Riiko’s Guide on Things to do before Stormblood

Stormblood is just around the corner and you might be wondering what to do in-game? I have the answer for you. Depending on how much of an “addict mode” you would like to activate, I have made several lists.

In case you don’t know yet: I like lists. A lot.

Basic things to do before Stormblood

  1. Finish all Main Story Quests (MSQ).
  2. With point 1 you have automatically at least 1 job at level 60.
  3. Try to have decent gear for at least this one job to make the start of Stormblood easier (no lockout from new dungeons due to lower ilvl).
  4. Purchase the Expansion now to gain early access on 16th June 2017.
  5. Ensure your subscription is still active so you don’t have trouble with Lodestone maintenance etc.
  6. Join a FC or prepare yours with Exp and Teleport buffs.
  7. Be aware of the following timings:
    All worlds maintenance: 15th June 9:00 – 16th June 9:00 GMT
    Early Access starts with the end of the maintenance on 16th June 9:00 GMT

Addict mode things to do before Stormblood

  1. Prepare 2×10 Rowena’s Scripture items and 2 sets of Mhachi Penny, Shilling and the other one for 2 new i270 weapons (for RDM and SAM).
  2. Addition or alternative to #1: Get your Palace of the Dead stats to +99/+99. You might get a weapon or something new from it.
  3. Prepare lv 50 gear for RDM (Caster gear) and SAM (MNK gear).
  4. Prepare lv 60 gear for RDM and SAM.
  5. Complete 16 (max) Battle Leves from Ishgard and don’t hand them in yet. The (L) ones give most exp.
  6. Get as many MGP, Allied Seals, Centurio Seals, Grand Company Seals, Crafter & Gatherer Scrips as possible.
  7. Get Exp buff scrolls from Squadrons.
  8. Put a set amount of gil aside to spend on Stormblood and not more. (To prevent you running out of gil.)
  9. Have Wondrous Tails ready to hand in. You don’t wanna bother with it in the first days of Stormblood.

Full addict mode things to do before Stormblood

  1. Cap all Tomestones: Poetics, Lore and Scripture.
  2. Cap all crafting and gathering scrips.
  3. Cap Grand Company Seals (80k), Allied and Centurio Seals.
  4. Have all jobs and classes at lv 60. This automatically includes lv 60 gear for RDM and SAM. For weapons see above list.
  5. Have i270 gear for all jobs and have your crafters/gatherers properly geared up.
  6. Stack up on frequently needed crafting/gathering materials to profit in Stormblood by selling or using them.
  7. Have farmed all Ex Primal birds so you can complain about the noobs who do it uncapped in Stormblood.
  8. Have millions of gil saved to get the best crafted gear, to level crafters/gatherers fast and get the best glamour first.
  9. Prepare for the Shirogane housing area in 4.1 by getting furniture now before everyone wants new stuff and prices (maybe) explode.

Things to do JUST before the patch maintenance

  1. Send all retainers out on the long 18h Explorations.
  2. Log your character out in a not overly crowded area, just to be sure.
  3. Water your plants if you have planted some and if you can re-log just when the maintenance is over. (If you get back on just fine)
  4. Give your retainers things to sell that you think will be needed by many people with Stormblood release to maximize your profit.

Things not to do before the patch

  1. Do not plant flowers. There is a danger they might wither due to 24h maintenance. Only do it if you are aware of the risk.
  2. Do not toss or sell your Materia. Everyone has to re-meld their gear and people will spend a lot of money on it.
  3. Do not go full addict mode before the patch and burn out. Take it slow, have fun.

Things to do during the maintenance

  1. Read the patch notes.
  2. Take notes of what’s important for you to check out based on the patch notes. (Like new gear, new minions, new mounts, new furniture, specific new content etc.)
  3. Wait for someone to release an overview of where to unlock what.
  4. Buy some food and snacks to eat during the upcoming weekend. (Please note: some countries might have 15th June off due to christian public holiday, so buy your stuff a day ahead!)
  5. Have some fun outside the game.

If you think anything is missing on my list, let me know.


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