Valentione’s Day 2017: /blowkiss /blowkiss /blowkiss

On Valentione’s day in February 2017 (yes, it’s 4 months ago), the Valentione’s Day event took place. Obviously.

As always, I met up with the usual suspects. This time, to praktice kissing!

After a lot of practice and guidance, I finally managed to blow sweet hearty kisses!

I was to practise in town on random people.

As it so happened, Momodi was always around when I practised. Is it a sign? o.o

She was very embarassed and flustered! XD

Anyway, I returned back to my teacher and had to witness some lovey-dovey romance!

Time to take some nice pictures too!

Censor heart:

Here is my favorite:

Kisses for everyone!

Unfortunately, the kiss was not effective against this frog. No Prince emerged from this one :\

And that was this year’s Valentione’s day. Not very spectacular but the /blowkiss emote is super popular and ppl like to use it more than a normal kiss.

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