Lalafell Wedding: Eternal Bond of Moe Moe and Hellen Solo

Moe Moe invited me to her Eternal Bond Wedding ceremony with Hellen Solo.

Not Han solo, please don’t mix it up. Hellen is an adorable Lalafell lady! ò.ó

Unfortunately, it was a really bad time (2am for me) and I was the only guest! T_T

To make up for it only being me, I brought the 5 Primogs with me to entertain and cheer the couple up.

Finally it was time for the sacred ceremony!

As it was only us, we did really enjoy our Lalafell only celebration and “waaaaa”‘ed around.

Finally, it was time to kiss ö.ö;

After the bond had been sealed, I started celebrating big time with my Lala buddies.

I even offered them food, served on my attractive body. I bet any catgirl would be jealous of my food serving skills.

After the feast, we took beautiful pictures together.

When it was time for the honey moon, I took our the celebrative chocobo to play the driver for the freshly wed couple.

And then, they went on their honeymoon.

A few days later during a level roulette, I suddenly came across them again! O.O;

They were clearly on their honeymoon in fancy outfits, totally disguised so that nobody would identify them. But I do recognize my Lala wedding buddies. (I swear it wasn’t thanks to the fact they had their names floating above their heads…)

Even if this post is late, I still wish you two all the best and super awesome times together :D

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