Famous Idol Group Songbirds has returned to Ul’dah! Get tickets now!

You might be wondering, where did I get that Songbir outfit from that I wore in yesterday’s post.

No, you already have it for months?

Oh well guess my posts are slightly delayed…

But here is how it all started:

The songbirds were in town again. They had planned a performance in Ul’dah again and were doing some arrangements for it.

I spoke to Ulala and she was confident as ever.

Despite her confidence, they were late with organizing everything. Especially the new costumes! <.<;

They were grateful when I promised I’d support them.

So we went to the Weaver’s guild.

The ladies apologized for being so late and all but the guildleader answered with a shocking reaction!!!

He loved the songbirds so much that he already had everything prepared and handed over the new outfits.

Next, I was to chose who should lead the performance.

Of course I chose Ulala.

Suddenly she started confessing something…

…she was a tsundere character all along! I knew it! ò.ó

People talk like she’s over-confident or even bossy or mean, but they don’t know her at all!!

Anyway, the performance was about to start and we were getting ready backstage.

Well it wasn’t that much backstage really, cause the spectators came to have a look…

But then, the show began!! :D

They danced and sung and had fun all night and all day.

It was a beautiful performance to remember.

Afterwards, we received our own Songbird outfits and Chel, Mag and me dressed up to take some Idol photos!

Lilly also looked gorgeous.

Actually, everyone looked amazing in the new outfits! Let’s all be idols and bring smiles to the people.

Here is a little bonus: Me as a maid!


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