“The Dance of Power, Unity and Friendship” or “A Heavensward Beastmen Adventure”

Master Mogzin from Moghome had called for help.

Swiftly, I came to help when suddenly, Mag appeared in his new PvP glamour…

I pretended I didn’t see it but it was difficult to unsee x_x

When he started sitting on his bear mount, it was time to run off swiftly!!

My Vath pupil Deftarm had come to visit the Moogles. After being mistaken for a weird version of a Dragon…

…He agreed to do a tedious task of removing rocks for the Moogles…

Meanwhile Mogzin fell heads over heels with his new worker.

It was his adventurer’s will that kept him going during this terrible and awful task.

When Deftarm was done, Mogzin tricked him with some kind of mannequin that he created…

This deeply insulted Deftarm! T_T

Anyway, a terrible thing happened and they had to put their differences aside!

A dragon has started attacking people in pure rage. Sound familiar? No worries, it wasn’t any major dragon. Just a small one.

After I scared the dragon away, we went back and tried to find a solution.

The next day, I was called to Linu Vali, my dear Vanu friend.

They had caught a delicious bug and wanted to share it with me during a feast!

I had to explain to them that it was not just a bug, it was my pupil. They let him go, but I could see the deep regret in their faces.

Anyway, I showed Linu the dance I learned from the Moogles as she was curious to learn it. She had heard rumors about it.

That was when we met a familiar cat…

The evil villain from our last Beastmen Power Ranger mission!

He aimed with his gun…

…and shot at Vanu who were running to us to help us! (or was it to attack us?)

But… they started raging O.O

Linu had the soution: an intimidating dance should bring them back!

I gave my best to support.

But it didn’t have any effect!! O.O;

That’s when Linu had the idea of mixing elements from the Moogle dance into it!

Together, we started dancing and glowing brighter than ever before!

If this doesn’t free the Vanu from their evil infulence then I don’t know what will.

They ran away in fear after being cured from the bullet’s evil influence.

At least now it was clear that the dance could also cure the big brother dragon if my little friend.

Of course it wasn’t easy to have a calm first meeting between Vanu, Gnath, Moogle and Dragon…

Lil Dragon was not pleased and replied with an even worse insult.

But for Linu, it was not an insult. It was a compliment that made her blush like a young girl in her teenie years!

It seemed that only my dear pupil had some sense of logic still…

Anyway, we faced the raging dragon who was being controlled by the evil catboy.

He attacked Mogzin and burned him into a tasty marshamllow!

No, Mogzin!

That was when lil Dragon, full of despair and hope, released a dispelling attack on his brother.

And it worked! He was freed! The catboy tried to escape in a private airship…

…but Deftarm shot him off the sky.

In the evening, we all celebrated and danced together at the Vanu camp.

Even Deftarm started dancing! It was a very moving moment in my life ö.ö


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