One Punch Mog Housing Adventures

Thanks to Ley, we moved from the One Punch Mog FC to Ley’s FC and named it One Punch Mog FC.

The perks are the awesome house!

Due to full housing areas in Excalibur and insane “sales prices”, there was no way we’d get a house.

The new house, thanks to Ley, was in the Mist.

It was a lovely spot and I directly decorated it in our FC colors.

The view from the house was stunning!

You could even climb on the roof and enjoy the wonderful holiday resort!

Ley was something like a mommy chocobo lady to my little chibi chocobo. ö.ö I really like her glamour, it looks so elegant and beautiful whereas mine looks chubby yet cute.

Of course I decorated the walls of the house in a beautiful yellow chocobo theme.

The others were not amused.

So I put some more work into it all.

And I think I did a pretty good job!

People come by frequently to relax.

Or even to joke around awkwardly.

We even had this beauty in there <3<3<3 Leonie and me couldn’t stop ourselves…

People added more things and slowly, we made the place our own.

And that’s when I had the idea for a Mystery Murder event!


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