Starlight Celebration 2016: Let the time of presents, parties and snowball fights begin!

Half a year ago, the Starlight Celebration 2016 had started! \(^_^)/

Now in the warm sunny weather, it’s nice to think back of the cold and snowy times we had back then, right?

Anyway, Chel and my alt R’una met in Chel’s cozy house. They enjoyed the fireplace and the wonderful decoration Chelci had put up.

The two ladies celebrated and took a lot of nice pictures.

Chel couldn’t stop laughing at R’una’s mustache…

Later on, Chel wasn’t amused when R’una pretended to be Santa.

I don’t know why she didn’t believe R’una. It’s a very authentic Santa outfit.

Santa wishes you a wonderful (belated) Christmas and Starlight Celebration! \(^_^)/

By the way, the smiley I just used is exactly what Santa in below picture is doing.

To fit to the winterly theme, I redesigned my garden.

Unfortunately, nobody came by my house.

Mag called me to his house where we climbed on a neighbour’s wall and called Chelce to the house. That’s when we ambushed her with burning arrows! It was hilarious!!

I think she wasn’t amused about the prank but as it didn’t actually hurt her or burn her in hot flames, she wasn’t salty.

Instead, we started posing for wonderful pictures! ö.ö

Mag also joined.

But it didn’t last long. He just can’t stay quiet/static/standing there for one minute XD

He started a snowball fight!!

It escalated quickly into a snowball war but it was a lot of fun XD

Merry (belated) Christmas, everyone!

Thanks for sticking to this Blog even with it’s awful delays! >.<; /bow


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