Gigi, the Time Mage of Hildibrand

In Ishgard, I met Hildibrand and his new family. Following the wishes of Gigi, they were looking for a place to live!

But things weren’t looking good…

Despite the nearing world-end scenario, Gigi might have been created by using the wrong word, I was surprised how Gigi called his grandmother “m’lady” and averted another Calamity.

They traveled to Idyllshire and found a nice house.

Gigi approved of it too… But it looked really expensive.

That was when a Goblin appeared!

Slowfix had been Hildi’s client in the past and ever since, he owed Hildy big time.

So he proposed to just toss out the current residents and have the Hildi family live there!

As they were moving in anyway, everyone idled around unsuspiciously while Gigi was working hard on improving their new home.

And it was done!! A beautiful masterpiece that outshines my paint artworks by far ö.ö

The next day, Gigi got obducted by three extremely old people.

We followed them and manages to free Gigi with ease.

That was when Gigi remembered his real name.

He also remembered what he was created for: To turn things or people into a state they should be in.

Gigi couldn’t handle this and turned the obductors into young people again, full of power!

We tried to reason with Gigi.

But then, the surroundings started to collapse!!!

In order to save his beloved mom and dad, Gigi activated his powers.

He returned the things back to how they were supposed to be.

Hildy remained the same. That’s how he was supposed to be always and forever! But Gigi’s grandparents became really dangerous beasts…. x_x

It seemed as if life had lost Gigi’s body. But Cyr managed to retain his soul in a little minion. He suggested to me that he should follow me around to regain his conscience about who he was and all o.o

Hildy and Nashu had disappeared and Cyr was alone in Idyllshire, opening his detective office.

On the roof, the Coblyns had started to build their own family, just like Hildy, Nashu and Gigi had planned to.

I felt so sad that I had to distract myself. It was a big mistake.

Helping out the pupils in Ishgard was a big mistake.

There was stuff going on here and there but in the end it was all just empty blabla.

There was one corrupt teacher who tried to get rid of some pupils he had prejudices against. <.<;

He was identified and removed by the soldiers.

And thus, peace returned to the students.

I swore to never again help those borebags.


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