What is a grind when you get A Relic to Glamour

Another expansion, another Relic.

Heavensward offered a relic weapon up to an item level of 275. Of course I had to get at least the WHM relic.

Here you can see the phase of horror.

You needed Lore Tomestones to buy Umbrites and various other items to buy Crystal sand. It took quite a while until I was finally able to get these amazing stats.

As you can see, I made the right stat choice right from the start and didn’t have to change stats like some other noobs had to.

The crafting guys investigates some stone for me.

They crafted a new, decent looking staff.

That was when my dear friend appeared again! Weeee!

To upgrade the weapon, I had to go to Idleshire.

My next task was to obtain “singing clusters”. They don’t actually sing, they are just little crystal clusters.

After about two weeks of daily Expert Roulette and 3x per week leveling roulette, I collected all the clusters and got an upgrade!

Next up: Light phase.

Don’t we all love that one?

At least we are now able to check the status as the runes start glowing with each bit of light you collect.

Finally, with the clusters and the light collected, things could go on.

We activated a node.

…and directly regretted it.

It just updated automatically!

Next, I could hand in my completed light farm WHM relic:

The node accepted it and transformed my staff into something more awesome.

Or so I thought. It looked a bit… shitty.

But then I took the weapon in my hand and it shone in the most beautiful was one could imagine!

Next, the crafters wanted to remove my soul friend from my relic o.ô

And it worked. They put him into a little fairy-like doll.

That was when Rowena showed up.

She certainly didn’t have any profit in mind when she suddenly smiled at us…

And so, the relic weapon was finished.

You don’t believe it?

Yeah, I didn’t believe it either, but it said, it ended!

So I took a nice picture with Mag!

But truth be told, it didn’t end. The relic grind continued…

And I had to make a decision.

I chose and my anima soul friend replied:

I was so unlucky that my friend decided to stay because my staff turned into a pee-yellow/vomit-green color.

But now it was really done.


And then, I glamoured the blue version over the final Relic because yet another Relic didn’t suit my taste. <.<


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