Riiko’s Final Fantasy XIV 3.x BLM Guide: Even you can do this

You are a Black Mage. Your task is to deal damage.

First of all, you put your Ley lines down. This way, your whole group can profit from Ley lines too!

Make sure to cast Explosions as often as possible.



Even if your friends die around you, you are doing your job right.

If you worry about not getting healed or people complain about getting killed by you, just tell them: “You have to adjust!” This handy tip comes from Larryzaur’s “Bascially, BLM” guide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dybFvTcAOf4

Please note: While people can stand in your Ley lines, they actually don’t have any effect on them. Also note that this guide is purposely bad. It’s not really a guide.


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