Zeehart, giant Lalamud and Liberator of all Lalafell

It was around the Starlight Celebration last year when I suddenly met someone at the Orphenage:


She is a giant Lalafell who is really tall and beautiful! ö.ö

And she had invaded my Excalibur server to expand her area of influence.

Despite wearing level 15 gear, it felt like she was even stronger than any level 60 adventurer!

When checking her, her level said “15” but in fact it was bugged as it’s not programmed to show 3 digit numbers. Her true level was 150 15.000 at the time. Of course she didn’t want to scare anyone so she equipped lowlevel gear.

Please note: My humble apologies to Zeehart for mentioning the wrong level. I assumed it was 150 because I couldn’t see the digits… I was off my a LOT! Still have a long way to go in the followship of Lalamud!

It was until later when I witnessed her true power. The power of Lalamud!

Kneel before the Lalafell to be spared by her destruction in the next Calamity! Never be evil to Lalas again and you might survive the dread we will bring upon you eventually ò.ó

Also check our Zeehart’s Twitter account (https://twitter.com/zeehart) for more details about her world domination plans.


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