when they saw it. >.<;

Riggy, the adorable Spriggan that I will just call Spriggy, had seen me “startle” people and had decided to do the same. But in fact, he scared people too much that complaints came flying in!

But in the end, Spriggy only wanted to help spread the joy of surprise eggs!

I told him to never give up on his dreams ever! He had two lovely ladies to support him too!

And then, everyone got a surprise egg mount and we surprised each other.

Yes, we are on a North American Server. These mounts are not forbidden!

I know it’s hard do believe but I assure, it’s the truth!

Please note: I do not work in a surprise egg factory. Ley made that up. I have no idea how he came up with it, but it’s hilarious XD


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