No Mog Pom Fish in the Aquariums

Once upon a time, aquariums were released!

That was when Mag crafted and traded me a little one ö.ö

Yay, thanks! /hug

I placed it in my house and put a lil fishie inside. The aquarium was just level 1 but it was lala-sized and pretty much perfect.

Then I started comparing sizes.

I needed the biggest one for obvious reasons.

Together with Mag, we were able to bribe a friend of a friend with cookies and ingredients so that they would craft us with their expert skills an aquarium of the biggest size!

It wasn’t as tiny as Ley’s Aquarium that you can see here.

Although Ley’s Aquarium was an attraction for quite a time.

Now, THIS here is a real aquarium. You can even put sharks inside :D

The only downside to the aquariums is the fact that you can only put like 10 different fishies inside. It’s a total letdown.

Before the patch, I bought about 75 different fish and other sea food animals/plants that were cheap and stored them on R’una. Now, I still have them idling around together with some of the fish you can actually put in the aquariums.

Now, I’m waiting for them to allow Mog Poms and other Moogle-styled fish (that I all have on R’una) to be placed within the Aquariums.

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