What’s Dun is Done: Dun Scaith the Pun Palace

It was time to figure out the true secrets around Diablos and so on. Cait Sith had finally found a way to decrypt the book!

It was the legendary Book of Puns! The largest collection of the best puns was stored inside.

Diabolos really must love or hate these puns cause he appeared at the sky pirate’s home to get it back!

But with my awesome White Mage powers I scared him away again ò.ó

Even more so, I followed him into his home: Dun Scaith.

It contained an airship battle! \(^_^)/ Woohoo!

Have you dun it yet?

I mean, what could go wrong?

Apart from people fallung off or dying?

After overcoming the first obstacle, we entered a city of Mhach. It was sinister and beautiful at the same time.

Weeeeee! Who needs to buy /jump when you can use these jump corridors?

You could say I’m a shoujo jump expert! :D

During petrification phases, I look really epic too.

Sometimes, I blow things up too.

(lol that wasn’t be but not like anyone can prove it!)

Then we entered the world of Kingdom Hearts.

It really is Kingdom Hearts!

Then we met the queen. She is Diabolos’s waifu.

Look at her! So kawaii.

Yet so deadly ;_;

Anyone who moves during some attacks gets a handjob. wait. XD

She is quite evil and wipes groups easily.

But eventually, she gets tired and we can manage to beat her.

And then, Diablos saw her dead body…

He enraged and absorbed her powers to kill us once and for all.

During this time, gates appeared and we had to defeat the enemies inside the darkness!

On the outside, a lot of things happened at once so the Astrologian had to call upon the universe and the stars to ressurect everyone.

With my unbeatable Limit Break…

…I defeated Diablos!

You could say… What’s Dun is Done.

Turns out, Diablos wasn’t really defeated, just badly injured!

Our favorite pirate came flying by and snatched the staff out of Diabolos’ hand!

He jumped into the air and shot him!

Then I grabbed the staff and threw it to Cait Sith.

He activated the power of pun.

With the power of pun Caity shot Diablos down for good!

Let me show you an excerpt of the primal pun collection.

What does Ifrit eat for breakfast?
A bowl of embers

What did Ifrit say after he wiped the party?
Nailed it!

Why did Ifrit go to the salon?
To get his nails done.

What do primals do when they’re cold?
They Shiva!

Why do the other primals not invite Odin to their slumber parties?
They don’t want to Sleipnir him.

What’s Titan’s favourite time of year?

What’s Twintania’s favorite party game?

Who is the meanest primal?

What’s Nidhogg’s favorite food?
Hot wings

What’s Sophia’s favorite job?
Warrior, because she found Equilibrium on the hotbar.

How did the group that couldn‘t skip Zurvan Mechanics feel?

What is Alexander’s favorite cheese?
Swiss, because it’s mega holey.

How long does it take for adds to spawn in Zurvan?
I don’t know exactly, but it takes a Wile

It also shot down our pirate it seems…

Finally, we were back to their home and said our goodbyes.

They flew away but I actually knew where they lived so it’s a bit… um… a weird goodbye, right.

Guess I’ll go and have another look in that Pun book.


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