How I became rich through Aquapolis

I would like to tell you the story of how I found this magical chest that lead to my riches and made me super popular all of a sudden.

Together with the usual suspects like Mag, Chel, Uzi, Trem, Leo, Lilly, Ley and so on, I did several Aquapolis runs. In some of them we were more lucky than in the others.

Sometimes, we encountered a bunch of the most adorable enemies that I just refused to fight against. They had to force me to heal them or we would have failed.

Venturing deeper, we even discovered dangerous sharks that I’ve never seen before O.o;

We opened various chests.

I hid in some of them to startle my fellow adventurers but they were not impressed. :\

When we reached the last floor, we even summoned meteors to survive the enemy attacks!

In the end, we made it. We got the loot and left.

Except me.

I grabbed all the coins I could carry and hid them in my healer clothes. Then I teleported home.

Soon after, I got a visit from Chelci. She had put on her newest outfit.

You wonder what she was doing there, trying to charm me?

She was doing it for the treasure chest I had taken with me! Of course she was only after my money but I’m not so easy to charm ò.ó

Chel tried the clearly provocative “sleeping beauty” trick.

It was all for nothing until I was distracted in a photo shooting session.

She then proceeded to… just run around in my garden instead of grabbing my treasure and run away O.o; Something was wrong.

I realized that it was Mag.

He came to show off his newest outfit.

It was terrifying.

After scolting him for his awfulness, he switched into a really hot Monk outfit that only males can wear.

Swiftly, I claimed my new hideout.

When I returned to the house, the chest was still untouched. What had Chelci actually plotted when she had come to my house to charm me? Was she just trying to show me her latest fashion? O.O /doubt

I hope you didn’t expect a guide on how to actually become rich?

Well, here it is: Sell the things people want by procuring it at a price that’s below sales price. :D :D :D

You’re welcome.

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