Pokémon Dungeon, WHM only success and Mentor Mount!

Did you know there is a Pokemon dungein in FFXIV? It’s called Sohm Al Hard.

Upon entering, it looks like and other dungeon.

But the cave we entered was unlike anything we had ever seen.

The first boss was a scary version of Bisaknosp! (Sorry, only know the german name of it XD)

The next boss looked like an evolved Karnimarni (or how it’s spelled).

And the last boss was a fire scorpion from a later generation of which I don’t know the name but it exists.

I was so happy about having experienced Pokemon within Eorzea that I started danving. My group left me very quick.

Later, to fullfill Wondrous Tails, I started an Ultima Party Finder.

Through coincidence, only White Mages joined O.O

Okay, some who joined switched to WHM even if theirs was at a lower level.

We did it for the lulz and it was awesomely fun! So many Medica IIs at once!!

We beat it in under 2 minutes which is pretty amazing.

Some time, I visited Cradant on Hyperion. I knew he was always a bit of a hardcore grinder but what I saw beat my expectations.

He had obtained the “2000 Mentor Roulettes done” mount! O.O

I couldn’t keep my eyes off it!

Okay, this is actually me, Riiko on Excalibur, trying out a new hairstyle.

It looked really nice but didn’t feel like Riiko after all so I changed back like 1h later again.


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