Diadem 2.0 is just like 1.0 but with messy Emergency Missions

We also flew to the new Diadem 2.0!

We expected major changes and excitement.

Indeed it was full of FATEs that you had to do besides some mission stuff to unlock a lower area.

The mission results were alright and we got some spoils whith which we could buy new stuff. Like… idk was there actually something new to buy? <.<

But then, suddenly an Emergency Mission happenes! O.O

We traveled to the center of the area and entered a special building.

There, we were fighting multiple enemies at once.

It was really messy and confusing.

Somehow, we killed or aggroed something that wasn’t supposed to happen.

For whatever unlogical reason, the monsters didn’t reset or despawn so we could have tried again.

They stayed where they were and we totally failed, had to leave and hope for a new Emegerncy mission in a different dimension…

We came back several times but never managed to either see or beat an Emergency Mission.

At least everyone who still needed it now had obtained the Pegasus mount. :D

Goodybe, Diadem! Never see you again. :D


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