Battle against Zurvan – or why you don’t bring NPCs to important fights

Ulhunkunlunrunkai called me to challenge the next primal: Zurvan.

When we arrived, some Imperials were already fighting, trying to chain him up.

They failed and he broke free.

The general of the Imperials who was there protected Ulhunkunlunbunkai with his life because he saw something special in that masked and robed dude.

There go his last words.

We quickly fled the place but I came back a few moments later without the useless NPCs so I could actually fight him.

We battled and healed and attacked and tanked and fought…

Thanks to my expert healing skills, I saved everyone on that run.

Of course, we beat Zurvan. It was Extreme!

I mean, extremely easy because it was only the normal “hard” version which wasn’t even hard. lol.

Did you believe I beat the Expert one that easily?!


Spoiler: I did beat the Extreme version of Zurvan repeatedly.

True Spoiler: The kid Ulhunbunkai showed his true face.

I was so unimpressed by his face. In fact I was scared.

But then he told a story, the story of his life which he had hidden from us for no reason. So I’m not gonna suddenly trust or like him. <.<

Right… We held a meeting after this and everyone decided to be all happy-go-lucky about Ulhunny’s revelation. <.<;

Well, I still don’t like him and hope I never have to talk to him again.

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