Lalafell Squadron for World Domination plans

Last year I started building my Lalafell Squadron with the Flames Grand Company. Thanks to my skills, they finally offered me to become a squadron commander, a powerful posititon within the Company ò.óV

Of course I said yes and was presented with these three recruits. The dude in the Flames Uniform is not part of it, only these lowlevel newbies.

Fair enough, I’ll train them and shape them into the finest fighters.

The Flames presented me with a training room. Tiny but fine.

Thankfully, one of my Squad members was already a Lalafell. He seemed alright. Gues he’s one to keep!

At first, I recruited everything I could get. I let them train hard and made sure that any Lalafell in my team would profit from the skills of the others and learn from them.

Slowly, I started replaying any non-Lalafell by a Lalafell! :D

The cutest and most adorable recruits slowly joined me!

Together, we did intense training lessons.

I taught them the arts of Magic too!

They profited a lot from private lessons and hard trials that I had prepared for them.

We would also rest together and have lunch.

And so, my Lalafell Squad grew and grew.

They trained hard with the highest motivation I had ever seen before.

It was all thanks to my fabulous recruiting skills. I had ensured that in all towns there were posters advertising my Lalafell only Squad. It also mentioned the possibly upcoming Lalamud Calamity and that they needed to be prepared for this.

And so the last recruits arrived and I could finally toss out the Roe I had kept since the start!

And finally, the beautiful Lalafell Lady who tried to look as adorable as me had joined.

My team was finally complete!

For security reasons, I cannot post a picture of my squad and their role distributions. In case of espionage, it would be really insecure to leak such critical information.

It’s not because I can’t find the screenshots in my thousands of screens since January 2017… <.<;


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