Wondrous Tales for Wondrous Tails

You surely know about the “new” System that was implemented to make old content being played again, right?

It’s called Wondrous Tails.

For this, little Khloe has started to collect stories for her sad and lonely Miqo friend to cheer her up.

With the support of Rowena, she started a booth in Idyllshire and offers journals to Adventurers. They are to collect stories from dangerous battles and get a stamp for each. With enough stamps, they get a price, sponsored by Rowena.

Here you can see an example of a reward selection…

The journals are super popular, everyone wants one!

Since little cats are still naive, I have to keep an eye on Khloe to prevent her from doing anything silly ò.ó

Once I collected such amazing Wondrous Taled that Khloe gave me a minion for completing her Wondrous Tails journal! :D

The other day I saw little sad catgirl in Idleshire with one of her friends, little Yellow Carby.

Quickly, more of my friends gathered around and together, we told her stories about our heroic deeds. Like those from Palace of the Dead.

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