Starlight Celebration 2016: Christmas Stories for the Children

For the Starlight Celebration Event 2016, a famous group of ladies has returned to the cities: The songbirds!

They are promoting the festivities and entertain the townsfolk.

They also make everyone aware of the orphanage that has newly opened in Ul’dah which needs every support they can get for the children.

I checked it out and saw loads of people playing Santa when I arrived!

What we had to do was hand out presents and tell stories of our adventures. The children loved stories!

Funny enough, they also had a Lala child.

Yeah, I thinkt hey got an imposter there… The supposedly Lalafell child was not only taller than me, she also looked very grown up to me!

Nobody else seemed to bother, and due to the amount of cake that was awaiting me, I didn’t hand in a complaint.

Every evening, I visited to tell the children a different story.

They were eager to hear more and more stories! Even when it got a little late, they wanted to hear more.

In the end, I slept over at the orphenage.

The beds are quite high so I had to crawl into them.

Sleep time!

Every night I spent there I had a different dream. Mostly, I dreamed of an awesome person, but sometimes, it was more of a nightmare.

My first dream was about Aymeric. <3<3

A Paissa visited me…?!

Thancred came by too.

And then little Tatar came by to sing a self made song just for me! ö.ö

Yda and Papalymo had of course some kind of discussion about something.

Y’shtola came for a small fashion show.

Even my bestie Nanamo came for a visit!

And then little Alphinaud in some blue outfit…? o.o;

All in all it were really weird dreams… I suppose they didn’t really come by… or did they? o.o;

Anyway, I discovered a lot of cool decorations around the Orphenage.

In the kitchen, they had a secret snoman celebration with a mini-cake! o.o

They also had lots of little snowmen climbing around some things hanging from the walls o.o; Had they come to steal a cake?!

Happily, some of the snowmen greeted adventurers who used Aetherites!

Did you also discover some hidden snowmen or other seasonal decoration? ö.ö

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