Palace of the Dead ensures that adventurers actually die

Palace of the Dead is killing players on several levels.

As the Palace of Grinding, many adventurers enter it to gain experience and level their jobs. It’s a terrifying, ruthless grind that kills any though and joy you might have had before.

Don’t get me wrong, you also get amazing mounts as reward:

But that’s not all. It’s possible to climb the floors with a fixed party.

Chel, Mag, Trem and me had decided to take on the challenge on this quest.

It was said that only the best of the best would be able to succeed. But seriously, how hard could it be?

We climbed and climbed like experts.

We even reached the tree and took pictures as Yoshida has asked us to.

Did you believe me? Of course it’s not THE tree, because THE tree had THE bench under it…

Anyway, soon after, we met the Behemoth and died.

Well damn.

After getting this hit in the face, Trem got demotivated and we replaced him with an other Elezen: Uziel.

We climbed and yet again we…

…wait a minute…

We survived it!!

Clearly it was a great choice to toss out Trem and replace him with the capable Uzi! ò.óV

We even got Night Pegasus Whistles during our climb! :D

Unfortunately, we died on floor 181, the floor directly after Behemoth.

Well f***.

But we wouldn’t give up. We gave it another go and grinded our way up again with a slightly different setup job-wise.

This was when suddenly, Chel became Lala-sized.

If you think this is photoshopped paintshopped, it’s not! Here is proof with Uzi in the picture.

During our climb we noticed that whatever we were doing, Mag always posed like a pro on every picture I took O.O;

I’m sure it was the glamour…

The transformation into a toad was very popular but it hit a new low when Carby tried to hit on me…

In the end, we wiped again and eventually gave up. At least we all have the Pegasi now! :D

It’s something.

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